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Blast from the Past

A tall muscled man lay in bed, his eyes closed and a small peaceful smile on his lips. His blonde hair was long, and went down to his shoulders when it wasn't tied up. The man shifted and sighed. Another day, and the 24 year old man opened his eyes, squinting as light poured in from the gap in the curtains. He heard the birds chirping outside and guessed it was sometime in the morning

"Morning already?" A female voice asked.softly. The blonde hair of the women was draped over the man's bare muscled chest and she snuggled into his hold

"Yes, another lovely summer day" The man spoke back, his deep voice peircing the othewise quiet room.

The women groaned "It's too darn early Honey" She complained as her husband began shuffling

The man laughed, and gave her a long slow kiss, making the blonde women moan happily

"Yes it is, but you know our darling children will already be awake" He smiled

She grinned "Ah but we don't know for sure do we?" She barely finished before they heard a yell...

"MOM! DAD! SHIKA'S PICKING ON ME!!" Came the loud shout of a young girl

The blonde women moaned in defeat and slumped back onto the bed "Shut up you" She muttered to her grinning husband, she groaned and sat up, pulling on her morning robe and sitting down at her vanity mirror (is that what their called?) to fix up her hair.

The man however pulled on a tight black shirt and black baggy pants, the shirt had the emblim for 'sixth' on the back of it in white. The man yawned before heading downstairs towards the kitchen.

On his way he came across two young children. A girl, and a boy. Both had blonde hair, the boys eyes were a bright blue, whereas the girls were a deeper shade of blue. He often compared their eyes, saying his son's was the sky, and his daughter's the sea.

Both looked up before giving a shout of "DADDY!" And jumping into the laughing man's arms. He picked them up and birled them around before putting them down and leading them to the kitchen.

"Hey you two, you sleep alright?"

Both nodded "Yea, I was fighting some really evil bad man and so totally kicked his butt dad! Just like you do!" The young boy spoke quickly

The man chortled "That's my boy, but remember, you have a long way to go before you can beat your old man" He ruffled the boys hair

He tickled the girl, who squeeled and giggled "Daddy stop that! MOM! Dads tickling me!!" She yelled, as the man unrelentlessly tickled her

"So tickle him back honey, you know he's ticklish under his armpit" The blonde women said, walking into the kitchen.

"TRAITOR!!" The man yelled, laughing as both the small children attacked him and began to try and tickle him, both were giggling and squeeling as their father tickled them back.

Soon both the children were sitting at the table eating breakfast, as the man rose and spoke "I'll be back soon kids, just a few things to get done, then we'll go out to the park later alright?" Both kids nodded, talking quickly and laughing as they thought of going to see their friends at the park.

"Naruto dear, remember your on holiday, so no training" The women glared playfully at him.

Naruto let out a laugh "Sure dear, I'm just picking up some Kunai and other stuff I'm running low on" He bent over and gave his wife a kiss

"Won't be long okay Ino?" He whispered. Ino nodded as Naruto walked out


Haruno Sakura stared at the Hokage monument in pure shock. There, right next to the head of the fifth Hokage, was the face of her old team mate Uzumaki Naruto.

'I don't beleive it, Naruto actually did it, he became Hokage' She thought in shock.

She had left the village six years ago, she had no other choice. After she had watched Naruto defeat and kill her old love Uchiha Sasuke, she had went into a severe depression. She had asked Tsunade for permission to leave Konoha, as everything reminded her of Sasuke.

She had no naive hopes that Sasuke could be saved, she knew that he was beyond help, but his death still hit her hard.

She had been leaving when Naruto had confronted her, and had begged her to stay. She smiled sadly when she remember his words that night she left


"Saukura-chan, please, don't leave. Konoha is your home. You have friends here, your parents, people who care for you" He spoke quietly to Sakura, who had tears running down her cheeks

"Sakura-chan, please. I'm your friend, your teammate. We've been through a lot, I care for you Sakura, a lot. Please dont leave"

She shook her head "Naruto I can't stay here, I'm reminded of him wherever I look, I need to leave, I can't stay here any longer. Please, if you really care for me, just let me go" She cried

Naruto stood in front of her, he looked deeply into her eyes. For a few minutes, neither moved, until Naruto leaned forward and hugged the shocked girl, before he let go and slowly stood to the side to let her pass.

Without a word spoken, Sakura ran out of Konoha. And out of Naruto's life.


She shook her head. Ever since she had left, she had thought of Naruto the most. It had taken her some time, but she slowly came to realise that she had feelings for Naruto, very strong and deep ones.

She shook her head and headed straight for the Hokages tower. It was time she told Naruto how she felt.


Tsunade sat at the Hokages desk, going through the seemingly never ending stack of paper work. Ever since Naruto had become Hokage, he seemed to get through all his paperwork quicker than she, the fourth, the third, and the second and first ever could! And he wouldn't even tell her how he did it!

"It's rather easy" He would smirk at her "I'm surprised the other Hokages never figured it out!"

She sighed and shook her head. She was happy for Naruto. The kid was finally living a life he deserved. He was married, had kids, had reached his dream and became the roukadaime (Is that right?) Hokage, and had gained acceptance from the villagers, who began to soften up towards him after his efforts in the war with sound. She herself took over for him when he had his holidays, so he had time to spend with his family.

