Title: A new party
Author: Ree
Theme: Shitennou (stable)
Genre: General
Version: Manga/Anime
Rating: G

Takeuchi Naoko had the wonderful imagination to create these gentlemen and their companions. I've just decided to borrow their look alike doubles and give them scripts.

A new party

Mamoru adjusted the paper screens that divided the table between himself and the four other men sitting at the table. He got the smaller section, so next to him sat a chair with a small stack of books. Sitting behind the screen was a spiral bound notebook, a sheet of graph paper, and an army of little dice.

Watching them over the screen, he started. "Okay, you all are going to meet in a stable."

The four other players looked at him with varying expressions. Kunzite was the first to speak. "Why the stable? I don't want to meet them in the stable." The others nodded in agreement.

Mamoru just smiled. "You all ride up to a tavern in a little town outside of Baldur's Gate. You enter the stable to bed down your horses." He glanced over at Nephrite. "And your pony."

Nephrite frowned. "Pony!? Why do I get a pony? I want a horse."

Mamoru shook his head. "Dwarfs are to short for a horse. You might be to short for a pony, but I'm letting you have one."

Nephrite continued to frown, but didn't voice anymore objections, so Mamoru continued. "What do you do inside the stable?"

Kunzite, who was sitting to Mamoru's right, started. "I would look for a stable hand."

"Not one. This tavern is a little on the cheap side."

Kunzite frowned at the response. "Then I want to go to a better tavern."

Mamoru cocked an eyebrow. "Can you afford one?" Looking at the paper in front of him, Kunzite shook his head and sighed. "Unsaddling the horse and start to brush her down."

Nephrite was next. "I unsaddle my pony and start to brush him down."

Jadeite and Zoisite both said the same answer as Kunzite.

Mamoru glanced down at the paper in front of him. "As your currying your animals, a well-to-do man enters the stable and exclaims, "I see that the rumors were right. A party of adventures did come into town."

All four of the players looked up at the DM, and waited. Mamoru continued. "Ah! I see I have your attention. My name is Owin Swin and I am one of the Elders of this town. We would like to hire you." Mamoru paused and looked expectantly at the others.

The others looked at each other for a moment, and then Kunzite started in. "Before we can agree, please tell us what you wish to hire us for?"

Zoisite jumped in. "And how much are you paying us?"

Mamoru nodded, getting into the role of the Elder. "There is a band of orcs attacking our out lying farms. They also have goblins working for them. The goblins have become bold enough to start raiding in the town proper. We know that their stronghold is northeast of town, but we're not sure if the cave network they have holed up in has other creatures in it or not. The Council has decide to pay two hundred gold pieces, and you can have all the treasure that you find there."

Jadite jumped in. "How do we prove that we have completed the task?"

Mamoru creased his brow for a moment. "We will send a small party of stout hearted men to check it out."

The four would-be adventures looked at each other, then Nephrite spoke. "Give us a little while to discuss this. Where can we meet you to let you know our decision?"

"I'll be at the stables next to the blacksmith." Mamoru's face shifted expressions. "Owin left the stable and walked away." He looked at them expectantly again.

"Shall we sit in the tavern and talk about this?" Kunzite waited to hear the response. Nephrite and Jadeite nodded, but Zoisite paused for a moment, and carefully looked them over. Finally he nodded.

"You walk into the tavern and are seated by a comely wench. She asks if you would like to order anything."

Jadeite glanced at his paper and grinned. "I would like some mead."

Zoisite shook his head and mumbled under his breath. "Elves and their mead." Then speaking up he ordered. "I would like a beer."

Jadeite returned his comment. "Humans and their beer."

Nephrite frowned at the elf sitting across the table. "Dwarfish beer is good!" He cast his eyes towards Mamoru. "Do you have any?"

Mamoru rolled a four-sided die. "Your in luck, we got a shipment in today."

Nephrite smiled. "Then I would like a mug, please. And I guess the half-elf will want mead as well?" As he finished he looked at Kunzite.

Kunzite wrinkled his nose in disgust. "No." Putting on a more pleasant expression he continued."I would like a glass of white wine."

Mamoru nodded. "The wench has left to fill your orders."

Nephrite frowned slightly. "The town assumed we were a party." He cast a cursory glance over the other three. "And the money doesn't sound bad to me. Shall we band together and do this?"

Kunzite cast a pondering glance over them. "I think we first should introduce ourselves, but I agree with you, the money doesn't sound bad." The other signaled their agreement. Kunzite continued. "I am Terrick, a cleric for the great, powerful god Azuth."

Zoisite looked happier. "Can you cast a relible healing spell?"

"Of course I am." Kunzite looked affronted.

Nephrite broke in. "I am Rentor. I am a fighter specialized in axes and short swords."

Zoisite pretended to pick up a glass and take a sip. "I am Allakazar, mage extraordinar. I even know a spell for finding traps."

Jadeite fidgeted with his dice. "And I am Windsong, ranger. I specialize in swords and daggers."

The half-elf nodded. "It looks like we are a balanced group." Kunzite flashed a smile at Zoisite. "We won't even have to worry that much about traps. I say we team up and try."

The other nodded in agreement. Jadeite looked over at Mamoru. "We finish our drinks, and then go find the stables near the blacksmith."

Mamoru rolled a ten-sided dice. "You find the stables after a little searching."

"We enter the stables and look for Owin Swin." Zoisite waited to hear Mamoru's response.

"You see him in the back of the large stables, in the stall with a large, black horse."

"Excuse us, Elder Swin." Mamoru shifted his gaze to Kunzite. "We have decided to accept the job. But we ask for food and water for a couple of days, since we're not sure how long this will take."

Mamoru spoke in his Owin voice. "You think it will take a couple of days?"

Nephrite shrugged. "You said yourself that you are not sure what all is in the cave system. It could take us a while to clean out your problem."

Mamoru pursed his lips, and then nodded. "Done. You will start today?"

The new party looked at their spokes person. Kunzite studied Mamoru's face for a moment, and then finally answered. "Once we have our supplies, we'll start."