To See You Smile

Disclaimer: Do you think I own Ouran? Because if I did, I'd be swimming in tons of letters demanding for a second season.

Another try at a KyouHaru, I'm afraid. Haruhi's POV. Please spare my life. Thank you.

I'd always hear tapping sounds at the keyboard, a man with dark hair and skin as pale as paper typing away continuously, movements as swift as an eagle, with results as accurate than anyone could ever imagine.

But what'd surprise you isn't what he does—but his blank, expressionless face while doing his daily tasks. He was a person void of emotion. Or even if he did have feelings, they were expertly concealed by an unbreakable façade—causing people to think he was insensitive or numb—and even worse, totally heartless.

Maybe people would think I'm insane, saying he has never shown a smile—for they'd reason they've already seen him doing so while welcoming them into the Third Music Room.

An absolute lie.

I may not have been with him for his entire life, not able to recount his past—but his dark, onyx eyes tell me it has never twinkled brightly ever since, at least not yet.

The smiles people claim to be warm are false, mere acts of gaining profit; his kind words just practiced scripts that cry of earning merit. His tender words for them were fake, his smiles from his lips that have condemned the respected—even faker.

How I even dream of those cold lips to curl up in a sincere smile is beyond me. To even wish of that mouth to utter words of affection, instead of his usual cruel retorts, is unimaginable in every angle, in every single way.

But even though I deem it impossible, I still hope for that day to come.

To see his lips contorted into that genuine smile everyone thinks to be far-fetched, is something I would always cherish.

His eyes have never twinkled.

But soon they would.

I'm afraid that this would be my last fic (for now) since our computer's going to get rebooted. There will be no updates for Anonymously Yours because of that. I already have my ideas—though I can't seem to make it flow properly into words. Sorry. I seem to be getting addicted to writing drabbles these days, ne?