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Chapter nine: Not Even Death Will Part Us

By: Goth-Vampire Ninja

Sakura felt as if she were swaying. It felt good, in her opinion. Almost as if she was weightless and she was being carried. And finally she realized she was being carried, the only thing was…she didn't know by whom. She gathered up her courage and slowly fluttered her eyes open, fearing it was Kiba carrying her and not somebody else. But when she looked up, it was Sasuke.

He smirked, "So you're finally awake. Man, you sleep like a rock, you know that? You slept through a whole battle!"

"S-Sasuke, I'm sorry! It wasn't me, I swear! It was Kiba; he forced me to do all the things I did to you! I'm sorry!" Sakura said.

"No, don't apologize. It wasn't your fault," he said with a smile.

Just then did Sakura notice that he had a little blood coming from out of his mouth. To say that, just by looking at it, she felt hungry would have been the understatement of the month. "Put me down," she said softly. Sasuke looked at her with a questioning look but obliged all the same. As soon as her feet touched the ground and she was standing on her own, she turned to him and started licking the blood from his chin to his mouth. Sasuke could see that she was blushing and that the nearer she got to his mouth, the more she blushed.

Finally, Sasuke snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her towards him until they were pressing together. This caused Sakura to blush even more, if that was even possible. After Sasuke saw that Sakura was done, he said, "I bet you're hungry right?"

"Y-yes," she answered weakly.

"Hn. I guess we'll have to go hunting now. Come on," he said, as he pulled her up into his arms again and started looking for someone to prey on.

Finally finding someone, he used his powers to lure his victim to them. After he had brought his victim to a dark alley, he made her pass out, leaving her exposed and ready for biting. "Ok, Sakura, you can feed first, I don't mind. And besides, you obviously need blood more than I do right now. Just don't take too much blood so you don't kill her. We don't want to make the village suspicious, now do we?" he said with a little smirk. "You do still remember how to draw out your fangs, don't you?"

"Yeah," she answered. She was eyeing her prey hungrily. The only thing she could hear after that was a pounding noise. It couldn't be her own heartbeat, for she no longer possessed one, but then she realized it as the girl's pulse. She walked over to her and knelt down next to her prey. Sakura picked up the girl and exposed her neck, after that, she just fed until Sasuke stopped her. "What," she hissed.

"That's enough; I'll get you another one. Just leave this one, remember, we don't want to kill them or else the town might grow suspicious. She'll wake up in about an hour and will not remember anything. As for the bite marks, they're already gone," he explained.

Sakura looked, it was true. The bite marks were already gone, but she was still so hungry.

"Come on, before we starve," called Sasuke.

And that's how they spent their night, hunting. Not killing a single one of them, they each bit about 14 people. But that's because they took so little of their prey's blood. Otherwise, they could have drained only two people and they would have been full. But of course, draining someone would have meant the victim would die.

When it was already near sunrise, Sasuke and Sakura returned to their home (Sasuke's house/mansion). Sakura hadn't asked, but she was curious as to what had happened to Kiba. "S-Sasuke? What happened to Kiba?" she asked. They were already inside the house and they were lying down on the bed in which Sakura had first found herself in after Sasuke had taken her.

"He's living in his own hell. I turned him into the creature he loathes the most. You could say I did it out of spite, but I was angry, Sakura. I don't like anybody hurting those who are precious to me," he smiled. "I don't want anybody touching my precious cherry blossom. You're mine and mine only, Ok?"

Sakura was as red as a tomato, which just so happened to be Sasuke's favorite. Sasuke smirked and leaned in for a kiss. "I-I love you too. And I think not even death will be able to keep us apart. I want to stay with you forever," she said, after the kiss had broken.

"Me too," he said, and leaned in for another kiss. Only this time he got a little carried away and bit Sakura's lip for a little blood and got scolded.

"We just ate, Sasuke-kun!"

He chuckled, "Just my way of showing affection. And since you already promised to stay with me…I can do it all I want!" he said mischievously. Sakura gulped and Sasuke pounced on her. And that started a game of 'Catch-the-Running-Target.' And Sasuke was winning. When Sasuke finally caught her, he pinned her against a wall and whispered, "I love you," then all became dark bliss to Sakura as Sasuke kissed her and nibbled on her lips and she did the same.

The End

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