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I can't quite put my finger on why I started the business in the first place, even now. Maybe it was to break away from my family, to show them that a branch member could be successful even without the family head's approval (Hiashi had wanted me to go into ANBU or some other distinguished thing). Maybe it was because I knew this business would be needed, that I would attain the lifestyle I wanted with this. Or maybe it was because the perfect opportunity had just come up at the right time. The building I had bought was in good condition, cheap, and occupied a pretty good location. I had thought that perhaps God was smiling down on me that particular day. Well, I hadn't questioned it.

And what was my business, you ask? Well, it was part bank, part protection agency. Yes, I know that does not answer your burning question. You want to know what I was protecting, I am sure. Well…-trumpet fanfare- I was, and still am, in the business of guarding hearts.

Don't you dare laugh! Haven't you ever heard of the power of love? It produces changes and happiness, but it also has a darker side. The suicide rate in Konoha was the highest in the country before I set up my bank, mostly because of rejected lovers who simply give up living. And then there were the love potions that were sold on the black market. I thought that sort of thing was even worse than rape, because forcefully claiming someone's heart is worse than claiming their body, especially if the effect lasted a lifetime.

And so I set up my business of protecting hearts. While hearts are in my keeping, they are somewhat detached from their people, and so my clients are much less affected by them. In short, now their hearts don't rule their actions. Don't get me wrong, I'm a firm believer in love, and within my contracts my clients always have the option of reclaiming their heart at any time. But if they don't, they always know that their hearts are safe and secure within the maze of vaults that make up my business.

End Prologue


Guardian of My Heart – Chapter 1

Neji stared at the businessman before him, trying to grasp the fact that this was Sabaku Gaara sitting before him, looking perfectly awake despite the early hour (4 am! Seriously!). Even though Neji respected the businessman's need for privacy (stalker fangirls knew each and every appointment in the redhead's schedule probably, and there was need for drastic measures), setting up a meeting at 4 am was still taking its toll on the Hyuuga.

"What do you need, Sabaku-san?" Neji asked, stifling a small yawn.

The redhead's icy jade green eyes looked up with an expression of pure boredom, as he answered, "I would like to make use of your services, of course, and I will need the best protection you have." He looked around the office, and scanned the TV screens which showed all of what each and every security camera recorded at the moment. Most of these were focused on the numerous vaults, though there were also ones focused on the doors to the bank, and even one in the office itself. "Though I doubt the…quality of even your best." Neji bristled at the thinly veiled insult.

"Pardon me, Sabaku-san, but my bank is very thoroughly protected. These cameras do not represent all of what I do to insure the safety of what my clients trust to my keeping. You have my utmost word that your heart will be kept safe and secure if you trust it to my keeping."

The businessman's lips pursed, as if he was still disbelieving, but he only said, "That is what I will expect then, Hyuuga-san. Now, what do I need to sign? I would like to get this over with."

Neji breathed in deeply and prayed for patience. It was annoying that Sabaku Gaara could stir him up this much, that the redhead could seem so infinitely above him (which was ironic, since he was 2 inches taller than the redhead). "How long do you expect to need my services, Sabaku-san?"

"For the rest of my life. I do not wish to fall in love at all."

Neji took in a long breath. Well, this was against most of his morals. To hold a heart in safekeeping to ward off love potions and such was normal in this tumultuous world, but to not fall in love at all? Even when you were sure of your soulmate, even when they loved you back? Neji thought it was a sin to deny oneself this sort of happiness. But he really didn't have any choice, did he? Neji had to comply with his clients' requests. And besides, even Sabaku Gaara couldn't know the consequences of locking his heart up for all time. He would see the error of his decision when he met the right person, Neji was sure.

But as of right now, he had no reason at all to be prying in the businessman's affairs. So Neji took out a sheaf of papers from his desk drawer and a pen, and laid them down on the desk, pushing them towards the redhead. "You can read it if you choose to," Neji told him. "But the gist of it is that you will not sue and ruin me if someone steals your heart. Although you probably would not feel the need to, since I will most likely be in a vegetative state, if not dead, due to the torture the thieves would have put me through to gain access to the vaults."

"So the point of this contract is…?"

