Chapter Two: April 3, 12:34pm

Finding a motel had been easy enough, and for once it wasn't too shabby. The boys had pulled into the parking lot around 9:00, each deciding that it would be better to get to bed early and have a good start in the morning. Dean had found himself in a restful state of sleep not too long after collapsing onto the surprisingly comfortable bed. On the other hand, Sam had stayed up a bit longer, still worrying about the girl from his vision until finally he drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, as the sun shown through the curtains, Sam felt no desire to get up and tugged the blankets over his head, an attempt to guard his eyes against the sunlight. He could vaguely here the shower running and glanced over to the other bed, surprised to find it empty. It was a rare occasion that Dean was up before him, though with his visions constantly flooding his mind, it had become a reoccurring theme in their lives. Sighing, he turned back over and closed his eyes, hoping that he could fit in a few more minutes of precious sleep. However, that plan seemed to go nowhere as he heard the water shut off in the other room and any moment he knew Dean would step out, as loud as ever. "Damn…," he groaned, pushing the sheets away and sitting up. And just as he suspected, just then the bathroom door opened and Dean stepped out, a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Glad to see you're up sleepyhead," Dean joked, walking towards his duffle bag and starting to change into a clean set of clothes. "It's almost noon you know. Hurry up and get ready so we can head out…." His voice trailed off as he watched Sam's expression change from surprise, to thoughtful, to horror. He quickly rushed over to Sam, thinking that he was going to have another vision. "What is it? Sam? What's wrong?"

Sam slowly turned his gaze to Dean, though from his expression it was easy to see his mind wasn't completely there yet. Without averting his eyes he reached over to the nightstand beside his bed and picked up his cell phone, flipping it open to look at the time. 12:03pm. Finally, as everything connected in his mind he found his voice. "The phone call…the girl in my vision…the call was today at 12:34pm.We only have half an hour until she'll die…We don't even know where she lives! How are we supposed to save her in that amount of time!?"

With his voice starting to panic, Dean grabbed a hold of his shoulders, shaking him just a bit, trying to get him to calm his words. "Just slow down okay? We'll figure out something, we've had harder things than this before. Tell me what you remember about the house." And as Sam began recalling everything from the vision he had the previous night, making sure to detail everything, Dean continued to press him as they dashed out to the car after changing.

"Come on, Sam," Dean continued as they drove through the town. "There has to be something. These things have always left us some kind of clue."

"I know that Dean! It's not like I'm not trying here!," Sam yelled, exasperated. He sighed as they continued down the street, his forehead leaning against the Impala's window as he watches the people they pass by. 'Come on Sam…think! There has to be something I missed, an address, a street sign, anything! Knowing what the house looks like does nothing if I don't know where it is! But I can't remember any-' His thoughts were cut off as a familiar figure came into view. "There!," Sam shouted. "Park the car, now."

"What the hell Sam?" Dean asked, his voice loud enough to show the annoyance and confusion that was coursing through him, but he still pulled over and parked the car. He turned to Sam to ask him what the hell was going on, but by the time he looked over his little brother was already closing the door. Groaning, he quickly turned off the car and got out, jogging to meet up with his brother before gripping his shoulder. "Will you wait and tell me what is going on?"

"It's her, Dean. The girl in my vision…," Sam answered, motioning to the girl a few feet in front of them. "We just need to keep her away from the house right?"

Dean noted the glint of hope in his brother's eyes and couldn't bring himself to disagree. He knew that these visions were doing a number on him and if even the smallest hint of hope remained that they could save this girl from her ill fate they had to take it. Slowly, he nodded his head. "Yeah. I'll leave the explaining up to you though," he replied with a smirk.

Rolling his eyes, Sam turned to the girl again and quickened his pace to catch up with her when he paused, the young teenager suddenly stopping in her tracks. As he approached slowly, his eyes widened as he saw her clutching something in her hand, a familiar tune filling the air around them. 'There it is again…,' he thought, frowning lightly as he pulled out his own phone to glance at the time, 12:18. 'There isn't a lot of time left.' Noticing the girl's trembling shoulders he reached out and lightly tapped her, causing her to spin around quickly.

Her eyes widened with fear, Sarah stared ahead at the two boys now in front of her. The cell phone was still clutched tightly in her hand as the ringing finally stopped. When it did, she hesitantly flipped it open, the words "One Missed Call" glaring up at her, as a tiny count down began underneath, counting down the minutes she had left on this earth. Closing her eyes for a moment she pocketed the device and looked up at the two strangers. "What do you want?" she asked, her voice shaking.

"My name is Sam," he started, giving her a hint of a smile. "This is my brother Dean…We want to help you. We know what's been happening to people here."

He was surprised when the girl simply laughed, a bitter, frightened sound. "You want to stop it? Join the club. People have been trying to stop it. Take the girl who died on television. They found the best exorcist around to try and help her, but it didn't work." She was interrupted as Dean snorted, causing her to glare at him. "Like you could do any better. The whole town had to watch her die…I had to watch my friend that I've known since grade school die."

Sam stayed silent for a moment, noticing the tears that were welling in Sarah's eyes. "We might be able to do something," he insisted. "Maybe if you talk to us, tell us about what's been happening my brother and I could stop it. We just need some information."

"Look, I get that you're trying to help and all, but it's a lost cause," Sarah answered, sighing softly as she turned to leave. "Nothing you or anyone else can do is going to help the situation."

By this time, Dean had had enough. "Look little girl, just listen to my brother and let us help you out. We know what we're talking about alright? Just because some crackpot exorcist hired by a tv station couldn't help doesn't mean anything. Sam and I have actually dealt with things like this before. He just wants to help you."

Slowly, the girl turned around to face them again, giving them a smile. "There's a reporter…he knows a lot about what's going on. Apparently this isn't the first time. His name is Nick…Nick Kaplan. He'll be able to help you a lot…." She trailed off as she glanced down at her phone, 12 minutes remaining. "I really hope you guys can stop this…there's no telling how many more victims there will be." Without waiting for a response she turned and ran off in the opposite direction.

Sam's eyes widened and his immediate response was to run after her. He heard Dean yelling for him, but that wasn't important right now. He had to get to Sarah, tell her not to go to her house, not to run into the road. She hadn't given them a chance to warn her about anything. "Sarah wait!" he yelled, but his plea went unheeded and soon she was lost in the crowd. However this did not deter him and he continued running, glancing down each street he passed to see if she was there.

After what seemed like forever he stopped running, his eyes locking on a house a few houses down on a side street. His vision flashed before his eyes again and he knew that this was where it was going to happen. Quickly taking out his phone to check the time he glared, noting there was only one minute left. He heard footsteps approaching from behind and realized it must be Dean, who he had left standing on the sidewalk. Sam had planned on turning to him but was stopped when he heard a door slam, and looking up he saw Sarah running from the house. He watched as she paused, seeing something in the road, but as Sam looked, he could see nothing, no one was there.

She ran into the road. The young Winchester tried to yell at her, tell her to get out of the road but his voice was caught in his throat. He tried to run, maybe push her out of the way but felt someone holding him back. The next thing he knew was a scream, an ear piercing scream that will haunt his dreams tonight, and when he focused his eyes forward again, all that was left was blood.

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