-The Real Edward Cullen-

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We were waiting in an airport in Nunavut, which was the northern, coldest part of Canada. Edward was sitting next to me, holding one of my mitten-covered hands in his. Emmett and Veronica were close by, checking out the gift shop.

"I still don't see why we had to bring her along." Edward complained in my ear, reminding me of Rosalie. He still hated the way Veronica thought about our family, especially me. I didn't understand it. I never did anything to her, other than introduce myself to her, and had casual conversations which pretty much only included "hey," and "what's up?", nothing mean or anything.

"Edward, she's Emmett's girlfriend," I hissed under my breath so only Edward could hear me. "She's who he chose. I chose you, so he chose her." I smoothed his bronze hair as he looked up at me through his dark lashes. He pulled me to his chest, and I rested my head on his puffy, coat-covered chest.

"Well, he could have brought his wife," I heard him grumble, but I chose to ignore it.

"Edward, I thought you once said that there was only the Denali coven and ours that are 'vegetarian'. Isn't this going to be a small gathering?"

"Well, there are others. Ones who don't join a coven, and travel alone or in a group of two. Then there are the vampires who switch back and forth, from drinking from humans, to drinking to animals. They change so frequently, almost every two years. There are also some vampires who are ashamed of there animal blood diet, so they ask that we don't talk about them. The Denali coven and ours are the largest," Edward explained. Then he whispered, "Turn around and look for yourself."

I glanced behind me and saw lots of beautiful vampires standing in the gift shop, or off to the side, with golden, topaz eyes. I turned back to Edward, excited. I was sure that my face resembled one of a little kid's during Christmas morning. He just flashed me a dazzling smile that still seemed to make my legs feel like spaghetti.

Emmett was buying a stuffed bear at the airport gift shop. He claims it's for Alice, who is sitting at home and wishing she could come along, but Edward informed me that he's truly thinking it's for Rose. I would hate to be that cashier, having to deal with a huge line of attractive, impatient vampires. I could see some of them just about to bite each others heads off (A/N: HAHA! Sorry I had to add that). Edward was getting awfully annoyed at the slow service.

"Hey Edward, this could take a while, so do you want to look around outside with me?" I suggested when he started pacing around like a lunatic. He smiled and led me outside, pulling up my hood so I looked like an Eskimo. He then pulled his up and gracefully opened the door for both of us.

I stepped out into the snow, and for once didn't think of it as so bad. I ran in front of Edward and plopped on the ground, making a snow angel. His laughter was as loud and carefree as it was on the night we were going to the baseball game. I closed my eyes and soaked in the beautiful sound. When I opened them back up though, Edward was no where to be found.

"Edward?" I called out. I looked around, hopping up from my snow angel. Where did he go? "Edward, this is not funny!"

"Isn't it?" He whispered in my ear which made me jump, and turn around. He was too fast, disappearing into the forest near by where his footprints collided and jumbled up with vampires who have already started there journey to the VVC or the ones who decided to go on a last minute hunt.

"UGH!" I groaned, and started making my way back inside, where I could at least stand by Emmett or something. I took one last look around, and saw Edward crouching 50 feet away, a lion about to pounce on its next victim. And the victim was me.

I let out a playful growl. "You wouldn't!"

The next thing I know, I'm knocked down and pinned to the ground. He smiled and took a handful of snow, dropping it so the powder covered my hood and hair.

"You're my snow angel," he stated, before kissing me passionately. But as we were more and more wrapped up in the moment, Edward got hit by a snowball the size of a globe. He shot up off me and tackled Emmett, who had a smug look on his face, to the ground. They were pushing and shoving, like two brothers would do. Emmett was stronger, Edward was faster. They were the perfect match.

"Yeah Edward, pound him!" I cheered, and Emmett stuck his tongue out at me while receiving a blow to the head. I just laughed. Veronica, on the other hand looked like she wouldn't even care if Edward hurt Emmett.

"So… I heard you two are engaged," Veronica said, disinterested, as she picked at her nails.

"Yeah, he's wonderful," I gushed. "Want to see my ring?" I pulled off my mitten and stuck my left hand out in front of Veronica. She just stared at it, and glared at me. But all of the sudden Edward let out a frightening growl, one that he doesn't even use when he's hunting. He only uses that harsh of a snarl when he's trying to protect me.

He was in front of me in a flash, his arms spread out and roaring. "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!" He sneered. That's when he pulled me on his back and started running in his fullest speed. I was scared out of my mind. So I clung onto Edward as he ran.

"We're here," He stated coldly as he slowed down and a huge, nice looking lodge stood in front of us. He helped me off his back, and took my hand as we walked up the concrete path to the cabin-like facility. As we wove through the gorgeous, golden-eyed creatures, I kept on glancing up at his face, seeing the same cold, frozen features of that night when he left me. It was freaking me out.

As we entered through the automatic doors, Edward guided us to the reception desk. "Names?" asked the secretary, not seeming phased at our appearances.

"Cullen," Edward answered swiftly. "Edward and Bella."

"Suite 126," the lady threw a set of keys at us which Edward grasped in thin air with his darn good reflexes. Then he dragged me up the stairs to our room. Was he going to be like this all trip? He opened our door, rushed me in, and then locked it behind us. Then he ran through the room to the bed room and flopped down on it.