"The point is that my family will think that I've got my legalities covered, and I would have them think that. There are a few more points in there, but" And now Neji didn't bother to stifle his yawn, "I don't feel quite up to explaining them to you. It is 4:28 am, after all, and I have been inhaling coffee into my system in order to pull an all-nighter for this meeting. Would you please sign the papers, Sabaku-san? On pages 4, 27, 39, and 62. And then we can go into the vaults."

Neji watched wordlessly as the redhead scrawled his somewhat messy but readable signature (full of sharp angles) onto the pages he had indicated, and then stood up, expecting the other to follow. They trooped out of Neji's personal office and into the dark hallway beyond, with Neji flicking on the lights as he passed. It was just a courtesy to Sabaku, since he himself had no trouble with seeing in the dark. It all had to do with the Hyuuga family's amazing/freaky eyes (depended on who you were asking), and their ability to see even people's hearts. Neji supposed it was yet another reason he had started this business, being able to look at the dying and depressed hearts in the people around him.

He passed through several metal gates, all heavily guarded with cameras, passwords, eye-sensors, and fingerprint detectors, along with other security equipment. This security was very expensive, of course, but Neji could spare the money.

They finally got to the vaults a few minutes later, and Neji smiled upon seeing so many healthy hearts. This part of the building had no need for illumination, because all of his charges gave out a glow of their own, which filtered out through their…well, Neji supposed cages was the word for it. The only things separating each heart from another were a few metal bars, but Neji didn't need anything else, because hearts don't mingle. They're just there.

The brunette walked down an aisle, making a beeline for a special heart that was in his care. There were some that used his bank as a sanctuary, storing their hearts after they had been broken, and Neji took it upon himself to shield and help them along in their recovery, new client be damned. And besides, Sabaku couldn't have known the trauma of heartbreak already, could he? As he stopped in front of a cage emitting a particularly weak glow, he activated his Byakugan and snuck a quick peek at the redhead before turning to the heart in front of him.

Well, it seemed the cold businessman's heart had suffered some wear and tear, and quite recently. And his heart was…well, for the lack of a better term, wild. Just like…


"Hmm?" Neji replied absently, having only heard the last word. "What was that, Sabaku-san?"

The Hyuuga repressed a smirk at the annoyed glare the redhead sent him; obviously, the guy was used to everyone hanging on to his each and every word. But Neji still wasn't paying that much attention to him, or at least not openly, though his ears were focused, because he was curious about how this person knew Uzumaki Naruto of all people. His eyes, however, were focused on the heart before him as he slowly opened the cage and reached in, carefully petting it in an attempt to soothe.

"I said, Hyuuga-san, that Uchiha Sasuke would like to thank you for introducing him to Naruto."

"Oh really?" Neji said that out loud, before whispering soft nothings to the poor broken heart in his hands.

"Yes really. And he would like to tell you to reserve a time for him next week, because he would like to, what was the phrase he used? Ah, yes. He would like to tie the knot. What does that mean exactly?" Neji smiled, if Sasuke didn't want his messenger to know that he was getting married (that was why he had used the slang, right?), then Neji wouldn't tell.

"It's a ritual-like thing, takes a long time and is somewhat tedious." He knew it was terribly vague, but hoped the redhead wouldn't ask any more. Neji didn't really like to lie, though he did occasionally, when it was called for. Thankfully, Sabaku didn't press. In fact, he went off on a totally unexpected tangent.

"Oh. So…uh, you were the one that introduced Sasuke to Naruto?" Neji frowned as he heard the pause; what was that about? Sabaku Gaara was not known for any sort of weakness.


"…Ok." Suddenly the redhead's voice was a lot closer, and Neji turned around reflexively, to see that Sabaku was peering over his shoulder. "What is that?"

Neji glared as he felt the heart tremble. "That is a broken heart, Sabaku-san, and I'd thank you to step back because you're scaring her." He resumed his tender ministrations, coaxing a soft purr-like sound from his throat as he tried to piece the broken heart back together.

"Her?" The redhead asked, not backing off a bit and the bite coming back into his voice again.

"Yes, her." Neji was annoyed with the businessman and he didn't try to hide it. "Every heart has a name, and their gender is the same as their person's. Now, will you do as I say, Sabaku-san? The faster I give this little one my attention, the faster we can conclude your business."

