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Title: Provocative whispers of the unknown.

Summary: Adrenalin and old places can be tempting. Seduction; secrets bring problems and angst between brothers. Our mind can be tricky, but the blood might be real. R&R please;)

Chapter 1: Bad vibes or paranoia?

"Sleep with one eye open!!!! Gripping your pillow tight…. (tapping the wheel) …exit light!!"
"Dean…?" Sam tried once, nicely.
"Enter night!! Take my hand!!" Dean kept singing…freaking loud, louder than his tape, still tapping the wheel.
"Dean…" He tried again, kinda worried about the road, not asphalted they were passing through and Dean's huge lack of attention.
"We're off to never never land!!" Dean sang even louder, now smirking at Sam.
"DEAN!" Sam shouted turning the music down, now getting extremely annoyed. Of course, Dean knew he was annoying Sam…and he could hear Sam calling his name and that was something Sam knew for a fact. After all Dean had a shameless grin on his face that said it all. But he always chose to ignore Sam and keep singing, only because…it was a piece of cake to annoy his little brother and as a big brother it was by rule, his right to be annoying.

"I'm sorry, were you saying something?" Dean asked sarcastically.
"Do you have to hear that crap so loud?" Sam asked, obviously getting angry with his brother's childish behavior.
"Do you have to hear that crap so loud?" Dean mimicked his brother in a girly voice.
"That's very mature Dean, really is". Sam couldn't believe his ears.
"That's very mature Dean, really is". Dean did it again.
"You sure you're not 5 anymore?" Sam said definitely angry now, which only made Dean chuckle.
"You sure you're not 80?" Dean said cutting out the joke before Sam really got angry and decided to get off the car to go walking.

With the sound not so loud anymore, Dean was about to let out another of his sarcastic comments and give Sam a new nickname other than geek boy, or college boy or captain obvious. He had one ready at the tip of his tongue. However, his comment was held back, when both felt a jolt inside the impala as if they had ran over something…something big; even though, Dean was sure the road was clear and there was nothing to run over.

"What the!" Dean said turning the music off stopping his car. "What was that?.
"I guess you might have…"
"There was nothing on the road!" Dean interrupted before his brother could finish his phrase. Sam shrugged and opened the car's door to check out what they had hit.
Dean swallowed hard not having the same courage. Yeah, he could face demons, ghosts, cops, scarecrows and even disgusting rats…but not step out of the car to check if he had hit something or not. Sam got on his knees and checked under the car, then behind it.

"Sam?" Dean called with his head popped out of the window waiting for a reply from his brother.
Sam went to Dean's window, frowning. "Nothing…not even a big rock". Sam admitted in confusion. There was nothing under, near, or behind the car that could have caused that jolt. Dean pouted for a second sharing his brother's confusion.

"Good enough for me, let's go". Dean said bringing his head back inside the car. Sam shook his head but didn't argue, Dean was a pain in the ass since they woke up and packed their things. There was no point in even trying to argue. He opened the passenger's door and got in.

Dean turned the key, ready to turn the sound back on but…one try, two, three tries and nothing. His precious baby wasn't starting.
"Come on baby." Dean whispered forgetting about the music, trying once more.
Sam was amused observing his brother's huge effort to start the car, using the sweet talk with his baby. He glanced at the gas gauge, the car was full so at least that wasn't the problem.
"Dean, I guess something must have broken with the jolt. Just check it and we can go". Sam stated the obvious after the fiftieth try when there was no way the car would start. Dean gave Sam a dirty look.

"First of all… I'll check HER not IT…" Dean corrected, Sam knew he was going to do so. . "Secondly, I got this car checked before we left the motel". He complained stepping out of his precious Impala.
Sam rolled his eyes and followed. His brother popped the hood and took a general look. Dean wasn't very patient or good with research but he was sure good with cars, his baby in particular. Sam looked all the tires, nothing was wrong there either.

"Anything?" Sam asked seeing his brother's puzzled look.
"Yeah, problem solved, that's why I look so happy". Dean closed the hood. No, nothing seemed to be wrong with the car.

Sam grabbed his phone; a tow car was their way out at the moment.
"Come on, not again". He complained remembering the whole mess last time they had no signal.
"What's wrong?" Dean asked not liking the sound of that at all.
"No signal". Sam complained. Dean reached for his own phone, knowing of course, he'd have no signal too. "Fan–fucking-tastic".

Dean placed his hands on his waist and took a good look around. The sun was high on the sky and the day was in fact hot. They had been driving for a few hours and there had been no gas station, no stores, and no signs of life for miles. Walking was a crazy thought too.

"So, any bright ideas?" Dean asked expecting a 'no' from his little brother. Sam on the other hand had a grin of himself and his grin could be even cockier than Dean's sometimes. He pointed to a house Dean hadn't seen. It was a little distant from the road; they actually could see only the roof. There was a half rotten fence, all around it and a great variety of big, leafy trees doing a good job in hiding the house as well.
It looked like a typical farm, the place was huge. Dean imagined they probably had a lake and some animals…surely some home made food.

