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A New Name

Harry sat in his room listening to his relatives downstairs. Harry was happy, because his professor from his fourth year had threatened his aunt and uncle and had told them to be nice to Harry or else they would come to Little Wining Surrey. So far it had worked. Harry was wondering what the next two months would be like with his aunt and uncle when he heard a shout from below. Harry walked over to the door and opened it.

"Boy," yelled his Uncle Vernon.

"What?" said Harry running down the stairs? He wondered what had happened to make his uncle so angry.

"What do you think you are doing?" Uncle Vernon asked, "It is almost eight and you still haven't started your chore's!"

"What chores?" Harry asked.

"Don't play smart with me boy, I don't care about what happened at the train station, you are to do what you are told. You must mow the lawn, trim the flowers, weed and pick the garden, clean the bathrooms, kitchen, and the whole house, dust the attic out, sweep the driveway, clean my car, and tonight you will let Dudley practice his boxing on you. I will take all your school things and owl. I will also supervise what you put in your letters. Next week you will begin to work at Mr. Silver's house. He tells me he has a lot of work to be done. I will take the money that you make too. Now get going!"

Harry couldn't believe what was happening. His uncle did as he said he would and the only thing he could do was work. At the end of the week he was exhausted. He had been up until two each night and had been up at 5:00 to finish all the chores his uncle loaded upon him. He was also bruised bad and had a black eye from his cousin beating him up. Every night he tried to practice Occlumency, but to no use. He kept having nightmares of the night Sirius died. He was dreading the next day. He was going to go to work for Mr. Silver.

His uncle came up to his room at 6:00 Monday morning to take Harry to his house.

"Now if he asks about your injuries you're to say that you are a klutz and trouble maker and did this to yourself." said his Uncle. "And you better work hard," he said, "He is paying a lot of money to hire you."

"Fine," Harry said.

They pulled up to a dark house with a large back yard and Harry got out. "I'll be back to pick you up at 9:00," he barked and drove off. Harry made his way cautiously to the door and rang the doorbell.

Harry listened for footsteps, but heard none. The door suddenly opened and Harry gasped.

"Professor Snape?"

"Get inside now, and then we'll talk Harry," Snape snapped.

Harry walked in and saw Professor Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Lupin, sitting in the front room. The door shut and Dumbledore said, "Some light I think is in need." The gloominess was suddenly lifted and there was light. Harry heard gasps through the room, before remembering how he looked.

"Harry," said Lupin, "How did this happen. It has only been a week and why didn't you tell us?" "It's not my fault," said Harry, and he told them what had happened. "He cannot go back there," said Professor McGonagall, "he must stay here." "I agree," said Snape. Dumbledore nodded. "Harry, it seems like the protection of staying at your relatives is banished. We will bring all your things over here and you will stay with Professor Snape. There are wards around this house allowing you to do magic. Snape will teach you. We have more news, but we will wait for tomorrow. This has been a bit much. I will have Madam Pomfrey come and tend your wounds tonight. We will see you tomorrow. Good night Harry."

Snape watched Harry sleep and wondered how he would take the news the next day.

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