With a scowl, the redhead moved back a few steps and Neji turned his full attention to the heart in his hands, crooning a soft melody. The heart pulsed weakly, but its glow was slightly stronger. Neji sighed – he would have to be content with just that for now. He laid it gently back into its cage and closed the door, walking away with another sigh. He deactivated his Byakugan, and, if someone had looked closely, they would've seen sadness cloud his usually clear eyes. Neji didn't like to see pain.

But he walked steadily down several aisles until he reached empty cages, not showing his sadness, and opened the door of one before turning to the redhead following him.

"Didn't I tell you I wanted the best?" the businessman asked, a frown marring his features. Neji wondered if he ever smiled, and guessed the answer was no.

"This is the best." the Hyuuga replied. "If you're mixed in with all the others, nobody looking for your heart specifically would know where it was. Also, if you haven't noticed already, there are no labels of any kind to differentiate anybody's heart from anybody else's. Only I can do that, and, of course, the person the heart belongs to."

"You've memorized the identities of thousands of hearts?"

Neji frowned a little at the evident skepticism. "Yes, Sabaku-san, I have. Now, may we get on with this so I can perhaps squeeze in an hour of sleep before waking up for work again?"

"Fine." The businessman crossed his arms in front of his chest and started tapping his foot. Neji frowned further. Oh, so now he was the one that was impatient? "What do I need to do?"

Here, Neji paused and wondered how he could explain his predicament to his newest client. The reason he had been up all night was that he had been trying to fix the contraption used for teasing hearts out of their person's bodies (with the person's consent, of course. Neji had made sure it wouldn't be used to force the heart out of someone) and, of course, failing. The Hyuuga may have had the gift of Byakugan, but good eyes weren't everything. He knew he should've asked Shikamaru to fix it yesterday, but then again, that particular lazy genius would've just put it off until today and that wouldn't have solved any of Neji's problems.

"Ahh, well, I don't usually ask clients to do this, but I need you to willingly hand over your heart."

The Sabaku's expression warped into a mix of surprise, confusion, and…was that revulsion? Neji refused to admit to himself that his pride was even the slightest bit damaged (but what was so bad about himself?). Well, ok, so he wasn't at his best right now (at 5 am in the damn morning!) and his attire, along with his hair, just had to have been a little messed up, but it couldn't have been that bad, could it?

The redhead's question brought Neji back down to Earth.


Oh dear, here came the explanation.

"Well, the way I usually do this with clients has been unfortunately cut off because of an unexpected malfunction in my machinery which I've been trying to sort out for the past few hours, and so…we'll just have to try this. It should work - actually, I know for a fact that it does, it's just…" Neji motioned with his hands, trying to get his point across, and was relieved when the redhead completed his sentence for him.

"It's just that I have to willingly give my heart to you?"

Neji nodded a bit sheepishly. "Unfortunately, yes. Of course, Sabaku-san, you could always just come back this afternoon and I'd have this whole thing straightened out by then." The Hyuuga awaited hopefully for his answer.

"No. I refuse to take anymore time out of my schedule for this…nuisance. Let's get this over with. What, exactly, do I have to do?"

Neji was ready to hit him right then and there, but repressed the urge. It would not be good for his business if he punched his newest and richest client, he repeated over and over in his mind. After a few seconds, he was back in control.

"You have to visualize putting your heart in my hands, and it'll appear, but only if you do it with conviction. Meaning, you have to trust me, and I suppose if you close your eyes and imagine your love it'll be much easier."

There was a moment of silence, before the businessman asked, "How do you know I have someone I love and trust?"

"Because I took a peek at your heart a while ago with my Byakugan, and from what I can see, you just got rejected by somebody, and I'm guessing that she was your first love."

"You looked at my heart without letting me know?"

Neji raised an eyebrow at the defensive tone. "If you're going to buying my services, I'm going to be seeing your heart out in the open now. It did no harm to see what I was going to be working with – after all, if it had turned out to be broken like the other little one you saw, I would've needed to start extensive therapy, just like I do with all broken hearts. And I like to know that sort of thing beforehand."

There was no answer, so Neji said briskly, "Now, should we start this? I'm going to hold my hands out like this-" Neji demonstrated, his hands forming a small cup in front of him, "-and if we do this right your heart should appear in them."