"At least something went right. Let's go…" Dean said looking at his brother who was still smirking. "And stop smirking". They passed through a few bushes and jumped the fence, starting their way to the farmhouse.

The ancient trees were one very close to the other, making that vast garden look like a maze. The sun could barely go through the thick dark leaves, turning their path into a dark, picturesque one. The floor was covered with brown and green leaves, and here and there you could see some species of flowers.

They noticed that some trees were carved with drawings. Sam approached one of the trees and touched the drawing carved, it looked like it was made with a simple knife or maybe a sharp rock.
"It's not recent". Dean approached to check it out, just every other tree had a mark, and not all of the marks were exactly drawings. Some of them were letters…half spelled names perhaps. Dean had recognized only one or two of those drawings, it was an alternative way of telling a story, but most of them didn't look familiar. "It's a pretty old farm, slavery time I think". Dean said surprising Sam who frowned. History and dates sure wasn't Dean's favorite subject at school.

"Sometimes I read you know. Its part of the job." Dean defended himself before his brother checked if he had a fever or was possessed or something like that.
"I didn't say anything". Sam mocked as they took a few more steps ahead to check out other tree.

"I feel like we're in that Blair witch movie". Dean said as a cloud passed through the sky hiding the sun, making the day a little darker. The human mind is something quite interesting, even for experienced hunters, who were aware of the dangers in the dark; a irrational fear could also play its tricks. A gun won't be a comfort for a presence you can't see, or a hidden pair of eyes watching your every move. For most people, those sensations were nothing more than that, their mind playing around.

"Maybe we should go back to the car." Sam admitted not so happy for spotting the house anymore. They were of course, used to places like that and it wasn't like they were really scared. But Sam had no idea where they were stepping into.
Dean handed a gun over to Sam. "We're gonna get stuck for hours until a car passes…if a car passes. You said it yourself, these symbols are old, and maybe the people in the house are just…regular people". Dean said not as worried, but surely hungry.

Sam took the gun but still didn't like the idea. The whole thing seemed to be wrong, the bad vibes, the sudden darkness among the trees, those drawings…not to mention, the chilly sensation in a hot day provided by a slight breeze. The way into the house was a little longer than they thought as they kept going.


With their guns hidden, but ready for use if necessary, they approached the house.
The porch was also made of rotting wood; everything in the house seemed to be very old. As ornaments, there were two rocking chairs, one each side of the porch and some vases with dying plants. The windows had a foggy sort of white glass, which didn't allow any sight inside the house.
Dean looked at the sky, now visible again…dark clouds. Where had that shining hot sun gone to? All the surroundings of the farm were dark, cloudy and windy. You could even think you were inside of those Freddy Krueger nightmares. One minute you think you're awake and everything is fine, the next it all gets dark or bloodied and you are officially screwed.

"Sam…I'm pretty sure the sky was blue just a few minutes ago" Dean said pointing the sky to his brother that hadn't noticed the change.
"I told you we should have waited in the car". But now they were there, and Sam was very stubborn himself. If Dean made a point and dragged their asses all the way there, the least they could do was knock.

"I'm not all that hungry anymore". Dean stated as they exchanged looks to decide who was going to knock on the door.
"Knock". Sam said giving his brother the 'lady's first' gesture.
"You knock".
"You dragged us here"
"Your point?".
"May I help you?" An old lady suddenly opened the door scaring both brothers.

She was probably in her 80's, her face was wrinkled; she had long white hair. Time had not been gentle; her expression showed clearly a hard life, tiredness, maybe hatred toward someone. Dean almost let out a 'jeez', but held himself when he felt Sam's elbow connect with his ribs.
The old woman in front of him was even scarier than the one back in the hospital when Dean got face to face with the old lady thinking she was the shtriga they were hunting. She could have been a character taken from a book for kids, a book about a bad ugly witch. There was nothing charming or attractive about her, her glossy eyes, very similar to the glasses on the windows, were nothing but intimidating, her hoarse voice, let out certain bitterness on her words.

"Uhm… Hi, I'm Sam, this is Dean. We're so sorry to bother but; our car wont start so we were wondering if maybe you had a phone…we could use?" Sam asked not mentioning anything about food. Dean opened his mouth to ask, but closed again when Sam elbowed him one more time.

"I don't use the phone much…don't even know if that piece of junk works". She said leaving the door opened for the boys to come in as she just turned her back to them and entered back in the house. They exchanged another look, probably thinking the same. An old lady wouldn't be a threat for normal people, for the Winchesters though; it was a whole different story.

What a shock, the house also looked like a maze. Many corridors, each one possessed several doors, each door would lead to another narrow corridor with more rotting doors and hugs rooms with dim light. All the furniture had been conserved apparently, well detailed tables, comfortable chairs matching the table. The walls were covered with paintings, most of them were portraits, maybe from the people that lived or live on the farm.
The old woman didn't even bother to look behind her shoulder and make sure they were following her; she simply and quietly kept going through the doors.

