Beyond the Shadows

-This takes place after Season 3, but bear in mind we haven't got S3 here yet so I've only seen snatches in clips that I've come across. So if anything's out of whack, call it artistic license ;)

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Prologue: 4401

Maia was in a room. It was cold, dark. Like the bottom of a well. She reached her hands out on either side, but her fingertips met nothing but air. She felt the floor underneath her, but it didn't feel like a floor. It felt as if she was sitting on a concrete waterbed.

Suddenly the room filled wih smoke. Maia felt uneasiness creeping up her throat.

'Hello? Mommy?'

She wondered if it was a dream, and she tried to wake up. But nothing happened, and when she opened her eys the room was suddenly light, almost blinding. She could begin to make out shapes...there were chairs...and...desks? She blinked a few times, but the images didn't change. It was her classroom.

Maia tried to stand, but couldn't make her body obey.



Maia looked up, hoping to see a friendly face. But all she could make out was a nondescript silhouette. She couln't even tell if it was male or female.

'Maia, we are ready. They are coming'

'Who? Who's coming? Why I am here?' Maia shivered in the empty room.

'We've done it again. 4400 was not enough. So we're doing it again. But with all the new returnees... some will be able to return, and help us from their own time. If you want to go back Maia, you can. We can make it happen.'

The words echoed in Maias head.

'If you want to go back. If you want to go back,'

'Where is my mom?'

The silhouette placed a hand on Maia's shoulder.

'Come. We will leave now.'

'Where are we going!?'

The silhouette pulled Maia to her feet, and another shape appeared in the fog.

'If you want to go back, it has to be now. Before they arrive'

Maia struggled against the shadow, and the seccond shape took hold of her other arm.

Suddenly the walls seemed to move, and numbers lit up on each wall. She watched as the numerals 4400 seemed to quiver, and then proceeded to change to 4401. Slowly gathering speed, the numbers continued to change, faster and faster. 44002, 44003, 44004...

'It's happening...we must move quickly now. Maia, you can go home now.'

She felt her self being moved forcefully along.

'No wait, please! I need my mom. Please, take me to my mom.'

The shadowed figures weren't sure of which Mother she meant, and for a seccond, Maia wasn't sure either. She missed her parents, ached for them, but she had put the ache away into a corner of her heart, and her love for Diana had taken over. To go back, to the way things seemed like an impossible dream. But when she thought about leaving her Mom, April, all the things she knew, her heart seemed fit to burst with despair.

'I can't...I don't think...'

She didn't want to make this decision. Couldn't. Suddenly she was halted infront of a bright light.

'You're here, Maia. This is it, you can go now.'

The shadowed figures began guiding her towards the light, and all of a sudden Maia knew. She knew this wasn't right, wasn't what she wanted. But the shadow was pushing her further and further into the light, and an invisible force appeared to be holding her, preventing her from going back towards the dim classroom, back to...

'No, please, don't do it. I don't want to. Take me back. Please! Mommy! MOMMY'

Diana awoke with a start, suddenly wide awake. She listened, waiting to see what had woken her. Suddenly a scream came from Maia's bedroom, and Diana was down the hall and by her bed within seconds.

'Maia? Maia, wake up!'

Her daughter tossed and turned, sweat coating her forehead.

' want to stay here... mommy!'


Diana reached out and tried desperatly to soothe her daughter. She found a place on the bed amongst the disarray of bedclothes, gathered Maia ino her arms and gently shook her awake.

'Maia, sweetie it's okay. I've got you. I'm here.'

Slowly, Maia opened her eyes. I took her a moment to realise where she was. Then she looked up, saw Diana and buried her face in her mother's pyjama top, breathing heavily.

Diana rocked her child back and forh, trying to comfort her.

After a while Diana felt Maia's breathing even out, and she gently rubbed her back.

'Did you have a bad dream?'

Maia shook her head slightly.

'They're gonna take me away from you.'


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