She frowned slightly, she remembered how down and depressed Naruto was the following months that Sakura, her apprentice, had left. Ino had become friends with him and brought him out of his depression, and the two had fallen for each other soon after that. The wedding between the two of them was one of the happiest times in her life after the defeat of Orochimaru and Aktsuki. The twins they had soon after was also a very happy time.

She looked up as there was knock at the door "Come on in" She called

Her jaw dropped as she saw who had walked in, she recognised her pink haired apprentice instantly "Sakura?" She gaped

Sakura nodded and giggled "Hey Tsunade-sama, what are you doing here? I thought Naruto was Hokage?"

Tsunade shook herself "He is, but he's on his holiday" She suddenly stiffened when she finally got a good look at her former apprentice's face, which was flushed with a small smile and far-away look in her eyes

"That's great. I can't wait to see him again. I have so much to tell him"

"Sakura..." Tsunade started, but she was interupted "Well I'm off to see how everyones doing, later Tsunade-sama!" Sakura called and walked out before she could stop her.

Tsunade stared at the door blankly, before groaning, and pulling out a bottle of sake and taking a swig, Naruto didn't know what was coming.


Ino was sitting on her couch reading one of her favourite books, or as Naruto called it, her 'lovey-dovey' books. She was absantly fingering her wedding ring. It seemed so hard to beleive how much her life had turned out differently than what she had dreamed it to be when she was younger.

She looked out the window and saw the twins playing around in the garden. Shika and Mira were the most hyper kids there were, she felt worn out everytime she had to keep them in order, and with Naruto as Hokage it was mainly her who had to handle them

Still, even as Hokage Naruto's number one priority was his family, he took every Sunday off to spend the day with her and the kidsm whether it was going out to the park or forest on Sunny days, or staying inside and playing board games on rainy days.

She looked up as she heard Mira calling on her, and stood up. She walked into the hallway and saw her daughter talking with...

"Sakura?" She said in shock, the pink haired women turned around and smile

"Hey Ino, long time no see huh?" She said, hugging her old best friend

"Yea, god it's been year, look at you. Your looking great" Ino smiled

"Never mind me look at you, a mother? who's have thought?" She smirked

Ino laughed and ruffled her daughters hair "Yea, this is Mira, and her brother Shija's out in the garden still"

Mira nodded "He's playing at ninja's again, he's practicing something dad taught him, what was it? erm...Henge?"

Ino's eye twitched "Oh really? well I'll be having a word with your father about that, I told him not until he entered the academy!"

Mira giggle before heading back outside, no doubt to tell her brother of their dad's soon coming demise

Ino sighed before turning towards Sakura "Come on in, you want some coffee? I have some still hot"

Sakura nodded "Sure, that's be wonderful" As she was led into the living room

As Sakura sat she glanced around and thought to herself. So Ino was married and had two kids? She wondered who the guy was. She had found out that Shikamaru, Ino's old boyfriend, was now married to Temari from Suna, and Hinita and Kiba had gotten together, and the otherd from the rookie 9 were all living their lives.

Ino came back in and sat down, handing a mug of coffee to her "So what's the deal? Why are you back?"

Sakura smiled "I just thought I'd been running long enough, so I'm back and hoping it'll be for good"

Ino nodded "That's great, I happen to know Shizune, the head medic-nin, has quit, so the jobs still available if your still interested"

Sakura looked shocked "Really? Why'd she leave?"

Ino shrugged "Her and Iruka-Sensei have been married for about two years, and she's became pregnant recently"

Sakura squeeled "Oh that is so cute! What about Kakashi-Sensei? Do you know what he's up to these days?"

Ino smirked "Married, and he's head of the ANBU"

Sakura's jaw dropped "Your kidding? who?"

"I can't remember her name, some girl from Mist who moved to Konoha, they actually have a kid"

Sakura smiled "Really? wow it HAS been a while. Anyways, I was meant to ask earlier, who's your husband? Do I know him?"

Ino opened her mouth to reply, but was cut off by a shout from outside

"DAD!!" Came two childish voices, along with the laugh of a man "Honey, I'm home!" The voice called

Ino smiled brightly and stood up "I'm on the living room dear, we have a guest!"

"Oh?" Came the voice "Who?"

"Well come and see you big nut, and I have a bone to pick with you!"

Sakura watched as a tall man with long Blonde hair came in, carrying a giggling Mira on his shoulder

"Who? Me?" He asked innocently, his back turned from Sakura

"Yes, you" Ino growled playfully "Why is it our son has been practicing a Henge jutsu?"

The man laughed nervously "Well...my bad, look he was in a bad mood so I taught him to cheer him up, you know how he loves shinobi stuff"

Ino sighed before wrapping her arms round the man, and kissing his cheek "Alright, your forgiven, at least it wasn't anyting bad"

The man laughed and turned around, both him and Sakura finally spotting each other

Sakura's jaw dropped in shock. The man's long blonde hair, blue eyes, and whisker marks filled her vision and she felt like time had stopped

Uzumaki Naruto, the boy she had fallen in love with, was married, had kids, and was happy. With her old best friend Ino.

She suddenly felt colder, as her heart shattered into peices seeing Naruto hugging Ino, and holding his Daughter on his shoulder