Summary: Remember the leopard seal in the movie? He's my fav character. So I thought this up. Mumble's egg is taken by the seal, who plans to hatch it and raise the chick for certain reasons. In this Part 1, he and the little chick goes through a lot together, including him saving her from hungry predators, rogue elephant seals, and 'alien' invaders. Tons of adventures.

Disclaimer: I finally figured out what to do with my Happy Feet fan fic. I don't own Happy Feet or any of its characters.

Part 1

Chapter 1

A few years has passed after Mumble's adventure. It's breeding season and all the females has laid an egg and given it to the males to care for. That was months ago. Currently, the males have huddled closely against a winter storm. But even that was over quickly. The emperors shook off the snow, careful not to drop their eggs.

Mumble, now in his full coat of adult feathers, took a second to take a peek at the egg he held. With a sigh, he backed away from the others to shake up his wings.

"Few more days to go." he muttered while the others sang, an activity Mumble can never take part of. His hungriness became apparent when his stomach rumbled. "So hungry..." He huddled back to the others as his adelie penguin pals walked over.

"Joo go through this every year?" Ramon asked. Mumble nodded.

"Y'all are loco." Raul complained. Mumble smiled.

"It's not all too bad. Only things to worry about are storms, starvation, cold, starvation...did I mention starvation?"

"Leopard Seal!" an alarm went off on the other side of the colony and almost everyone stopped what they were doing. Everyone except Mumble. He shook his head.

"No, not leopard seals. I'm talking about starvation."

"Uh, Fluffball. Look over there." Ramon pointed out to the distance. Everyone looked. They can see an awkward, but powerful form. The unmistakable shape of a leopard seal. Most of the penguins panicked.

"How could it have gone this far inland? How did it find us?" Similar questions erupted as the seal headed in their direction. "Run for your lives!"

The fathers scattered, going as fast as their eggs will allow. They feared becoming dinner. They had no idea the seal wasn't after them. Mumble and the Amigos didn't run, however. They were...'experienced' on seals who go out of the water. Mumble moved towards the predator with his pals close behind.

"Hey! Over here!" Mumble shouted, remembering his first run in with this animal. The seal took a glance in their direction and froze.

"You again!" it exclaimed, studying each penguin in the group. It recognized them and remembered being teased and tormented by them. This was the very same seal that tried to make a meal outta Mumble years ago. It moved towards them as they started taunting it again. Once at striking distance, the birds retreated. However, Mumble was slowed down by the egg he carried. It was enough for the seal to catch up and grab Mumble's tail in its mouth. Mumble yelped as the seal pulled him back. He struggled to keep the egg from contacting the frozen ground. The seal flipped Mumbled onto his back.

"I told you that I knew where you lived." it growled in Mumble's face. The Amigos came to their friend's rescue, attacking at the seal's body. But the skin was thick and so was the blubber that they made fun about so many times in their last encounter. As such, the seal was unconcerned. They weren't doing it any real harm. All their efforts were just annoying.

"You're lucky I don't feel like killing today. But just you wait..." the seal continued. It clamped its jaws on Mumble's wing and tossed him into the air. The egg flew out of its protective covering.

Mumble landed hard on the ice, barely awake. He was aware of the egg's absence. He knew it was sailing through the air and that he can't stop it. He closed his eyes, waiting for it to shatter, but nothing happened. As Ramon and the others rushed up to help him, Mumble reopened his eyes.

To his surprise, the leopard seal has caught the egg in its flipper. Puzzled, Mumble finally blacked out.

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The seal, name revealed, makes the long journey back home as he tries to keep the egg warm. And Mumble wakes up to the truth.