Together With You

By: SilverxSky


February 2007 ANS: Sorry for not updating sooner, I had Finals. Please don't hate me. But at least I finally finished this chapter. Please enjoy. Thank you.


Chapter Three


I screamed against the hand that was clasped around my mouth. Tears sprang to my eyes, I struggling against my captors strong hold.

I felt the cold blade of a knife on my neck, I gasped. " Shut up, or I'll slit your throat." he threatened, his voice cold. This man was the Chief's son. So Izark had been right they were up to no good. Closing my eyes shut. I called for Izark once again.

" Let her go." I gasped, recognizing the voice. I looked up to see Izark, behind him was Gaya and the others including the Mayor. Relief and joy washed over me at the sight of them. But when I looked at Izark's eyes my heart froze, they weren't Izark's; they were eyes of the demon inside of him.

" I said let her go." His voice was so cold, it made me shutter.

"Ha. I'm not going to let her go just like that. She may be worth some value, seeing that she is the Awakening after all." I gasped, how did he know that? I looked over at everybody. Did they tell him? By the shock on their faces, it wasn't them.

" What do you want from her?" Izark asked, taking a step forward.

" Don't come near here or I will kill her." I could see fear in Izarks eyes.

" Why do you intent on harming the girl." The Mayor spoke up. Laughter aroused from my captor.

" I don't intent on harming her as long as you cooperate with me. First I want the city of the sand to surrender to Donya. Second I want your absolute loyalty. Do all this and I promise to let the girl go." There was silence for a few moments. I knew everybody was thinking of this. I didn't want them to give up their freedom just for me.

" No, we wont." I gazed up at Izark. His eyes caught mine; he gave me a small smile telling me that everything will be all right.

" Oh, is that right?" He lifted the knife away from my throat holding it up over his shoulder. Before I or anyone else could react the knife came down making contact with my right arm. Pain shot up my arm and I let out a startled scream falling on my knees. Blood was pouring out of my arm onto the floor.

" Let me say this again. Surrender or…" He didn't get to finish.

THUD. He fell on the floor blood was coming out from the side of his mouth. I looked up. Izark was standing over me.

" Izark." Suddenly I felt warm arms surround me. I whimpered slightly. He held me gently careful not to touch my wounded arm.

" Noriko are you alright." Asked Gaya. I nodded. I grasped Izark's shirt tightly snuggling my head on the crook of his neck. He ran his hand through my hair, whispering soothing words in my ear. I felt tired, despite the pain in my arm I closed my eyes and fell into the world of dreams.


I drowsily opened my eyes. I looked around. I was in my room. I sat up noticing the bandages on my arm. I looked up at the sound of the door opening.

" How are you feeling Noriko?" Izark asked while walking towards my bed, he sat at the edge of it.

" I'm fine Izark. What happened to the chief and…" he placed a finger on my lips to silence me?

" Don't worry about that, it's all taken care of." He traced a finger down the side of my face resting his other hand on my cheek. I leaned into his palm.

" I'm sorry Izark, I know I promised you that I'll be careful but it happened so suddenly…" My words were halted suddenenly by his lips on mine. I gasped but soon melted against his him, letting my good arm snake around his neck. Responding to the kiss fully. His lips were soft and warm, I sighed against his lips.

After what felt like forever we broke apart from the lack of air. Izark leaned his head against mine, all the while gazing into my eyes. " What was that for?" I asked slightly running my hand through his hair.

" Because I felt like." His breath tickled my lips. I smiled, brushing my lips against his once more for a small kiss.

" Hey, Noriko."

" Yeah."

" Do want to leave." I looked up at him in confusion.

" Leave? What do you mean?"

" I mean like go back to our travels and find someplace to settle down. Because if were going to get married than we need to find someplace to settle down and…and you know." I giggled.

" No, I don't know."

" You know, like…like start a family or something." I laughed harder at his flushed face.

" Oh Izark your so adorable. I would love to go. You know I kind of missed traveling with you." He smiled the blush still evident on his face.

" Good." Was all he said before his lips covered mine once more.

Could life get any better?


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