With still no reply, the redhead closed his eyes and took a deep breath, apparently taking Neji's advice and imagining his love in Neji's place. After a few moments, a furrow of worry appeared between his eyebrows and he opened his eyes, glaring at Neji as if it was all his fault. "This isn't working."

Neji sighed, thinking that there was no point in pointing out the obvious. "I see that. What can I do to make it better?"

"Get. Your. Machine. Fixed. Now."

"So demanding, aren't you? Well, I can't do that, so you'll just have to come back in the afternoon again, especially if you don't try to cooperate with me. Now, let me ask again, what can I do? Actually, just tell me her name. I should be able to figure something out using that."

"Her name?" The Sabaku actually sounded confused.

"Your love's." Neji clarified.

"Oh." There was a slight pause, and Neji could see Gaara's indecision.

"If you don't want to tell me, fine, but we are trying this over."

Another pause. Neji shifted on his feet, his hand brushing his hair back as he fought his sleepiness. The silence was getting to him, that was evident.

"His name was…" Well, it seemed the cold businessman was going to answer. Wait…his name?!? "Naruto."

Neji's mouth formed a small o of realization, and another second later his somewhat fuzzy brain grasped that he had indirectly caused Sabaku Gaara pain, by introducing Naruto to Uchiha Sasuke. The two of them were madly in love, and Neji had counted on it (after all, their hearts matched so well!), but still, causing another person unhappiness and rejection, and on his first love. Neji resolved to spend some time with the redhead's heart later, to see if he needed any help getting over the blonde. Even if the businessman himself was a prick, his heart couldn't be that bad. But as of right now, what could he say?


"Hmph. Let's just get this over with. Does his name help you?"

"I…I guess." Neji pondered a bit, before stretching out his hands once again. "I'll use my information at the last resort. As of right now, let's just try again."

After a half hour of failed attempts, the Sabaku was fluently cursing (very quietly, but Neji heard it) and Neji himself was frustrated and feeling stupid at holding his hands out all the time.

"Fine." He said, suddenly making a decision. And before the Sabaku could react, Neji had stridden forward, encasing the smaller man in a hug.

After a moment of confused sputtering on the Sabaku's part, he pushed Neji away forcefully and demanded, "W-What was that for!?!"

Neji rolled his eyes, only a few inches away from the redhead and his arms still loosely entwined around the businessman's waist. "How long have you known Naruto?"

"…Ten years."

"Ah. Then you should know that he hugs everyone. Even me." Neji smiled at the memory. "And he doesn't stop even when you push him away and glare and threaten him with imminent death. It's quite childish actually, but nobody minds."

Neji looked down at the flushed face below him. "You remember it too, right?"

The Sabaku looked away and nodded.

"Then this should be easier. The skin-to-skin contact helps tremendously, I think, and if you just close your eyes…" the redhead did so. "And imagine that I'm Naruto…" Neji pulled the redhead close again, whispering against his pale neck. "And that I just told you that…" He took a small breath, summoning up the softest and most loving voice he could muster (meaning, the one he reserved usually for extremely broken hearts). "I…love…you."

The redhead in his arms relaxed bit by bit and rested his head on Neji's shoulder, his eyes still closed as he breathed out the words, "I love you too…"

Neji reacted quickly to the nudging in front of his ribs. He broke their embrace and cupped the heart in his hands. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea. The moment the redhead opened his eyes and realized the true situation, his heart flared out and thrashed in Neji's hands, trying to escape them as Neji hung on as best as he could without hurting it. He made a note of how defensive it was, and saw that this particular heart was shaped like…a raccoon.

That was new. Usually hearts were spherical, or, well, heart-shaped, and the only other heart he had ever known to be an animal was Naruto's. And his had been a mischievous (or devilish) fox named Kyuubi, with three tails (he had told Neji that as Naruto matured he would grow more, until he reached his limit of nine). This was interesting.

But Neji cut off his thoughts as the raccoon bit him. And it hurt. And it drew blood. Well, this was even more original. The Hyuuga bent over the heart, whispering, "What's your name?" as he tried to subdue the defensive animal.

It froze, probably from hearing Neji's voice in his mind. And then, it said quietly, Shukaku.

"Nice to meet you, Shukaku. I'm Neji, and I'm going to be taking care of you for a while."

Shukaku turned around, puzzled, and stared at the redhead who he had inhabited for so long. What about him?

