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Chapter 12

For a whole week, since Tsubasa had declared himself her bodyguard (he never said it, but Mikan was sure that he meant it) and told her about the Homunculi taking turns in doing 'watchdog' duty (which were now more active hyper 'watchdog') Mikan had found herself blissfully free of stares, random pouncing upon for answers, anonymous hate attacks, and missions. Mostly though she found herself free of Persona. Which was in her books a good thing. A very good thing. Especially since the bastard would stare at her with those glowing red eyes (no she wasn't imagining anything, the fucker's eyes were glowing) like she was a piece of oh so tasty, tasty meat, smiling that weird fake polite smile while he did so.

Creepy does not even begin…

Another thing that had changed in the past week, was the presence of the person (well Homunculus was the proper term but oh well… she was against discrimination anyway) now walking besides her, who recently also taken up the 'watchdog' duty. Someone who Mikan hadn't seen for around two years, since he was busy gathering Intel during the war, and had been doing so all through the restoration of Asmetris, making sure no other Terrorist groups, or remnants of the previous Anti-Asmetris militants remained.

"I need a smoke." said the smooth and husky voice of the Homunculus next to her.

"Well I'm not giving you anymore. You've nearly finished half of my stash. And it's the restock you brought with you today." Mikan half grumbled, half rasped, while trying to suppress a cough. She really hated having colds. Especially colds that came with coughing fits, and sore throats. As if her throat wasn't sore enough already, with the injury, and her continuous forced rasping. But she tried to look on the good side of things. The cold was the only bad thing that happened during the whole week.

"Well I can't help it, I'm a greedy man."

"Homunculus." Mikan automatically corrected by force of habit.

"That's racist."

"Bullshit!" she grumbled, before dissolving into a small coughing fit. Great just what my poor larynx needs!

"You know I have the perfect remedy for a sore throat." The Homunculus commented absently. "Cut it."

"Stop quoting Alfred Hitchcock."

"Oh did he say that?


"Well I still say the perfect cure for a sore throat is to cut it. Alfred Hitchcock be damned."


"It's not like you'll die anyway. You can just activate your Homunculus form and then have your throat regenerate. Bam better than ever!"

"And I'd end up disturbing all those poor souls who happened to accidentally walk in on me while I did said act." Mikan replied. Then mumbled as an afterthought, "Well they'll be disturbed for life if they actually managed to live through the horror of that particular scene."

"Since when did terrifying others not sit well with you? I thought you took great pleasure in it."

"You're confusing me with Envy, dear."

"And you're no different?"

"Just because I'm his niece doesn't mean anything. I'm just a young innocent naïve impressionable adolescent easily led-astray by gore and violence."

"I'm guessing you'll say you have the heart of a young girl somewhere, next?"

"I do… Last time I checked I did… So I most likely still do. Somewhere… At least I think so."

"In a glass jar on your desk?" Greed helpfully suggested, devoid of all sarcasm.

"One: That's Stephen King. B: I'm not Persona, nor am I Envy."

"Order system wrong."

"Do I seem like I care?"

"Not really."

"That was a rhetorical question."

"Oh. Damn! I need a smoke."

"Well I'm not giving one, so go get your own."

"You really are an Elric."

Mikan decided that killing Greed by rather painful maiming to death, with a transmuted Iron-Maiden, and leaving him to regenerate, would probably yield more success than asking him to shut-up. (It would probably avoid a headache, and give her a much needed break from Greed's company. Who as much fun as he was to be around, was absolutely shitty company when he was bitching.) Fragile human minds be damned.

So she did so. Right outside one of the various entries to the main school building, they were walking through.

Envy; who'd been hiding the whole time for a reason Mikan was yet to figure out, and hadn't revealed himself until that particular moment; found the whole scene extremely amusing. So amusing that he couldn't stop cackling. So Mikan gave him the same treatment. And then proceeded to her room, for some much needed quiet and alone time.

The poor, poor Technical Ability types.

It was about more than a good three hours later, and three fourths of the way into the last Harry Potter book (which seemed too amusing since the 'Golden Trio' were on a wild cross country journey, that sorely tempted her to quote 'The Vagabond' by Stevenson) when Mikan saw Envy and Greed yet again. She knew from personal experience that it never took them that long to get out of an Iron-Maiden and regenerate. (Ed had trapped them both in Iron-Maidens once, when they were being particularly annoying. Then transmuted chains to wrap snugly around them, before padlocking them. It took them fifteen and forty-two seconds minutes to get out, and regenerate. Mikan'd timed them. Yes, she had been that bored.) So she'd guessed that they went for a long walk, before deciding it was safe to annoy her again, without the risk of being impaled.

They'd even brought her chocolate as a peace offering. And Fluff-Puffs too.

They just had to stoop that low, didn't they? The shameless bastards.

Mikan accepted the chocolates and Fluff-Puffs, with a rasped 'thanks'.

Then she impaled them in Transmuted Iron-Maidens once again for the pure hell-of-it-all, before going back to finish her beloved Harry Potter series.

Today was turning out to be a good day.

Around an hour later when Envy and Greed heard Mikan's cursing come to a halt, they'd deemed it safe to speak again.

"So the book wasn't good?" Envy asked, stating the absolute obvious.

"Potter should've died." Mikan grumbled.

"The wimp lived? You're fucking joking right? Voldemort was supposed to kill him and stay Dark Lord and live evilly-ever-after!" Envy roared grabbing the book from Mikan and settling down to read it, pages turning as Envy's eyes gobbled up words at a frightening pace.

"Fan-palm-tree much?" Greed asked.

"Shut it." Envy replied absently still reading the book like a mad-man… uh palm-tree.

"Since when did he like Harry Potter?" Mikan asked casting the Homunculus a weird look.

"I honestly have no clue. But I think it started sometime after he got the book of you." Greed answered.

"I don't remember giving him the book." Mikan rasped.

"Probably stole it then." Greed mumbled.

"Hello I'm reading here!"

Mikan and Greed cast Envy one more look, before Mikan shrugged and made her way to her bed for a nap. Greed for lack of something better to do decided to go and annoy Envy. And diminish Mikan's stock of cigarettes while doing so.


Tsubasa decided to ignore the two heavily chained Iron-Maidens in the corner, inside the weird cell-like structure, the book lying in shreds on the floor next to the cell (it looked vaguely like Misaki's copy of the Deathly Hallows), and Mikan's creepily pleased grin, when he came later in the afternoon with Mikan's lunch. Between the grunts of discomfort emanating from the Iron-Maidens (one voice sounding suspiciously like Envy) and Mikan's snickers, he figured that he really didn't want to know anyway. He was probably better off not knowing. After all at times, as they say, 'Ignorance is Bliss.'

In this case it most likely was.

And besides, Mikan seemed to be having a good day.

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