A/N: A very brief introductory chapter for you. This shall be a multi-chapter, for those of you in whump withdrawal. Fair Warning: RL is somewhat whumpish right now, and I cannot promise tremendous length or my usual insanely fast updates. Do you still love me anyway? I always do the best I can...(sniff)

Title: How Did This Happen?

Author: FraidyCat

Disclaimer: Characters from the wildly popular CBS drama "numb3rs" are respectfully, and without personal profit, borrowed.


Chapter 1

Amita stood in a silent shock that eventually gave way to anger.

"You asked me to stay," she accused. "I gave up Harvard for you — for us! How could you do this? How can you humiliate me this way?"

Charlie leaned against the desk in his office, arms wrapped around his midsection. He thought he might be sick. "I'm so sorry...", he started. His words abruptly ceased when she slapped him. The sound of flesh-on-flesh reverberated around the room like a gunshot. The ring on her pinky finger ripped into the flesh just below his eye. He closed his eyes against tears, but did not reach for his face. He knew he wasn't crying because of the tiny cut.

She slapped him again. "I forgave you." Her voice hitched and he knew she was fighting tears herself. "When you told me about that weekend, I thought it was my fault for not making up my mind fast enough. I forgave you! I am such an idiot!"

He opened his eyes, and felt his own tears escape. He tried to reach for her. "No, no, Amita..."

She interrupted again. "Not as big an idiot as you are, apparently." She spoke bitterly, and her voice rose in anger. "My God, Charlie, you have three doctorates. She brought one of her students to the statewide high school science fair. How can she teach high school science, and know nothing about biology? How is it you both became so educated and stayed so STUPID? Neither one of you considered using birth control?"

She knocked his hand away and he closed his eyes again. "I...I told you when it happened. We didn't mean...it's not like we planned... You and I had that argument right before I left, and I wasn't sure..." He opened his eyes to see her back away and cross her arms over her chest.

"Exactly," she answered, looking at the floor. She had lowered her voice, but the hissing quality made it somehow sound more threatening. "You and I had an argument. A silly argument about an obscure theory in quantum relativity. The thing is, after you left, I didn't sleep with anyone. And I sure as hell did not get pregnant."

"I never wanted to hurt you," he murmured, and she raised her eyes and laughed in his face.

She turned and put her hand on the doorknob, then looked back at him. "No? Well congratulations, Charlie. You're doing a damn good job anyway."