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Chapter 2

"N..Naruto" Sakura stuttered slightly as she stared at the face of the boy she was in love with. Naruto's smile seemed to fade slightly as he stared at Sakura in confusion.

"Sakura, wow it's been a while" He spoke, his deep voice sending shivers down Sakura's back. 'Why oh why did I leave?' She wondered to herself.

"Hai, it's been a while" She whispered, watching as Naruto shuffled his 'Daughter' when his shoulder fell asleep. She tried her best to keep down her anger and jealousy at her former friend. 'I left, he wasn't mine. But he should be! He said he loved for me!' She thought angrily.

"So when did this happen?" She asked in a slightly cold tone of voice. Ino and Mira didn't seem to pick up on it as it was so faint, but Naruto did easily. After all, a Hokage had to be able to tell these things.

Naruto's face remained as it's usual warm smile look, but inside his mind was quickly gathering what the signs Sakura was pointing out to him said. 'So, she obviously cares for me now. Kinda like Sasuke. She likes the idea of dating an old teammate who used to crush on her as a child' He thought in amusement. He didn't know her intentions now, but he would not allow her to hurt his family.

"About a year after you left I think. We started seeing each other a few months after you had left and he proposed about a year later, I was already 4 months pregnant with the twins when we got married wasn't it?" Ino turned a curious gaze to her husband.

"Yes that sounds about right dear" Naruto nodded as he walked toward a seat and sat down, transferring his daughter to his lap as he began to fuss with her hair. To this day he still couldn't figure out why he liked to brush a girls hair, or long hair. He did it to both Ino and Mira as he found it soothing.

"Oh? And how did you two actually end up dating. Last I knew you two didn't really get along" Sakura stated in a dead tone. Naruto shrugged and glanced at Ino, who spoke up.

"Yes I suppose that was true. The main reason we actually ended up talking was because you left" Sakura's eye twitched in repressed anger, which Ino didn't notice "Both of us were effected when you left. I was wandering around the village and saw Naruto at the Ramen bar he always went to, he looked pretty down so I went to talk to him, he bought me a ramen and things started off from there"

Sakura's eye still twitched slightly, but she managed to get it under control when Ino turned her attention to her again. She put up a forced smile

"Really? That's so nice. I'm...Happy for you" Her teeth grinded lightly when she practically spat the word 'Happy' out. Ino blinked, seemingly picking up on the anger her old best friend seemed to project, she looked towards her husband who nodded his head ever so slightly. She stood up and picked up Mira from her Father's lap.

"Hey gorgeous, let's go see what your brother's up to yea? Your dad and his teammate need to talk some" Ino smiled warmly at her daughter, who giggled.

"Okay mom! Bye Miss Sakura!" She giggled as Ino carried her out.

For a few minutes, there was silence. Until Naruto chose to break it.

"Mira is a very innocent child. She is the daughter I always wished to have if I ever had children. To see her happy is a constant battle I fight" He glanced at a scowling Sakura.

"I became Hokage because it was my dream. Now I am here, as the Roukadaime. My dream is finished. I now dream of making the dreams of my children become a reality" He spoke solomnly.

Sakura glared at him "As lovely as that is, I don't really want to talk about that. What I want to know, is why you gave up on me, why you let me go, and why the hell you chose Ino-pig over me" She practacally growled.

Naruto merely raised an eyebrow, much to Sakura's discomfort. The old Naruto would be spitting curses at her by now, yet this Naruto was cool, calm, collected and wise. In a way, she was reminded of the Third Hokage. Naruto had the same aura of power, yet warmth and wisdom the old man had.

"That is a simple answer. I never really loved you" He stated.

Sakura turned red in anger 'What the hell does that mean!? He said he loved me! He said that ever since our academy days!'

Naruto chuckled "I think you have missed something. I did not love you in a romantic sense. True, as Genins I had a crush on you. But I soon grew out of that"

Sakura looked up at him, feeling some confusion. As if reading her mind, Naruto replied "I never loved you in a romantic sense Sakura-chan. I thought of you as a best friend. Someone who would help me with advice or just someone who I could confide in" He explained calmly to Sakura, whose emotions were going haywire with all these confessions Naruto was making.

"But...But when I left you said you loved me!" Sakura cried desperatly.

Naruto shook his head "No Sakura, I said that I 'Care' for you, not that I loved you" He spoke softly. Sakura had to understand this.

Sakura shook her head "No, I know you love me! You have to! You told me once you would never stop loving me!" She cried.

Nartuto sighed, his teammate was still as hard headed like she was as a genin. He though Tsunade had cured her of this.

"Again, I meant the love of a friend. You will not always say you love someone and it must be in a romantic way Sakura" Naruto told the increasingly desperate Sakura.

Sakura turneda glare to him "You said that you loved me. What does Ino have that I don't huh? What makes that bitch so special!" She spat, but was cut short when Naruto shot up off his seat.

Naruto's eyes were blazing in pure anger, his clothes were ruffling as blue chakra began to come of him. The light seemed to dim and Naruto's tall form towered over Sakura, who was now regretting opening her mouth

"You can insult me Sakura" He growled darkly "But when you target my family, I get very angry. What does she have that you dont huh? She is the most kind and gentle women I have ever known, unlike you who always screeches and cries. How many times as kids did you hit me? Hundreds! I love Ino with all my heart for who she is, and for how well she knows me Haruno. That's why she's so special"

Sakura sat frozen in her seat, shaking in both fear and anger. Naruto growled slightly. Enough was enough.

