Set after episode 6. Ben is recovered from the Surgery. Sawyer and Kate were on the run, but were caught and now are back were they started; this is a Jacket story Jack and Juliet. With some traces of Skate and Jate ,but friendly Jate.

One of my first plotted stories, I do not own Lost :(

Moment Of Caring

Ben started punching Jack, He had found out Jack had tired to kill him. Juliet shut her eyes, not being able to see the man she longed for his death, beat up the man she loved.

"Ben Stop it"

"Shut it Juliet"

Juliet went running towards Jack, Ben slapped her, before she could reach Jack.

"Take Juliet away, she needs to be taught a lesson on manners."

Two men tattered men came and grabbed her and led her to another room, they threw her to the ground smiling evilly

"Well Shepherd your lucky, I must go take care of Juliet, teach her a few things."

Ben said giving Jack a wink and smirking.

"You touch her, and I'll fucken Kill you1"

"I'm sure"

With that Ben left the room and headed to where Juliet was being held.


The two men looked at one of another then to Ben.

"Did you not hear me; I said leave. I need to teach Juliet here a lesson."

The two men walked out the door with out hesitation.

"Well Juliet, what a predicament you're in"

"Ben please"

"Please what Juliet? Whatever happens is your own fault for loving that man."

Ben smirked and undid his pants walking towards Juliet, Juliet crawled away into a corner, crying. Ben grabbed Juliet's throat.
"Stop your whining"

Ben pushed Juliet on to the ground and removed her clothes, he pushed inside her hard and fast, tears streamed down Juliet's face. Ben came to his release and pulled out of Juliet. She began crying harder.

"Shut up, you little whore"

Ben put his clothes back on and ordered the two men who were waiting outside to get an old blanket.

"See Juliet, now I'll bring that lover-boy of yours in here"

"Please Ben"

The two men came back and gave the blanket to Ben, Ben threw it at Juliet. Juliet grabbed it and looked at it, it was more of a rag then a blanket, she tried to cover as much as she could and stood up.

"I won't let you Ben"

"You stupid Bitch"

Ben pushed Juliet into the wall her head hit it and she fell. One of the men walked up to her and checked for a pulse.

"Boss she's unconscious"

"It's not my problem, it's the doctors."

Ben walked out the door, and retrieved Jack, he took him to the room were Juliet was being held, and pushed him in slamming the door behind him.

What Jack saw terrified him, there he saw the women who haunted his dreams, the women he dreamed of making love to over and over, to taste her. He saw her lying on the ground with a little piece of cloth covering her buddy, she was vulnerable, but Jack didn't take advantage he walked over to her, checking for her pulse barley even finding one. He lifted her up and set her so her back was to his chest. He checked her head for injuries, but she seemed to be fine. He kissed her hair and started rubbing her arms. Juliet began to stir, as soon as she felt someone's arms rubbing her she grew tense.

"It's okay"



Juliet shifted and looked into his eyes she began crying, Jack grabbed her and held her, she sobbed into his chest.

"Shh, it's okay I'm here"

"Jack He…"

"It's okay"

"No it's not He raped me Jack"

Jack felt his insides bubble he would make, Ben pay for hurting Juliet like this, if it was the last thing he did.

"I won't let him hurt you again"

Jack said lifting Juliet's head and brushing his lips against hers giving her a tender kiss. Juliet opened her eyes and looked into Jacks.


Jack looked down at her forgetting she was naked he removed his shirt and handed it to her. Juliet placed it on.

"It's not much but..."

Before he could finish Juliet placed her lips on his.

"Thank you Jack"

Jack lowered Juliet to the ground and held her in his arms.


Juliet closed her eyes Jack laid there feeling her breath on his naked chest. He then drifted off to sleep not long after.

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