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Blood Linked

By: Goth-Vampire Ninja

Chapter one: Bloody Kiss

"I'm tired, if he refuses to love me, then I will change, I'll give up on him!" said Sakura to herself as she came back from training. Sasuke had turned her down for the last time. "Tomorrow, I'll start a new lifestyle!" yelled Sakura full of determination.

The next day, Sakura decided to wake up extra early, today she started her new life. "Come on! I've got to have something black around here!" yelled Sakura as she dug up her wardrobe. "Aha!" she yelled as she finally found something.

Today she got to Team Seven's meeting spot earlier than everybody else. 'Boy, will the guys be surprised!' thought Sakura as she waited patiently on the bridge.

She was staring at the water below calmly when she felt someone approaching. 'OK, time to put my plan in action' With that, her face became stoic-much like a certain Uchiha's-and her eyes became violet and cat-like(thanks to a certain jutsu she developed).

It was Sasuke who approached, which was even better according to the now stoic cherry blossom.

'Oh great, now I have to wait for the dobe and Kakashi with Sakura. I'm sure she'll annoy me to no end,' thought Sasuke as he approached.

"Morning Uchiha," said Sakura. Sasuke stoped dead in his traks as Sakura turned to face him. Shock was evident in his face for about one tenth of a second before he composed himself again. 'This can't be Sakura, those aren't her eyes! And she doesn't call me 'Uchiha,' Sasuke thought.

He stared at her, 'she' was wearing fishnet tights and an all black dress much like the one she wore every day, she was also wearing black fingerless gloves with blood-red letters printed on the front, it read: Piss Me And Die.

In one swift motion, he grabbed a kunai and appeared in front of her. He straddled her legs, pushed the kunai to her neck, and pushed her against the railing of the bridge. "Who are you and what have you done with the real Sakura!?" yelled Sasuke.

"Let go of me, Uchiha," said Sakura calmly while glaring daggers at him.

"Answer me!"

"It is me, baka. Now, let me go or you'll regret it," said Sakura, she was clearly pissed now.

"Hn, as if," he said. He pushed the kunai into her skin, earning a trickle of blood to run down her neck.

"That's it, Uchiha! You'll regret being born!" yelled Sakura as she punched Sasuke in the gut. He looked startled but he was still on her. He smirked, "You are Sakura. Nobody else is that weak." He turned around and started to walk away.

Sakura's eyes burned with fury. She got a kunai and tackled Sasuke to the ground only to have him smirk and turn into a log. "Damn it Uchiha, show yourself!" She felt him behind her, disappeared, appeared behind him, and tumbled him to the ground pressing the kunai to his neck. With her being on top, she had the advantage. She straddled his legs and smirked. "Looks like the great Uchiha isn't so great after all. Will you look at him now, loosing to a girl!" she chuckled bitterly and humorlessly.

With her free hand, she touched her neck to withdraw some blood. She made some hand seals(with one hand) and scratched him on the left cheek, leaving four bloody cuts, as if he had been attacked by an angry cat.

Sasuke didn't seem to notice though, for his eyes wouldn't leave Sakura's bloody neck.

"You smell good," he said. He rolled over so he would be the one on top and pinned her hands above her head. He leaned down and liked the blood until there was no more. Meanwhile Sakura's eyes were wide with shock as she felt Sasuke's tongue travel up her jaw line and stop just millimeters away from her bottom lip. "You taste good too," he said. He started to nibble on her bottom lip and suddenly bit her, Sakura squeaked under him and he smirked. Blood started to ooze from her lip and he licked it away with pleasure.

Sakura started to squirm under him, which caused her to rub against him in the most inappropriate way. "Uchiha, stop this! She mumbled as best she could against his lips. He bit her again, liked the blood away quickly, and parted a few inches to be able to see her angry/stoic face.

"Stop that, Sakura," he said. "Stop calling me Uchiha, you know my name very well."

"Fine. But answer one question first," she said.


"W-why do you have fangs?" she asked, she now completely shocked.

"I thought you were smart. I'm a vampire, don't you see? I got turned about a week ago, I haven't been feeding because I didn't want to be discovered, but even I can't refuse an opportunity like this. You smell too good for your own good," he said, a tint of humor in his voice. He was about to go down again, but he suddenly stood and walked away.

"Get up," he hissed. Then he jumped on his favorite tree and sat as if nothing had happened.

Sakura got up just in time to see Naruto running toward them. 'great' Sakura thought sarcastically.

"Good morning, Sakura-chan!" yelled the fox boy. He stopped as he approached them and said, "Morning Sakura-chan, morning Sasuke-teme. Say, Sakura what happened to you, you look weird, kind of like Sasuke-teme over there." He pointed a finger at Sasuke's direction.

"Just a change of style, Naruto. And the same goes with my eyes before you ask." She said as soon as she saw his expression after looking into her eyes. She could tell that Naruto was still surprised, since he was gawking at her, but she ignored it. I mean, who wouldn't be surprised after seeing the sweet Sakura turn into a stoic and cold person like The Uchiha heir.

A couple hours after that, Kakashi sensei showed up and he was equally surprised at Sakura's change, even though he didn't show it. After that, training went smoothly and they all went home.

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