Summary: She's a mother of two, but one isn't his... He has finally gotten revenge, but in doing so killed the father of his youngest son. Could history repeat itself?

You'll see.
InoXSasuke and SakuraXLee for sure.
Other pairings later.

A/N: Before, I made the Sasuke 20 years old, which makes no sense, seeing as how Ren is 12 already! You proved your point, reviewers... I should do my math homework. -puts on dunce hat- So now I've fixed it to 30 years old! That way Ino could have her first child at 16 yrs (since her first son is 15 yrs) and Ren could stay 12! Problem solved!
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Being so caught up,
So mastered by the brute blood of the air,
Did she put on his knowledge with his power
Before the indifferent beak could let her drop?
-William Butler Yeats-

Chapter 1

A blue eyed shinobi sighed in satisfaction, tossing the final bowl of ramen before him, adding to the already countless pile of plates. He sighed in satisfaction, patting his stomache he looked straight besides him to his darker companion with a grin, who in reply shot him an annoyed and disgusted look as a low belch emitted from the shorter blonde.

"Is this all you ever eat?" He finally growled, only recieving an even bigger grin from Naruto.

"Ah, Sasuke, you act like you don't like it yourself! that is your third bowl, right?" He pointed out, raising a single eyebrow.

Sasuke grumbled in emberassment, pushing the bowl away like a disease.

The Uchiha hated it when he proved him wrong.

He placed some money on the counter before standing inastretch.

"Hey, Teme! you said you'd pay full this time!" the 30 year old jounin frowned.

"Did I?" Sasuke smirked to himself, already halfway down the street. He ignored Naruto's protests until he either gave up or Sasuke was too far away to hear them.

Sasuke's grown. 30 himself, he'd say(actually everyone would) he's grown even more hansome. It wouldn't be an understatement to also say that he's matured not only in body, but in mind...unfortunately, not the way he'd like...

More than Naruto, sure. Naruto's still his cocky self...though he's not so much hyperactive as he once was. His eyes are now sharp, cunning even, showing the fox in him. He's gotten taller, stronger, and...slightly more perverted (what you'd expect being Jiraiya's pupil and all).

But on to what's bothering the Uchiha head most. He's grown some, sure.
Grown to resemble the one he despises most. Even in death.
One look in the mirror is a constant reminder.


Sasuke turned sharply, looking down at the black haired boy who approached him. The boy gave him a slight bow, staring up at him with dark blue eyes.

"Mother says to tell you go home once I find you..." He said, averting Sasuke's even gaze. "Sir."

His 12 year old son. "Then let's be going, before she goes out of her mind." Sasuke said, lightly pushing the shoulder of the boy ahead of him. Ren gave him the faintest of smiles before running ahead of him.

Ren was much too...shy, should I say, for Sasuke's tastes. You'd think he was related to Hyuuga Hinata somehow.
Sasuke was even worried Ren wouldn't make it to Genin.

He proved him wrong, of course, passing with perfect marks.
He now wore the Konoha forehead protector tightly around his left shoulder, with pride from his father.

Happy, right?

Not quite.

"We're home, mother." Ren announced softly, entering the kitchen.

The sky blue eyed woman placed a hand on his shoulder. "Good, now, wait for dinner to be finished, okay Ren?."

Ren nodded, brushing past the both of them and down the shadowed hall.

"Now..." Ino began, crossing her arms. She held a wooden spoon in her hand. Her light blonde hair was in a messy bun. She took a deep breath.

Great... Sasuke thought bitterly, the headaches I get from this woman.

Sasuke completely zoned out of Ino's scolding, forgetting completely what she was going on about after the words "Out again late last night..."

"Shouldn't you have been resting? You haven't even recovered completely from your last mission..." Her eyes turned from angry housewife mode to concern. "You can't worry me like that."

Sasuke sighed, pushing from his leaning position against the counter. He embraced her around the waist before placing a soft kiss on her cheek. "Then don't."

And like that, he pulled away, walking down the hall again. He hid his hands within his dark kimono he'd taken to wearing lately. "I'm going out."

Ino watched after him almost helplessly, setting the spoon besides the boiling pot. She lightly closed her eyes, reaching for the black phone.

"Hello? Lee residence."

"Hey, Sakura...can we talk?"

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