Neji smiled and started petting the small raccoon, his fingers trailing through the alternating sand-colored and black fur. "He's leaving you in my care so you won't get hurt."

The vehement reply came a moment later, I don't need protecting!

Neji laughed a little, thoroughly enchanted by this little one. "Of course you don't, with all of the defenses you set up around yourself, I wonder how anyone could get through all of them."

Only one. Shukaku assured him. But Kyuubi is taken…

Neji heard the wistfulness in Shukaku's voice and sighed, giving the little raccoon a small kiss in between his ears. "I'm sorry."

No, it's not your fault, and I'm sure I'll recover soon enough. Shukaku tried for a smile, but couldn't seem to pull it off completely. His tail lashed against Neji's fingers and the raccoon paced uncomfortably.

Neji wondered how to comfort both Shukaku and the Sabaku (though mostly Shukaku), but knew he would probably fail, since he had never experienced love before. Still, he could try.

Neji looked into the Sabaku's green eyes and, while still petting Shukaku, asked softly, "What would you say if I told you that you and Naruto would never have been happy together?"

The redhead's eyes widened as he digested what Neji had said, and as Neji felt Shukaku's teeth sink into his hand again, he knew that he had said the wrong thing. Definitely the wrong thing. But maybe lashing out would be good for the usually bland redhead.

"You don't know that."

"I do. Your hearts would have clashed the moment you two got together – Sasuke is much better for the blonde." Neji winced a bit as Shukaku's (really sharp) canines sunk in a little more, but besides that kept up an emotionless expression.

"You can't predict the future." The soft hiss was even more intimidating than a shout would've been, especially coupled with the level glare. "Even if we would've clashed, our love would've held us together. I know that, because I loved him, even though he had just about no money and no friends in the world." Emotion was seeping into that voice, desperation and rejection and something else Neji did not care to identify.

"I stayed with him, because each of his smiles made me so happy I thought my heart would burst. You know who I am. I'm Sabaku Gaara, 25 years old and rich as heck, but I clung on to the hope that Naruto, oblivious blonde and resolutely happy Naruto, would someday return my feelings. I waited for almost ten years for that to happen, but then Uchiha Sasuke just had to waltz into his life and do what I had wanted to do so effortlessly. Yes, Naruto is happy now. I can see that. But Hyuuga-san, don't you dare tell me that I could not have been happy with Naruto, or that he would not have been happy with me. Do not judge me. And do not make me think that I've wasted the last 10 years of my love life, because I have not. I've known love, even if I've been rejected. I've been happy."

The redhead paused, seeming to realize all he had just confessed, and Neji took the opportunity to smile and say, "That was good for you, to talk that all out. You've just been keeping that all in, haven't you? That's bad for your heart."

He watched as the businessman in front of him put on his stoic mask again, and sighed. Neji knew he was just going to keep on bottling his feelings again, and one day he'd just lash out at everything and everyone. The Hyuuga hoped that maybe he could help, if he worked with Shukaku.

"I believe we've concluded our business." The Sabaku said stiffly. "I shall take my leave now." Yeah, Neji had been right. He stared at the redhead as he showed himself out, before turning to leave Shukaku in a cage. He needed to take a shower, change his clothes, and ingest more caffeine.

But as he got closer, the raccoon started squirming and struggling and protesting. No cages!!

Neji stopped, thought, and sighed. He should've seen this coming. When Naruto had come to him and they had released Kyuubi (by the means of that DRATTED BROKEN MACHINE), Kyuubi had also struggled against the cages, to the extent that after an hour both Neji and Naruto had given up, and Kyuubi had returned back to Naruto. That had been, using Shikamaru's words, very very troublesome.

And now he had the same trouble with Shukaku, and the Sabaku was already gone! Now what could he do?

"Fine, fine." Neji stopped moving and just cradled the small raccoon in his hands. "But now what should I do with you? I still need to protect you, and the only other option I see is to keep you with me at all times, but I'm sure you'd find that boring."

Shukaku shook his head, looking positively adorable since with all his squirming he had turned onto his back, with his small paws flailing in the air. No, I'd like that very much. Anything without cages.