"Edward?" I asked timidly. I hated how he just shut me out at times like this.

"In a minute Bella." His answer was muffled by a pillow he was sinking his face into.

I took the liberty of exploring our room. It was big, with a huge plasma TV, a stereo which was about half the size as Edwards (which is still pretty big), a fridge stocked with vials of blood labeled with different animals according to where it came from. There was also a Jacuzzi with bubble bath and the cozy king sized bed that Edward was flailed across.

I sighed; it was over-the-top. Typical Edward. I sat on the bed next to him, rubbing his back and ran my fingers through his bronze hair. He flipped himself over in a move so fast that if I were human, I might have just fallen off the bed in surprise, and sat up.

I stared, mesmerized by his now onyx orbs. "What is it?" I questioned in a soft voice, taking his hand in mine and softly rubbed it.

"My sweet Bella," he looked up at me with sad eyes, "Veronica isn't who she says she is. I was about to disengage that hideous mind of hers from her body (A/N: I'm cracking myself up here, trust me, in time you'll get it!). Leave it to Emmett to bring our very worst enemy into our household. Leave it to Emmett to actually lead Victoria to you!" An extremely loud growl erupted from Edward's chest. "GRRRRRRRR! Leave it to bone-head Emmett to protect her. Bella I could have just killed her right there on the spot. Leave it to Emmett to get us isolated from the rest of our family! Leave it to Emmett to lead us to the place where vampires are supposed to be at peace with each other, at our own convention! Dang, I knew it! I knew it from the start!"

"EDWARD!" I screamed to stop his ranting. He stopped and glared at me, fuming. "Edward, we can't salve anything unless you're calm!" I hopped off the bed and pulled him with me, over too the bathroom. I turned on the Jacuzzi, and dumped the bubble bath in it. "Now," I said in a stern voice, "take off your clothes."

"Bella, this is not the time to get intimate." He spat in disbelief. I glared at him.

"That's not what I meant! Get in the tub, you're taking a nice, hot bath, and you're going to relax while I call Carlisle."

"Fine!" He said stripping down and hopping in the tub. "My cell phone's on the dresser. But you're coming back here as soon as you get it. I'm not going to get wrapped up in relaxing while you're getting killed."

"Edward Cullen," I put my hands on my hips, "are you implying that you won't take any time out of your precious relaxation time to come save me if I'm getting attacked by my enemy?" I gave him a hard glare. "If that's the case, then get out of that bathtub!"

His eyes softened. "Bella that's not what I meant. I would hop right out of this tub in a blink of an eye if your precious existence was at stake."

I smiled. "Fine, then I'll just be right back." I walked out of the room to the dresser and found Edwards sleek RAZR. I grabbed it, along with a fresh pair of clothes that amazingly got shipped to our room so we didn't have to run with it. I also danced to the fridge, found a tube of mountain lion blood, and poured it into two wine glasses.

"Bella, what's taking so long?" He called from the bathroom.

"Coming!" I shouted. When he saw what I had, he gave me a disapproving look, but couldn't resist the delicious aroma of blood. "I brought your favorite."

He took it from me and took a sip, smiling. "You shouldn't have… now call Carlisle."

I looked on his contacts and sure enough, right after my name and before Esme, Carlisle was listed. I called his number knowing he was probably at work.

"Hello?" He answered.

"Hey Carlisle."

"Bella, what is it? Is everything ok?" He sounded like a concerned father. I wondered if he thought of me as a daughter, or if he ever would.

"Actually Carlisle, we have a little situation on our hands. Are you free?"

"Yes, what is it?" Edward tried to snatch the phone from me at this point, but I forced him back in the Jacuzzi.

"Well, we found something interesting about Veronica. She's Victoria." I heard on the other line a large clank of Carlisle dropping something in shock.

"Are… are you positive?" I looked at Edward who was eavesdropping on the phone call, and he nodded.


"Hmmm… I wonder why Alice didn't see it. Her visions have been a little off lately. Well, Bella, I don't think she'll try any funny business at the VVC. At the end of the week, I'll bring the family down to personally escort you guys to a desolated place where we tag team and destroy her. I'm sure Edward's listening in on this conversation, so you don't have to repeat it out loud where Victoria could hear it."

"We still have one problem. Emmett. How could I break it to him and have him believe me?"

"Good luck with that, I'm sure Edward has some suggestions, but I have to perform surgery on a patient here so I have to go. Bye Bella, Bye Edward, I love you two."

"Bye Carlisle," I said not wanting to hang up, like a little girl not wanting to say goodnight to her daddy, "we love you too."

I hung up the phone and saw Edward sulking in the bubbles. "HEY! I TOLD YOU TO RELAX!" I took a big handful of bubbles and smacked them on his face so it looked like he had a beard. That was a bad idea because then we got into a bubble war.

After we were all done, we walked downstairs together to a big reception room where there was a "blood tasting". We went around to many tables, trying the blood to see which one we liked best, then wrote on a little slip of paper what our favorite kind is. Of coarse Edward and I wrote the same thing: mountain lion.

That's when the announcer came on the intercom. "Welcome, I just want to announce that the annual Vampire Veggie Ball will be tomorrow night."

Edward gave me a sly smile. "Oh no no no Edward! I thought we established that I'm no good at dancing!"

"That's not what I think, besides, it's all in the leading." I rolled my eyes at him.

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