Round Six

Author's Note: Unlike the previous rounds, the drabbles in this final set are connected. The final five tell one larger story. Hope that's clear.

Blue (1 of 5)

"It kinda makes you feel really small, doesn't it?"

Beast Boy turned to her. "What do you mean?"

"The ocean. It's just so…expansive. Blue as far as the eye can see. Like it never ends."

Beast Boy nodded along, eyes drifting to the crashing waves on the rocks beneath them. "It's pretty, huh?"

Terra smiled a little. "Yeah…it really is. I love it out here." She looked closely at him. "Thank you for bringing me. I can't think of anything I'd rather do with this day."

Beast Boy involuntarily shuddered at her choice of words. And they both knew why.

Holiday (2 of 5)

"Does it really have to be this way…?"

Terra nodded slowly. "It has to, Beast Boy. There's nothing else to be done. The Titans pulled enough strings to give me this much. We should enjoy the one day we have…"

Beast Boy grimaced. "That's not enough! I don't want just one little holiday with you! I want to be with you every day…"

"I wish you could, Beast Boy…I wish I didn't have to go through this…but this is the price I have to pay. I'm going away from a long time, Beast Boy…and I deserve every minute of it."

Sky (3 of 5)

He took her hands in his, eyes shining. "However long it takes, I'll wait for you."

Terra shook her head. "Don't waste your life waiting for me, Beast Boy…you should find someone else that makes you happy. Someone who you can live your life with."

"But I don't--"

"You'll find someone, Beast Boy. I promise."

Beast Boy fell silent, voiced choked by emotion. Neither of them spoke for a long moment, until Beast Boy happened to glance up to the sky.

"Looks like a storm…" he murmured.

Terra looked too, and shook her head. "Not a storm…"

"Then what?"

Snow (4 of 5)

He got his answer as something cold and wet landed on his nose, and it wasn't a raindrop.

"First snow of the season," Terra whispered.

She was right. Thousands of the tiny flakes were decorating the rocks around them and the Tower behind them with a pure white blanket.

"I love the snow…so calming and peaceful…" Terra said, turning to look at him. "It's beautiful, isn't it…?"

Beast Boy looked back at her, with wide, shining eyes. The rest of the landscape covered in snow was indeed pretty. But none of it compared to Terra with snow in her hair.

(Choice #5) Last (5 of 5)



"I love you."

"…I love you too, Beast Boy."

"It kills me to think this is the end for us…"

"It's not the end, Beast Boy…we'll always be friends, no matter what…I'll never forget what we had…and I'll never forget today. I won't forget you."

"I won't forget, either. It's been perfect…if this is the last day I'll ever be with you again…I wouldn't change a thing."

"Neither would I…"

Their lips came together in a long, passionate embrace that warmed their bodies against the cold.

No more words passed between them…for nothing else needed to be said.