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-Riku View-

I and several other people are pretending that this party had never ever even happened. My brother is a cruel and sadist along with being highly evil. Of course My Damn Brother was not effected when I kicked him between his legs and just laughed at me in a mocking way.

"Unlike You Riku I'm not a wimp." My brother told me while smirking.

I should of wore a 'cup', but I was not thinking at the time. I have learnt my lesson and never again will that event occur again. Unless Sephiroth is the one kicking me there for I know that he can kick really hard along with feeling no guilt. When I was way younger (About Five), Sephiroth make me wear a dress and sing 'I feel so pretty', and he smiled not in an evil way. Sephiroth once commented 'I wish that I had a little sister.'

I sighed and thought to myself 'At least I talked to Sora and of course Sora felt very guilty.'

I tried to forget when Sephiroth was dared by Axel to give Marluxia, Saix, Vexen, and Larxene a lap dance. I really hate Axel right now for making that dare to my brother for he gave a lap dance to each one along with giving a show and smirking. He managed to make all of us blush a bright red even making his own evil friends (Of course Sephiroth was giving them a lap dance) and Sora The Clueless One. Axel had gapped and a color of an apple.

I want to drink some alcohol, but my brother was an asshole by dumping all that good alcohol down the drain. He showed all of us the recording of what happened to all the alcohol. I would give up sex for 21 years if Sephiroth wasn't my brother, but then again he would be worse to me if I wasn't his brother.

I dared Cloud to kiss Sephiroth, Cloud did kiss him, and I got punched by Cloud. Needless to say I prefer forgetting this party and I have forgotten other things.

-Third Person-

-Observations From An Evil And Sadist Group Of Friends-

*Seifer became unknowingly Sephiroth's pet project.

* Sora still clueless

* Roxas still not with Axel

* No one was drunk or did drugs at the party or both things.

* No one can blame it on alcohol

* Cloud punched (No sissy slaps unlike certain other people) Riku for daring Sephiroth to kiss him (Not Riku) on the cheek

* Sephiroth shows his kinky side to everyone

* Sephiroth new idea; Form two harems (One of males and the other of females)

* Sephiroth new plan to make money by selling calendars that have photo's of him and his friends (Plus Photo's of other people)

* Everyone (expect Sephiroth and his crew of evil friends along with a clueless Sora) learnt that truth or dare or any kind of game is pure evil when Sephiroth (And his friends) are involved

* Riku not being prepared for the worst (despite the important fact that Sephiroth is hosting the party)

*Sephiroth teaching Riku by using the hard way by experience (More or less causing the events and Riku learning)

* Everyone (Expect Sephiroth and his crew along with Sora) wishing that they were drunk so that they can blame it on alcohol and forget this party ever happened

* Before the party Sephiroth dumped all alcohol down the drain (Recorded by Vexen) and singing 'Locking it up won't work. So down the rabbit hole it goes and into Wonderland it goes where forever more the evil alcohol is gone.' (No one cried about the waste instead laughed evilly)

* Sephiroth showed the recording of the alcohol being dumped to everyone at the party (Some slience while various people were sobbing. Laughing was done only by Sephiroth and his evil friends)

* Everything at the party was secretly recorded and no one knows expect Sephiroth (And his friends)

* Cloud and Roxas still hates Riku

* Leon still hates Sephiroth

* Everyone learns Sephiroth and his friends can sing

* Sephiroth has even more black mail on everyone

* Seifer is lonely and has been accepted by Sephiroth (And his friends)

* Yuna was punched (Not sissy slapped) by Kairi for choosing to kiss Kairi rather than Riku

* No one is happy (Expect Sephiroth and his friends along with Sora) when Sephiroth smirked and stated ' Let's do this again sometime.'

* Marluxia sissy slapped Vexen after Vexen crushed a single rose while smirking.

* Vexen punched Marluxia then stating 'Be glad it wasn't your face' and Marluxia gave up while muttering 'I'll get you'

Sephiroth smirked to his friends and they responded with their own smirks.

"Wonderful party right?" Sephiroth asked while smirking.

"Yes it was wonderful." Vexen replied.

"Let's have one for Halloween." Sephiroth stated.

"A good idea." Saix told Sephiroth.

"Hmm, This time we can wear some costumes." Larxene commented.

"I already know what I would wear as a costume." Sephiroth told them.


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