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Her hands clasped the middle of her chest tightly, trembling from frustration. She tried to hold back her tears, knowing that crying wouldn't solve any of her problems, but still her emotions betrayed her, and crystal clear drops slipped out.

It was understandable, due to the life-changing decision given to her. She knew that she could not have both her true love, and her caring family. That is the way life is, you can only chose one path. She realized this a few days after arriving here. She thought she would never see her Father, Mother, or Brother ever again, but yet here she was about to chose her fate. Had this been 3 years ago, she would have gladly chosen to leave, but now Izark needed her more than ever and how could she leave him! She loved him, and she would probably never love anyone the way she loves him.

But if she did choose to leave, Izark would be safe. He would not fear being captured by Rachef and Kaymos, he could live a normal life. Forgetting he was ever the Sky Demon, wouldn't he?

"Dabria!" She called out suddenly

"Yes Awakening?"

"Izark will forget he was the Sky demon if I leave, right?" Dabria kept a stern, blank gaze on Noriko, As if thinking her words carefully.

"Even though I have the power to clean away the memory of those who know him, He is far more powerful than I, and I cannot relinquish his knowledge of being the Sky demon that would wipe away memories of his entire life. Forgetting you would be the best I could do for him,"

"And he'll forget everything we went through, all the people we met?"

"Yes, every last detail that includes you would be forgotten,"

"But, wouldn't he be aware of losing his power, wouldn't he wonder what happened all these years?"

"Yes, of course,"

"Then wouldn't he be suspicious?"

"Of what Awakening?"

"Of all the time that has passed, and that he wouldn't remember a thing, don't you think he might try to find out what happened to him?"

"Do you believe he could solve such a mystery?" Noriko stayed quiet, looking down into the darkness below, trying to make sense to her own question.

"Awakening, you must choose soon, I can't freeze time forever,"

A silent whimper escaped Noriko's lips, as she felt hopelessness settle in.

What should she do, if she chose to stay she would never see her family again, and if she messes up like she usually does, Izark could end up in the greedy hands of Rachef, or killed by Kaymos! She didn't want to leave Izark, but wouldn't it be best for the both of them? Plus they would forget they ever met each other, neither of them would regret.

But still, she loves him so much! How could she pass up on this love, one she'll probably never have again!

What should I do…?

"Dear Awakening, There is no need to be so frustrated…" Noriko stared at the kind Deity before her.

"You must not make this decision on what you SHOULD do, but on what you WANT to do, that is why I have given you this choice dear,"

Noriko gasped, her eyes widening. She felt like such a fool all of a sudden. Modesty should not interfere with her decisions in life. There are moments like these that made her feel so stupid and self-esteemless. Dabria is exactly right; her choice should come from her heart.

"What do you really want the most?"

Izark. I want to be with him.

Noriko looked up at the awaiting Guardian. Thinking twice on her choice, she might not ever have another chance to change her fate. Is this what she truly wants?

Yes, I want to live my life with Izark, no matter what the cost. I love my family, and I'll miss my friends, but I WANT to be here. With Him.


"Yes Awakening?"

"I want to stay, I want to be here and be with Izark,"

She made a small smile, and bowed to her.

"As you wish Awakening, You have chosen your fate,"

Noriko gasped as the orb disappeared, leaving her alone in the darkness.

She's gone. But what do I do now? Do I jus-


A cycle of light opened up beneath her feet, and engulfed the entire void surrounding Noriko.

"Noriko?" Came Izark's voice.

Noriko gasped, "IZARK!!" Such happiness grabbed at her heart. Izark was here, she was back, but why was everything still dark?

"Noriko, Open your eyes…"

"Huh, open my eyes?" It was true, she had been in the dark for so long, and she forgot the obvious medium of opening her eyelids. They instantly shot open, but the brightness of the sun blinded her eyes, closing her eyelids over them again.

"Are you okay Noriko?" asked Izark, she nodded and slowly opened her eyes, adjusting to the light. She smiled, crying tears of happiness. Izark looked at her strangely.

"I'm so glad," Noriko said. Then a thought crossed her mind that brushed away her smile. She looked around her. They were on the roof of the hotel. She looked behind her to where supposedly the stairs should be, but they weren't.

"The stairs, they vanished! They were right behind us," Izark exclaimed surprised.

"Then I really was…," Noriko murmured to herself, thinking back on Dabria, and the dark void. A smile spread on her face again. The gods gave her the adventure, people in her world would die for, and a love most would treasure. She knew she made the right choice, in her heart and to her destiny.

"Noriko, come on! Remember we have those thugs trailing behind us!" Noriko looked at Izark, and felt warmth in her chest.

I know I made the right choice…

"Noriko, are you okay? What's wrong?" Izark asked, worrying over her strange behavior.

"It's nothing! Come on!" She responded, grabbing his hand and rushing to the edge of the building where they would hop to the ground and escape through the forest.

In a strange way, she felt happy feeling the adrenaline of escaping, plus holding Izark's hand. It was a feeling she never wanted to lose.

One day they would find a way back to her world. After all the chaos has been solved here, she will return with Izark. And like every other girl dreams of having, they will live happily ever after.

- - -

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