"Haruno Sakura, as you have come back you are once again a ninja of Konoha. Therefore you will be stationed to our allies in Wave country. The new nija village will be waiting your arrival. Your job as a medic-nin will be helpful there as the Village of Wave is fairly new" Naruto ordered

Sakura jumped up "What!? who says you can order me around?" She yelled.

"In case you have forgotten, I am the Hokage. You will heed my word, your refusal will be seen as direct betrayel to Konoha. And the punishment for that is death" Naruto glared at her "You will remain in Wave indeffinatly, and may only return to Konoh for mission related purposes. You have two hours before you leave" He finished.

Sakura got up and stormed out, angry tears spilling down her face. Naruto watched her leave before sighing to himself. She wasn't the girl he became best friends with.


3 years Later

The Rokudaime Hokage Uzumaki Naruto sat behind his desk, his eyes wandering briefly over the many ninja in the room.

"So it is over?" He questioned the ANBU, a blank look on his face.

"Hai Hokage-sama. The war with wave has been ended. The missing-nins who had all joined the Wave army have been captured or killed" Spoke the commander.

Naruto sighed, before he took a sip of his tea. Who would have thought one small incident two years ago would have resulted in a 3 month war. Not a long period of time, but Konoha was not without it's losses. Over 138 Chunnin and 63 Jounin had been lost, as well as 23 ANBU. Naruto sighed. He had known some of those people well.

"And of the leader?" He questioned.

"Dead Hokage-sama. Her body was found her office. Apparantly she took one of those instant-kill pills Orochimaru had developed for his Sound 5" The commanded replied.

Naruto frowned. So that's where the stolen pill got to. It was the final one found at the end of the war with Sound, and the Konoha medics had examined it. Some of it's property's started many theories, and with it new medical breakthroughs.

"Very well, you may leave. Have some time to grieve for you comrades" Naruto spoke softly. The ANBU bowed and with a 'poof' disappeared.

Naruto sat back and sighed, before he cracked an eye open and glanced at the open window and he smiled slightly.

"Are you two going to come in? Ero-senin? Tsunade-chan?" He called. Both Tsunade and Jiraiya jumped in through the window.

"Hey kid how you handling?" Jiraiya asked.

Naruto shrugged "To be honest I never expected any of this to happen" He sighed "But that can't really be helped. She manipulated us, them, even me. Who would have guessed she was building an army"

Tsunade nodded "Yes it was most unexoected, even more so when Rock became allies with them. The Kazekage is working on the peace treaty they will have to sign. Gaara is the best choice, not many dare stand up to him"

Naruto chuckled. Gaara had become the Kazekage soon after his fathers death. He had opened up a lot more and was more human, but he still had that aura of danger around him. He never had any relationships though. He claimed he just wasn't interested, but Naruto thought he was really gay.

"Yes that is true, and Wave themselves?" He questioned.

Jiraiya spoke up "They have agreed to your proposed Treay, after all the people couldn't do anything to stand up to their leader, and had no choice but to follow orders. Good job they actually aided us when we invaded the village, they suffered minimal losses"

Naruto stood and stared out of the window where he could see the Hokage monument. The Hokage's hat hid his eyes from view and he seemed to age slightly "There is no such thing as 'minimal loss' Jiraiya. Every human life taken is important. That person could have been someone's husband, someones brother, someones father. Every life lost is a major loss to someone" He murmured.

Both Sennins nodded at his wise words. Those were the words of a true Hokage. And Naruto had been there most powerful yet.

"Well if you old people don't mind" He dodged Tsunade's swipe and sat back down at his desk "I am not yet retired, and so have to get on with some paperwork" Naruto smiled. Both sennins smiled and bade him goodbye.

Naruto sat there for a good couple of minutes. Remembering his time on Team 7 as a kid. He smiled as he remember him and Sasuke glaring and insulting each other. Joking with Sakura and dodging her angry swipes at him. The three of them pranking Kakashi and laughing together as he wept for his soggy 'Icha Icha Paradise' and them screaming in terror as the angry Sensei chased them through the town.

Sasuke was now dead. Had been for years, killed by his own hand no less. He remembered his dying friends last wish. To do what he could not and kill Itachi. To kill him for the terrible crimes he had commited. His last smile of aprovel, acceptance, as he slammed a rasengan into his stomach.

Then their was their other teammate. Sakura. Naruto sighed, after she had left she soon became the leader of the Wave village, and began increasing their ninja's teachings, and secretely inviting missing-nins from all over the continent. She soon declared war on Konoha, and began attacking. Naruto had no choice but to retaliate. Sakura herself never fought personally like Naruto did, perhaps she knew she was to weak to do anything.

Naruto sighed and sat back. Here he was, the last survivor of Team 7. Kakashi himself had resigned as a Konoha Shinobi, and he and his wife and daughter moved to Mist. Last he had herd from Kakashi's letters, he was living a very peaceful life. He smiled slightly and looked at one of the pictures on his desk. It was the picture of Team 7 together and happy.

Naruto glanced at the large pile of paperwork next to him and smiled. It woldn't take to long to complete it all. He glanced at the recent picture of his family. Both Shika and Mira were giggling and hugging him, while he had one arm looped round Ino's waist. They were all smiling happily and Naruto couldn't help but smile.

He turned towards the paperwork and smirked. Maybe he would tell Tsunade the secret on how to do it?

Nah let her figure it out herself. He smiled and made a cross seal

"Kage bunshin no jutsu"


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