Dean didn't like that one bit. Old houses like that were bound to have spirits roaming around and supernatural activity was pretty common.

Sam's shining was, from the very beginning bugging the hell outta him, it was like a second voice inside his mind, each room they stepped into, his chest got tighter in anxiety. Different styles of portraits were displayed in each room. Well dressed men, women in long dresses and curly hair, and each room had a specific smell, one neither Sam nor Dean could distinguish. Not the regular sulphur or blood…it was simply different. He felt nonetheless, someone following them, observing them.

"Is there anyone else living in this house?" Sam asked totally intrigued by that. The old lady let out a quite sarcastic chuckle making Sam frown.

"This old lady would only wish for some peace and quite young man, but these old houses….have a life on their own". Not exactly the answer he was expecting.

Finally, after God knows how many corridors and doors, she led them to a room, as ample as the others… with one tiny difference. All the furniture inside this room was covered with white sheets, the phone was no exception.

"Why is this room…like this?" Dean asked raising his eyebrows, not being able to restrain himself.
"That's none of your business boy". She gave her dry bitter answer. "There's the phone. I'll leave you two alone for you to call". She said already leaving the room.

"Wait umm…that's not necessary. Its not like we'll be able to find our way back anyway". Sam said not comfortable with the idea of being left alone in that creepy room, which totally sent chills down his spine.
"Calm down young man, no one is going to bite you. I'll be waiting outside". She affirmed exiting without considering his request, closing the door behind her.

"Wow, no wonder she doesn't use the phone". Dean said taking a look at the things under the sheets. Some old furniture like in the other rooms, not really extraordinary, expect it was pretty covered in dust despite of the sheets.

"Could you be grown up, and make the call?" Sam still had some decorum to just not go through people's things…not if they weren't working on a job anyway. After all, going through stranger's stuff was part of the job.

"Only if you stop bitching about everything". Dean said not having the chance to look under all the things in the room. Sam was just being a pain in the ass.
For their luck, the phone was actually working. "Um, that gotta be a first". Dean said dialing the number.

Sam couldn't put aside that feeling; his eyes scanned the whole room, looking for something, anything to confirm his suspicious. But there was nothing visible, beside the big window covered with a purple silky curtain and the several white sheets.
Sam's distraction was interrupted by his brother's fingers snapping in front of him.

"You zoned out. Did you see anything?" His brother had the typical worried look, the same he always held whenever Sam had a vision.
"Not really. What about the tow car?"
"They said this area is hard to reach so if the weather cooperates they might be able to get here tomorrow morning or afternoon…if the weather helps". Dean emphasized the word if without much enthusiasm.

"Long night in the car then?" Sam asked letting out a heavy sigh.
"Sorry to disappoint you young men…but you're not going anywhere". The old lady showed up back in the room without a sound, they hadn't even heard the door being opened.
Dean wasn't able to hold his 'jeez' this time, but he managed to whisper it. He hated that, poor way to scare people, but effective nonetheless.

"You're jumpy, aren't you?" She mocked Dean.
"Not really ma'am". No, he wasn't jumpy, but old scary ladies caused that effect on him for some reason.
"Why not?" Sam asked, he hadn't quite understood if that was a threat or just a warning. The lady looked threatening anyways, it was kind of hard to tell.

"I don't advice, its pretty dark outside due to a heavy rain. You could…get lost among those trees. I have a spare room if you wish to stay". She explained as she entered the room holding a candle.

"It's likely for us to get powerless…because of the rain. It's just a precaution". She said looking at both brothers while they decided what to do. Dean had slightly shaken his head against it. Their EMF had stayed in the car and they were carrying only two guns. One with real bullets and one with rock salt. It wasn't exactly synonymous of safety. They still were clueless about what really was going on in that house.

"We appreciate the offer but…we don't wanna be a burden. Besides you just met us". Dean pointed out. Wasn't she scared to take in strangers? Obviously not, they had reasons to be more afraid then she did. The old lady let out another laugh, more than sarcastic.

"What could you do to me of so terrible?" She said pacing near Dean …slowly with the candle held not so firmly on her old, shaky hands. The unexpected, suspicious rain, falling fiercely outside, its thick cold drops hitting the foggy windows… making an enigmatic sound.
The tension rose…among the three of them, one gazing to the other without a blink.

"Chop me into little pieces with a knife and feed the dogs?" She wondered still taking her time on the steps…one with a small pause, then the other. Dean followed her pacing…it was as if they were dancing, in a perfect rhythm. Sam remained still…just following them with his eyes.
"Shoot me in the heart and burry me in my garden perhaps?" She gave a new suggestion. Dean's expression was frozen as ice. He could t figure that lady out. He had no reaction to that. What kind of sick comment was that?
She launched a challenging look, his narrowed eyes met with hers, while each of them expected for some sort of reaction…


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