Chapter 5

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Hanging out with Friends

By the end of the week, everyone was used to Chris's new appearance. The Order of the Phoenix members often took off and left the six alone to entertain themselves. Chris and his friends practiced casting spells, they swam, played quidditch, and planned D.A. meetings for the following school year.

When Snape dropped in between order meetings, he would help them find spells that would be helpful when fighting Voldemort, his Death Eaters, and any creatures that Voldemort had persuaded to join him in his crusade. Snape made them practice the spells he taught them until they could do them quickly and efficiently. When the week was over no one wanted to leave, so Snape agreed to let them stay a few more days, but then they had to leave so he could begin Chris's training.

Early Monday morning, Chris awoke and decided that he wanted to go for an early morning swim. He changed and quietly left the large room that he was sharing with Ron and Neville. Chris went out the back door wearing red swim trunks and noticed that there were lights on around the swimming pool.

That's odd, thought Chris. I turned all the lights off last night. When he arrived at the pool, he was surprised to find out that he was not alone. Ginny was swimming laps in the pool and had not noticed Chris intruding upon her. Chris was just deciding to leave and come back in three hours when everyone was awake when Ginny called, "Chris, come on in, the water's great!"

"But you look like your having so much fun, I wouldn't want to intrude," said Chris.

"This is your pool silly, you're not intruding. I'm glad that you showed up."

Chris saw her blush and wondered why she was blushing. He knew that she was over him. In fact, she had admitted to going out with Dean at the end of the school year. Chris dive in and swam over to Ginny. "So," he said, "why did you wake up and come out here this early?"

"I have just been having this bad dream that keeps me up at night. Don't worry about it though. It's nothing that I can't handle."

"What are they about?" asked Chris in concern. "Are they about Voldemort?"

"I told you that they are nothing. I shouldn't have even mentioned it to you. Can we please talk about something else?" All this was said defensively by Ginny. When she saw the worry creeping onto Harry's face, she decided that she needed to say something more. "Harry," she began calmly, "if you must know, some of my dreams are just bad memories of my first year and the whole ordeal with the Chamber."

Harry decided to give Ginny a break because he could see that she really didn't want to talk about it, so he challenged her to a race. They swam to the starting point and took off. Ginny took the lead and beat Chris by seconds.

"You let me win." Protested Ginny looking angrily at Chris.

"No I didn't. You beat me fair and square. You're just to good."

"I don't believe you. I call a rematch and you better not go easy on me this time." Threatened Ginny.

The second race began and Ginny quickly went past Harry and beat him again a second time, but was convinced that this time Harry had actually tried to beat her. They swam for a couple more hours before they both decided to go inside to have showers before everyone else woke up.

The boys woke up and were ready for breakfast before the girls, although Ron had passed out on the table as soon as Harry had gotten him down the stairs. Dobby took their orders and the boys were left to wait for the girls to make their appearance. They didn't have to wait long. The girls came down a minute later and ordered their breakfast. It didn't take long before Dobby came out with their food. He carried stacks of pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, and French toast. Chris thanked Dobby and with much persuasion convinced Dobby to sit down and eat breakfast with them. Chris knew that convincing Dobby that he was a friend and entitled to all the privileges that he himself was privileged to would take some time, but he was determined to help Dobby realize that he was not a slave.

After breakfast, the boys headed to the gym to work out while the girls played tennis. The boys had a weight lifting contest, which Chris won. After their workout, the boys showered and went looking for the girls. They found them inside eating candy.

They greeted the girls and Luna turned around and looked at them with her wide eyes. Suddenly she jumped towards them and let out a wild cat's scream. The boys jumped back and let out a yelp.

The girls started laughing at the boys who had fallen on top of each other.

"What was that?" asked Ron.

"A mountain lion. Honestly Ron, I thought you knew what animals sounded like," said Ginny popping in a candy. Hyena laughter exploded from Ginny's mouth, then a lion roar escaped from Hermionie's mouth. By that time the boys realized what kind of candy it was and joined in on the fun.

That night when Snape came home he put the six of them to work on defensive spells and curses. After a couple of hours the door bell range. Snape handed them a book and gave them the page number they were on. Hermionie looked at the title and asked the others if they had seen this book in the Hogwarts library.

"Yes, Hogwarts does have this book, but you wouldn't know about it unless you have been in restricted section," said Snape as he left to go get the door.

"No wonder Dumbledore won't let Snape teach D.A.D.A.," said Ron.

"Yeah," agreed Neville, "Snape knows too much about the Dark Arts. If Snape had his way, we probably would have been taught this a long time ago.

Snape returned after a few minutes and continued to work with the teens until dinnertime.