They were making their final descent, he would be in Paris soon, the baby next to him was starting to wake up and cry, he guessed the child's ears were popping, he sighed and

looked out the window.


Takeru had started for the airport after collecting Daisuke. He didn't know if his friend would actually go with him but it felt good to have somebody with him. Daisuke was

starring at Takeru strangely, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. He had grabbed all his cash, only $500 he was saving towards a car in 2 years. Everyone thought he

was a knucklehead but who would be laughing when he had his first car before all of his friends. But back to the matter at hand, Takeru had showed up to his house at 4:30 in

the morning and told him to pack some clothes and get all his money. They apparently were going to New York. Daisuke was still half asleep so he really didn't complain or ask

questions, but as the cold night air began to make his nose pink and numb, he was becoming more impatient with the quiet Takeru walking a few feet in front of him. Daisuke

was staring with one eyebrow up in puzzlement. Takeru was in bad shape, hair sticking out everywhere, clothes wrinkled. Daisuke guessed that he had picked up the nearest

clothes on the floor before coming to his apartment to get him, he doubted that Takeru was wearing a matching pair of socks. Daisuke was getting upset, Takeru came and woke

his ass up and then ignored him? It was time to end the silence.

"Why are we going to New York?"

"Hikari" well, that wasn't very helpful.

"Could you elaborate?"

"She's mad at me, and possibly hurt." Daisuke became completely awake, Hikari was in trouble?!

"What happened?!"

"She got texted that I was breaking up with her because somebody at school overheard you." Daisuke winced at the anger in Takeru's voice, yeah, he felt a little responsible.

"So we are gong to explain?" Daisuke offered tentatively.


"Can this wait till she gets back tomorrow?" Daisuke kind of wanted to go home at this point

"She is with another guy." Daisuke sighed at this, he knew where Takeru's mind was going with this. Hikari is mad and with another guy, infidelities were sure to take place.

"Ok." So Daisuke was in, and what the heck, Daisuke might never have another adventure like this, or ever see New York. So they walked to the airport in the night. It was

6:00am by the time they got there and the first flights began to go out. They walked to the counter of the first American company they found.

"How much for two to New York?" Takeru asked.

"$1200" the woman answered politely. Well she also seemed a little skeptical that two 15 year old boys that walked in off the street were going to be flying anywhere. Daisuke's

eyes nearly popped out of his skull, he only had $500 to his name, this was never going to work. Then Takeru put something down on the counter. A credit card?

"May I see an ID?" The woman asked casually. Takeru then produced one from out of nowhere, how the heck did he get a credit card and license? "Its all set here are your

boarding passes Mr. Ishida."

"Thanks" And the pair walked away towards the gates.

"Mr. Ishida?" Daisuke asked in a hushed voice.

"I borrowed Yamato's wallet" Daisuke took said wallet and inspected the drivers license, actually Takeru could pass for the way Yamato looked in the picture.

"Borrowed?" Daisuke said with a sly grin waving the wallet in the air.

"Just his license and the credit card the record company gave him"

"Gees Takeru… this adventure better be worth it because we are going to be killed when we get home." Takeru smirked and Daisuke was happy to see his friend show some


A few hours later they boarded a plane, and Daisuke found his eyes grow heavy from the lack of sleep and the long walk to the airport.

"Dai, Dai wake up." Somebody was shaking him, and Daisuke woke in the sitting position on an airplane with a strange city outside the window. He almost freaked but then the

memory of he and Takeru's early morning escapades came flooding into the forefront of his mind.

"So we made it?"


"So what now?"

"Well I am going to find Hikari, I'll call you after I get in touch with her, I guess you can just sight see." Daisuke smiled, $500 dollars and New York at his finger tips, he was

going to have a good day, and he really didn't want to be there when Takeru and Hikari met up. That was a whole dramatic mess that he wanted to steer clear of, especially

because he was sort of responsible.

As Takeru watched Daisuke wander off he smiled, he was happy somebody came with him, but what he had to do right now he had to do alone. He was going to see Hikari

explain himself and if all went well they would be back together. He hopped into a taxi and gave the driver the address to the hotel Hikari was staying at. Man, he thought to

himself, if they were so perfect for each other, then why at every turn was there a huge obstacle for them, why was it so hard for them…

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