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Black Darkness

It had only been about three months since the scene at the lake, but Karin still felt like she was betraying Kenta by biting him. Every time she tried to talk to him about it, he insisted that she didn't have to worry about him. He continuously stated that she could bite him any time she needed to. Right now she was changing from her uniform into her normal clothes. She finished up and left to met Kenta. They had just shut Julian's down. The manger was sick so they had to lock up. Kenta pulled the key out of the lock.

"Well we're all done locking up here. Shall we head home?" he asked politely.

"Sure", she said with a smile.

While the pair was crossing a large intersection to get to the park to get home, there was an incident. Even though no one way hurt the unhappy feeling in the air was remarkable. As they stood by the group of upset drivers, Karin could feel her blood increasing. However, she just ignored it, held it in and continued to walk home with Kenta.

As they walked down the path that cut through the park, Kenta looked down at her and realized what was happening. He grabbed her hand and pulled her off of the path and into the trees. When they were deep enough in Kenta stopped, and checked to make sure no one was there. He hesitated for a moment before kneeling down, pulling Karin with him. Kenta reached up to his collar and pulled the edge down slightly revealing his neck. He closed his eyes and ready himself for the bite, but it never came! His eyes snapped open when he realized that Karin was sobbing.

"This isn't right." she murmured.

"Yes it is! If you don't bite me soon your going to have a nose- bleed. Then you'll be in pain, and I don't want that. So just hurry up and bite me!" before he could stop himself he was yelling. He sighed.

"Sorry" he muttered upset.

Sensing his unhappiness Karin couldn't stop herself anymore, and she lost control. Her short hardly noticeable fangs grew to their true size. She pounced on Kenta's revealed neck. She sniffed the neck of her prey and sank her fangs deeper and deeper into his neck. Kenta gasped as the transfer began.

"Why does it hurt so much?"

Finally Karin pulled back. As she did Kenta noticed her eyes. They were BLACK! Then all of the sudden she returned to normal and passed out. Kenta picked her up and started to carry her home. It was easier than normal to find her home because the barrier was hardly ever used anymore. After all they had already defeated their only true enemies, the vampire slayers. He quickly arrived to the forest in front of Karin's family's mansion. He slowly walked up to the oversized front door. He struggled to bang the loin shaped doorbell. Soon after he managed to ring the bell, Henry, Karin's father answered the door.

"Ahh Kenta! Let me take Karin off your hands. Thank you for helping my daughter. You really should have called. I could have come and gotten her! Well bye!" Henry stated staring at Kenta with a glare only a protective father would use.

"Sir, I have a question before I leave. Early, when she bite me, her eyes where black! Does that mean any thing?"

"Well to tell you the truth I don't know. I think it would be best if you came in and told it to my wife." Henry said as he stepped aside to allow Kenta to step inside. Just as Kenta stepped into the mansion his knees buckled and he fell to the floor. He started to breath heavily almost to the point that he was gasping.

"Are you alright?" Henry asked, but Kenta didn't respond instead he passed out. Shortly after…

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Karin was screaming. At the exact same time Karin's and Kenta's eyes snapped revealing pitch black eyes.

… to be continued shortly

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