Beyond The Shadows

-This takes place after Season 3, but bear in mind we haven't got S3 here yet so I've only seen snatchs in clips that I've come across. So if anything's out of whack, call it artistic license ;)

-Disclaimer: The usual, I really don't own The 4400, If I did, we would have heard news about Season 5 already!


Ch8: The Morning After

Maia was in a room.It was cold, dark. Like the bottom of a well. She reached her hands our on either side, but her fingertips met nothing but air. She fel the floor underneath her, but it didn't feel like a floor. I felt as if she was sitting in a cloud, but solid.

Maia woke with a start, gasping for breath. She squeezed her eyes shut and then opened them again, proving to herself it was her own bedroom ceiling she could make out above her. She went to roll over, intending to make her way into her mom's room to sleep out the rest of early morning hours. But instead she found herself face to face with her mom, who had aparently fallen asleep on top of the covers. She still had her NTAC gear on.

Maia moved in closer, till the scratchy leather of the NTAC jacket brushed Maia's nose everytime her mom's chest rose with a breath. She closed her eyes, letting herself sucumb to sleep again and hoping the remants of the dream would stay away.

Suddenly she was awoken as her mom's body jerked and a scream of 'Maia!' broke the cool night air.

Maia lifted her head, her eyes bleary, taking in the sight of her mom sitting up, panting slightly, trying to shake off whatever parts of the nightmare remained. Maia knew the feeling.


Diana turned to see her daughters face half illuminated by the glow of the sunrise beginning behind the curtains. Relief and realisation made their way across her face.

'I dreamt... I dreamt that... it wasn't a dream, was it. It all happened.'

Maia nodded, rising to wrap her arms around her mother.

Her mom kissed the top of her head, returning the embrace. They sat like that for a while, as the room got lighter and lighter as the sunrise went on.

Finally her mom voiced something Maia knew she would never be able to keep inside.

'They gave you a choice, didn't they. To go back.'

Maia nodded again, her arms a bit tighter around her mother now, knowing she didnt need to say anything, that her mom was fully aware of the choice she had made.

Maia chewed her lip for a moment, then spoke in a whisper, explaining what Sara had told her about sending all the children back.

Diana let it all sink in. 'What did Sara say to you... yesterday before she let you go.'

Maia took a breath. 'She asked... she asked if I was sure this was what I really wanted. I said more than anything.'

Diana stroked her daughters back patiently, knowing that Maia wasn't done yet, and that even being a precog, she had more questions than answers.

'Then, just before she let me go, she said that she knew I was different, that I was special, and that I could still make a difference.'

Unnamed thoughts ran through Diana's head, thoughts about just what the future might hold.

Diana bend to kiss Maia's forehead, two, three times, and enveloped her in a bear hug.

'No matter how hard things get for you Maia, I will never, ever let you go. I will fight for you, I will do whatever it takes. Remember that, okay.'

Maia sniffed and nodded. The two sat there for a while longer, basking in the sliver of sunlight that now filtered through a crack in the curtains. Questions drifted through their heads, possibilities and tired solutions.

'Do you think we'll ever truly know, Maia. Why all this happened, what it's all leading to. Will we ever see the grand design?'

Maia considered this for a moment, drinking in the peacefulness of the early morning.

She smiled.

'It's what keeps us going. Wanting to know what's over the next hill.Even if we know we will never find all the answers... we have to keep on asking the questions.'

The End