Chapter One

"Let me go!" Rose screamed, trying her hardest to push Cal off of her. "I told's over."

"It'll be over when I say it's over." Cal slapped her, as hard as he could, across the face. "You little slut." He began unbuttoning her pink blouse, determined to take what he believed was his. "You're just a fucking slut."

Rose seemed to be numb with pain. She had remained a virgin throughout her and Cal's four-month relationship. She had called him the previous morning to tell him it was over. She could only take so much of an abusive relationship. Cal had pretended it was okay, that he understood, and that all he wanted was to talk. She actually believed him.

"Help!" Rose screamed. She threw her hand at the horn of his car. It barely made a noise. All it really did was make Cal even angrier than he already was.

"This body is mine." He rubbed his hands up and down her flesh. "These arms are mine...these tits are mine!" He roughly moved his mouth from her lips to her breasts.

" me!"

"Shut the fuck up, you dirty little bitch." Another slap across the face. He put his hands around her neck, strangling her, trying to make her stay quiet.

He pulled down her pants and shoved his fingers deep inside of her. "Do you like that, Rose?" He gave her an evil smile. "Let's see how my big cock will fit in there, huh? Would you like that? Fucking virgin!"

Just as he was about to enter her, the driver's side door opened.

"What the..." Cal almost shot out of his seat. He turned around and saw a blond-haired man looking down at him.

"Leave her alone!" The man pulled Cal out of the car by his shirt and punched him across the face. As soon as Cal hit the ground, the young man looked inside the car again. "Are you okay?" Rose nodded, tears still in her eyes. "Let's get you out of here."

As the unknown hero began helping Rose out of the car, he felt somebody pull him onto the ground.

Rose heard sirens in the distance.

As the police got there, they broke up the fight piece by piece and tried to get the truth from the story.

"My girlfriend and I were just driving along when this maniac opens the door, throws me out of the car, and tries to rape my girlfriend!" Cal pointed at Rose. "Look what he did to her!"

Jack shook his head. "No, officer...I saved her from him!"

The four cops looked over at the troubled girl. "What happened, miss?"

"He tried to rape me!" She pointed at Cal. "He was hitting me...he was..." As she again broke down into tears, one of the officers placed a blanket around her and told her they would call her parents. "He tried to kill me! He was strangling me!" Rose managed to get out.

Officer Tanner nudged his boss in the arm. "Are we gonna take him in?"

He nodded. "Yes, Tanner. Would you look at this woman? Justice must be done here, son."

"Don't you know who that is?" Tanner asked.

Officer Storms looked at the rapist. Of course he knew who he was. Caledon Hockley...the son of the mayor of Houston, Texas.

As they began to handcuff Cal, he looked at Jack and said, "You will pay for this!" He looked back at Rose. "Both of you!" Cal seemed oblivious to the Miranda Rights being read to him.

One of the cops shoved him into the backseat of the squad car. "Get in there!" The officer could smell the alcohol on his breath. He knew that the mayor's only son was only nineteen years old.

As Officer Storms walked over to the young woman, his heart broke. Cal had torn off most her clothes, so most of her body was exposed. He could see the dark bruises covering her body. The young man who had saved her was being questioned by one of the other cops.

"Is there anything else I can do for you?" Officer Storms asked Rose.

She nodded. "Don't let him get away with this."

Professional, as always, Officer Storms laid a hand on the girl's shoulder. "I'm gonna do all I can."