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Suppose I Never Let You Break My Heart

He ran down the court, heart pounding, lungs burning, legs aching. He settled on the baseline, waiting for his opportunity. A quick glance up at the clock, 16 seconds, eyes back

down this defender. Feet pigeon-toed, knees close together, and eyes not directed to the play happening behind him, amateur. It was the end of the game and the ball had to end up

in his hands. A quick move to his right, and then a burst of speed to the left, and the defender never had a chance. The bounce pass was on target and the easy lay-up to win the

game. It was just your run-of-the-mill district championship for all-world freshman phenom Takeru Takashi. He shrugged with a world class smirk only his older brother could have

taught him and proceeded to be rushed by his team. The crowd swarmed the court and joined the frenzy. The Odaiba High Eagles had not seen a championship in 12 years and

proceeded to go nuts in an explosion of home colors green and white. The hero of the night number 3 Takeru Takashi was physically and mentally drained from the long hard season

of turning a losing program into a champion and had to be lifted by the crowd. Then he saw her face, and all of a sudden his legs were fresh, his lungs were fine, and his heart flat out

stopped. No big deal, it was what happened every time he saw Hikari Yagami.

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