"Hmm…" Neji stroked the raccoon's tummy contentedly, walking out of his vaults just to walk back in with a paper towel a second later. He needed to mop up that drop of blood on the floor…

After satisfying his neat-freak nature, Neji went back to his office (still with ((a very ticklish)) Shukaku in his hand) and poured himself a much-needed cup of coffee, which he finished in three gulps, the hot drink scalding his throat and dashing away sleep. Next, he turned to his injured hand. Shukaku evidently could not feel the blood still dripping out of the two wounds, since he was lying on that hand without a care in the world. And when he jumped onto Neji's desk, no blood had stained his fur. Neji was glad. At least he didn't have to wash Shukaku.

With the precision of a world-class heart surgeon (which Neji was not, although he had studied some medicine earlier in life), he cleaned his wounds and bandaged them, Shukaku watching the whole time with a curious stare, his tale waving. "Are you going to grow any more tails?" Neji asked once he was done bandaging.

Grow more? I don't think so…though I'm not sure. Maybe if Gaara matures a little more. Losing Kyuubi…or really, Naruto, hit him hard. He hasn't grown used to rejection.

Neji's brow furrowed, and he asked, "So that means that you aren't ok? Since you're a part of him."

Shukaku grimaced. How observant you are. I just want Gaara to get over Naruto already, since it's obvious that he's happy with the Uchiha and that isn't going to change, but he's still hung up about him! Sure, it's his first love, but it isn't going to be his last, dammit! Shukaku settled down on Neji's desk and fumed, as Neji thought about just how outspoken this little one was.

"Do you have any criteria for Sabaku-san's second love to fulfill?"

One, stop calling him Sabaku-san and start calling him Gaara. You're talking to me remember, probably the most personal and protected thing he has, so in effect, you shall get to know him very well. As for criteria, I don't really have any, except that he or she has to make Gaara happy.

"Oh, ok." Neji wondered if all hearts thought like this and were this independent from their persons, but he doubted it. Shukaku was probably just a special case. But still, he could work with this. "So you wouldn't mind if I set him up with some people?"

Like you did with the Uchiha and Naruto? came the dry answer.

Neji flinched at the reminder. "Well, yes. But you have to admit, that was a terrific match! And I knew it, because their hearts were so complementary, you know? So I could do the same thing with Gaara, and help him too."

Or better yet, you could set yourself up with Gaara.

"M-Me?" Neji asked disbelievingly. "No no no, I'm not a good match at all for him."

What do you mean? You're handsome, intelligent, and could most likely make him happy. And besides, you already have his heart!

Neji chuckled nervously. "You don't know my heart, Shukaku. It's just…it'd be impossible for Gaara to fall in love with me. Even if you pushed, with all your influence. Just impossible."

Well then, let your heart out and I'll judge for myself. Shukaku sat up expectantly, looking up at Neji with wide green puppy-dog eyes.

Neji let out a sigh and acquiesced. He closed his eyes, took a few deep breaths, and when he opened his pearly orbs again, a small ball of light, pulsing a pale golden color, was sitting on the desk in front of him. He nudged it softly towards Shukaku and smiled sadly.

Shukaku took the initiative then, striding forward and studying the ball of light, which trembled slightly under his gaze. So timid, aren't you? What's your name?

Neji's heart just squeaked softly and ran back to the brunette, melting into his chest again. Neji sighed and answered Shukaku's question himself, with not a little trace of despair. "His name…is Loveless."

Shukaku's eyes widened. Oh. OH.

Neji stared down at his fingers, wondering why he had just confessed that. Maybe it was because Shukaku was a heart, and would know better than a human what implications Loveless held. The name of someone's heart was important, because it linked to that person's personality and future and, in Neji's case, his love life.

When his family had discerned his heartname at the tender age of 5 (all Hyuuga children learned their heartname at this age), they had been horrified, more so than worried, because they had thought that his heartname reflected his personality. They had believed that he would grow up mean-spirited, with no love for others. But he had proven them wrong time and time again – he was just a normal little boy, or as normal as he could be as an orphan with Hyuuga eyes and a body that looked decidedly feminine (it was most likely the hair but Neji was not cutting it off), causing bullies to come out of nowhere.

And his heartname had turned out to be true. Nobody really loved him, not his family, not even his few friends (not the kind of love he wanted the most, anyways) and he supposed nobody would.

It was just his fate. Nothing that he could change.


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