The Sun peaked over the mountains far off. It spreads it's light through the land below, and upon a small village. There, in that small little town, something big is about to happen. The simple townfolk are now awakening, beginning their day to day routine, and among the innocent villagers dwelled two certain individuals who's fate connect to each other. Streets were currently being filled with busy workers, playful children, and Nosy gossips. Everyone going about their buisness, ignorant to the fact that the world may be destroyed at any moment. Rumor has it that the Awakening had been spotted near the town, some were suspcious, some were paranoid. One thing was certain, something bad was coming, and it was coming fast.


"Izark?" whispered Noriko, shaking Izark slightly.

Noriko shook him again, he still did not awake, She shook him once more, but he didn't move. Noriko sighed. I wonder if something's wrong with Izark? He's probably sick again, He has been kinda pale the last few days! Or maybe he's just tired from all the running and fighting we've doing, I guess I should probably let him sleep, but... Noriko looked around the room she was in. She stood and walked over to the window, and peered out the window. Down in the entrance of the hotel, was a group of men gathering. Several had the meanest expression on there faces, two men were arguing with the hotel owner. Those men, they must be coming for us, we have to get out of here before they reach us! But Izark, He needs to rest! I can't wake him! Oh boy! This is a problem... Noriko paced around the room. Back and forth she walked, she nervously began to bite her nails. Noriko looked out the window again, and then contiuned to pace around the room, attempting to conjure up a plan. She repeated this a few times, pace, look out window, pace, look out window.

"Noriko?" Noriko looked behind her to see Izark awake. He was sitting in bed, staring at her curiously. "What's wrong?" Noriko pointed a finger at the window. Izark strode over to the window and looked out. "We have to go," He said after a few moments. He walked away from the window, began to put his clothes and other items into his bag. Noriko took one last look out the window, she saw more people gathering, the two men who were arguing with the hotel owner now held pitchforks, and were yelling at him. Noriko looked at Izark who looked ready to leave, tied his cloth headband over his forehead.

"Izark? Are you okay?" Noriko said grabbing her bag and walking toward him.

"I'm fine, now hurry before they get to us," Izark replied, they exited the room and went to a long narrow hallway. Right next to their room was a staircase leading up to another level of the inn. The staircase was weirdly painted lavender, and

"Maybe these stairs lead to the roof," Noriko suggested looking at them curiously.

"Maybe, Maybe not," Izark replied. "Those men should be looking for us through the inn by now,"

"Then let's take these stairs, I'm sure we can get away," Noriko said looking at him.

"Then let's hurry" Izark said. They both began climbing the stairs, but just as they disappeared up the stairs, the stairs disappeared from the hall.


"IZARK, WHERE ARE WE!?" Noriko cried nervously as she was consumed by total darkness. "Izark?" She looked around but only saw darkness. "IZARK!"

There was absolute silence, not even the wind made a sound. Noriko shuddered, She whispered Izark's name again, but there was still silence. Noriko looked around again, everything was black, she couldn't even see her hands in front of her face. Tears began to well up in her eyes.

"IZARK!!!" She screamed. Nothing but silence, her tears now broke loose, crouched down on the floor and wrapped her arms around her legs. Izark where are you? Where am I? I'm scared! God I'm Scared! I wanna be with Izark!

"Don't distress Awakening, you are safe,"

To be Continued...