Author's Note: These stories were done for a LiveJournal community known as "titandrabbles." For those of you who do not know what a "Drabble is, the basic idea is to pick a theme (a character, a pairing, a specific episode/season, etc), and write 30 super-short fics about it of EXACTLY 100 words each based on 30 prompts: 25 are given to you, and 5 are the Author's choice. The only other rule is that the prompt title must appear in each drabble.

My theme of choice: Terra.

Hope you enjoy them.


By CidGregor

Rated K+

Round One


The child watches her.

Terra looks back, smiling. "Hi."

The little girl says nothing. She only stares at the titan with bright, huge eyes.

"What's your name?"

The child grins, flashing brilliant white teeth. "Beach!"

Terra giggles. "That's a funny name."

The child shakes her head and points at Terra. "Beach!"

Before Terra can respond the girl's mother appears to lead her away.

"Don't talk to her, honey," she says. "You shouldn't talk to strangers."

"But mommy, you said she's a beach!"

"SHH!" the woman says, hurrying her away. She hopes Terra didn't hear.

But Terra heard. She always heard.


She always thought – uneasily – that Beast Boy didn't have a dark side. She didn't know why she thought it. Maybe she wanted to believe her little green hero was perfect. That the fury he fought with in battle was a mask, that his true self was the one who took her on dates and snuggled with her by the fire and snuck kisses whenever he could.

But then she saw it, one day. She saw the animal…the BEAST within him. His dark side.

But she wasn't afraid of it. No.

She was glad.

She was glad she was not alone.


Terra narrows her eyes.

Beast Boy grins.

"You got nothin'."

"Then call me, if you're so sure."

Terra glares. She looks down at her hand. She looks back at him.

"I see your pair of socks…and raise you a shirt."

Beast Boy's grin is gone. He blushes. "Y-you got nothin'."

"Then call me, if you're so sure," she echoes him.

Beast Boy thinks. And thinks. And thinks.


They drop their hands.

Terra holds three kings.

Beast Boy holds three aces.

Beast Boy grins. "Ohh yeah…"

Terra growls. "Blind, stinkin' luck," she says, and casts her shirt on the table.


"Where do you think you're going, young lady?"

Terra pants. Gasps. Her eyes are wide with fear.

"Anywhere! I was getting thrashed, I had to get--"


Terra jumps. But not at Slade's command. She hears them. She hears Robin ordering them to spread out. She hears Starfire ignite her fists. She hears Cyborg's cannon charge. She hears Beast Boy's canine snarl. And she is afraid.

She doesn't hear Slade's orders. She doesn't hear his words, save for the last.

"You will stay. You will FIGHT. And YOU WILL WIN!"

And she cannot disobey.

The fear won't let her.

(choice #1) First

She lay against him silently, hearing the slow rise and fall of his breath, feeling it against his lime chest, at once both comforting and unnerving….

She should be happy.

She was happy, before he'd said it.

"Not bad fer a couple of first-timers, huh?"

She'd smiled and forced a laugh. But she stung on the inside. She stung now, hours after he'd fallen asleep holding her, and all she felt was the great orange eye upon her. Did he know? Did he even suspect? She hoped to god he never would.

She was his first.

But he wasn't hers.