Title: Bad Boy

Summary: Riku is a bad boy and a player. Sora is a good boy and has not ever dated. Riku picks on Sora since Sora by mistake crashed into him.

This story will be Mature, but right now there is nothing bad on this chapter expect light cussing.

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They are all in the ninth grade:

Sora and his friends are 15 years old.

Riku and his friends are 15 years old.

They are all in the tenth grade:

Cloud and his friends are 16 years old.

Sephiroth and his friends are 16 years old.


Sora and Clouds friends are also friends with each other. So yeah basic thing is they are all friends.

Sora's Friends:

Sora is the densest person about sexual things and his elder brother Cloud can tell you that. Cloud tried telling Sora many times to make Sora understand, but in the end gave up all hope for Sora. Sora is friendly and gives people that are his friend's hugs. Most of his friends claim that Sora is clingy, but that's alright since most of them have issues too.

Roxas is the one with the who is quick to be angered and Sora's best friend. He had tried to tell Sora about the sexual things, but had long ago gave up.

Tidus is the bitz ball expert and one of Sora's friend. He is on the bitz ball team and gets his friends to his game for free.

Namine is the artist of the school and friends with Sora. She loves to draw pictures and paint.

Olette is the anime expert of the school and friends with Sora. She loves writing stories of her favorite anime.

Selphie is the giggling manic and friends with Sora.

Cloud's Friends:

Cloud is the most toughest person getting the people who try and fight him. He can smash them like a bug and Cloud's younger brother Sora can tell you that. Well Cloud is not a bad guy, but only fights when he must unlike Riku.

Leon is the slient, but deadly one. He is Cloud's best friend.

Yuna is the peace maker and friends with Cloud.

Rikku is the hyper one and friends with Cloud.

Paine is the one who wears the most dark clothing to school ever day. She is friends with Cloud.

Demyx is the one who plays all sorts of instruments and friends with Cloud.


Most of Riku and Sephiroth friends do not get along together.

Riku's Friends:

Riku is the badass guy of the school and will make your life hell if you piss him off. Riku's older brother Sephiroth is not scarred of his younger brother in any way. The only one Riku fears is his older brother Sephiroth.

Kairi is the bad girl of the school and girlfriend of Riku.

She has a twin sister her name is Namine and unlike her Namine is a good girl.

Axel is the fire manic of the school and Riku's best friend.

Seifer is the who picks fights and mostly wins them. He is friends with Riku.

Zexion is the one who is reasonable, calm and makes the plans. He is friends with Riku.

Sephiroth's Friends:

Sephiroth is the cunning evil son of a bitch and has things go his way. He had set Riku up with Kairi and had Riku date her. One less fan girl of his and Kairi no longer bugs him for she is dating Riku.

Marluxia is the rose expert and one of Sephiroth's friend. He plans to make a weapon out of the thorns of his roses.

Vexen is the science expert and friends with Sephiroth's.

Saix is the calm and reasonable one. He is friends with Sephiroth's.

Larxene is the who gets to bitch out on the victim. She is friends with Sephiroth.


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