A Diva No Longer

Chapter 1:

Maureen sat curled up on the couch channel surfing. She was taking a well deserved break after unpacking her stuff. Not that she had a lot of stuff; most of it was being stored at the loft. Maureen sighed. Where was Dan? Dan's her boyfriend. They had just decided to move in together. Maureen and Joanne had finally called it quits. Now, Joanne was dating a girl name Cat. She and Maureen were still friends, they just weren't dating anymore.

Sighing, Maureen looked at her watch. She had to go meet everyone at the Life. She got up and grabbed her jacket. Just as she was about to open the front door, it opened, and in walked Dan.

"Hey Pookie," chirped Maureen. "I'm about to go down to the Life for dinner, you want to come?" Dan shook his head.

"You're always going out with your friends. Why don't you stay here with me?" Dan grabbed Maureen's arm firmly.

"What the hell is your problem!? You're hurting me! I haven't been out with my friends in two weeks. If you don't want to come, fine, but I'm going." Maureen broke free of Dan's grip and left. The whole way to the Life, she tried to figure out why Dan was acting so weird.

By the time Maureen got to the Life, all the Bohemians were gathered at their usual tables in the back. Maureen put on a smile and sat down between Mark and Mimi.

"Hey honey," Angel said from across the table where she was sitting on Collins' lap. "Where's your boyfriend?" Maureen subconsciously rubbed her arm where Dan had grabbed her.

"At home. He didn't feel like coming," she replied. Maureen ordered a beer and some fries. She looked over at Joanne and smiled.

"When do we get to meet this mysterious boyfriend of yours?" Joanne asked. Maureen shrugged.

"No clue, he's buys a lot with work. He's a cop."

"I think this whole boyfriend thing is a story," Roger said. Maureen flicked the rocker off.

He's really alright, she thought. Just look at the bruise on my arm.

Maureen figured she must have spaced out, because the next thing she knew, Mimi was waving a hand in front of her face, saying, "Earth to Maureen, you with us?" The diva nodded.

"Yeah, I sorta spaced out for a second," she replied. She took a sip of her beer and flashed everyone her award winning smile. She needed everyone to think that she was fine, even if she was starting to think that she wasn't.

The second Maureen got home; she crawled into bed next to Dan. Right away, Dan wrapped his arm around her and kissed her neck.

"No now baby," Maureen muttered, but Dan wouldn't stop. "Dan! I'm really tired, stop!" Dan flipped Maureen over and began to kiss her roughly. Maureen tried to stop him, but he wouldn't let her go. Dan began to pull at Maureen's clothes. No matter what, she knew she had to keep those clothes on; it was the only way she could control the situation. Somehow, Dan managed to get Maureen's shirt over her head. Maureen continued to fight back, but Dan seemed to only enjoy that. This wasn't the Dan Keyes she had fallen for, and it scared her…a lot.

Meanwhile, Joanne was getting changed back at her and Cat's place and talking to her girlfriend.

"Why won't you give Maureen a chance?" the lawyer asked.

"I don't like you two being friends is all. I mean your ex's!" Cat replied.

"So, you're still friends with some of your ex-girlfriends, and I'm perfectly fine with that," Joanne reasoned as she pulled on an oversized t-shirt.

"That's different. You guys were on again off again for ages. How do I know that you won't go back to her?" Joanne crawled into bed and kissed Cat tenderly.

"Because I'm right here with you." Joanne slid under the covers and turned off the light. "Night sweetie."

"Night. I love you." Joanne didn't reply; she never did. Did she still have feelings for Maureen and that was why she could never tell Cat that she loved her? Joanne reasoned that she wanted to take things slow. Her mind agreed with that, but her heart didn't.

The next morning, Maureen woke up very sore. As she got dressed, she noticed several new bruises on her arms and torso. She figured that Dan must have been drunk last night. Yes, he had to have been drunk at the time. Maureen pulled on her shirt and went out to get something to eat.

Dan was sitting on the couch watching the news when Maureen entered the room. He looked up and smiled like nothing had happened the night before.

"Morning honey," he said. Maureen didn't reply. "Hey, come here. What's wrong with you!?"

"What the hell was up with you last night!?" demanded Maureen.

"I wanted to have some fun; didn't you?" Maureen scoffed.

"That hurt. Do you want to see the bruises?" Dan got up and wrapped his arms around Maureen. He kissed her forehead softly.

"I didn't mean to hurt you. I had a little too much to drink last night. It won't happen again." Maureen rested her head on Dan's chest, but still felt uncomfortable around him.