I own nothing, lost is not mine, if it was Jack and Juliet would be having hot sweaty Jungle sex

I own nothing, lost is not mine, if it was Jack and Juliet would be having hot sweaty Jungle sex. Thanks for all the reviews and sorry it took so long for an update. I simply lost my muse.


Working Conditions

XXXX At the cages XXXX

"Hey Freckles?"

"What Sawyer?"

"Want me to get you a fish biscuit?"

"No, I'm okay"

They fell silent; all of a sudden they heard rustling in the trees behind the cages, and out came Tom.

"Hello James"

"You son of a b…."


Sawyer looked at Kate, and followed her gaze; there he saw none other then the great doctor himself.

"James you and Miss Austen, will be working with Jack and Juliet"

"Hell no, I ain't working with her"

"You will James! Or that pretty girlfriend of yours will be hurt. Ben told me I could do whatever I want if you misbehave."

"So what kind of work will we be doing Smiles?" Sawyer said with pure sarcasm.

"We are going to your favorite place, the rock site." Sawyer groaned.

XXXX On the way to the rock site XXXX

"So Blondie what did you do, that got you into trouble with the chief?"

None of your business James"

"She killed Danny, to save you two, and got into trouble didn't you Juliet? She also doesn't listen when she's told to."

"Screw you Tom"

Tom turned around and smacked Juliet across the face. She fell to the ground. Jack went towards Tom, but Tom pulled out a gun from his back.

"You touch me Jack and I'll shoot her." Tom said indicating Juliet.

Jack walked towards where Juliet was on the ground, and took her hands in his. She looked up at him through teary eyes. Jack bent his head down and gave her a passionate yet tender kiss. Kate looked on surprised, but her face also had upset written on it. Sawyer watched her, it hurt him to know that she'd never love him the way she did Jack. Sawyer walked up to Kate, grabbed her and crushed his lips on hers. They all broke apart when they heard a gunshot. They turned to Tom, who held a gun pointed towards the sky.

"Lets get a move on, we're almost there."

They walked through a small clearing and came out onto the rock site.

"Jack and James you will be breaking the rocks, the girls will be bringing you them, after you break them, they will carry them to that pile."

Tom said pointing to a massive pile of rocks.

"Oh this is going to be so much fun." Sawyer said

"No funny business James or your end up like your pet rabbit number 8.'

Sawyer picked up the sledge hammer, and started smashing the rocks.