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Title: Peaches



"Movin' to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches. I'm movin' to the country, I'm gonna eat me a lot of peaches."

Taikoubou sang happily as he idly tapped his heels against the ledge he was sitting on. His fishing pole swayed back and forth to the rhythm of the song and small ripples fanned out where his line met the slow moving water of the river.

Ever since he had become Ki Shou's advisor Taikoubou rarely had time for his favorite hobby and was making up for it now that they had a few days of rest. Normally that wouldn't be advised in a time of war, but everybody had been working far too hard lately. Ki Hatsu was worried that if they didn't take a small break now that they would be too worn out to effectively fight Dakki.

After a brief scuffle with a few of the more hard-headed members of the doushi group and loud cheers from the Shuu army everybody had wandered off to make the best of their newfound freetime.

"If I had my little way I'd eat peaches everyday, Sun soakin' bulges in the shade."

The calm fishing-ripples were interrupted by a set of bigger, faster ripples. Taikoubou looked up, half expecting and half curious. Both parts were satisfied when he caught sight of Nataku hovering a few inches above the water watching the startled fish swim away from his shadow. Taikoubou smiled and gave the redhead a nod of acknowledgement when he glanced over at him and continued singing.

"I'm movin' to the country, I'm gonna eat a lot of peaches. Movin' to the country, I'm gonna eat a lot of peaches."

Taikoubou didn't mind sharing his spot with Nataku. Despite the fact that he was one of the most violent people the doushi knew, he was also one of the gentlest. …Well, around nature he was at least. Since there weren't any lotus flowers around it wasn't surprising that the human paopei had sought out the nearest source of running water. He had probably heard Taikoubou singing and came to investigate.

"I poked my finger down inside, makin' a little room for an ant to hide. Nature's candy in my hand or can or pie."

Taikoubou couldn't help but sing a little louder when he noticed Nataku was now watching him and not the fish. He also couldn't help the goofy grin that spread a cross his face as the redhead cocked his head to the side to listen better. He was becoming much better at interacting with other people and Taikoubou felt a sort-of older brotherly pride as he watched Nataku grow. If the human paopei had caught him disturbing his peace before this whole mess with Dakki he would have blasted him with his Kenkouken. Now he was quietly listening to him sing a nonsense song about peaches. He had definitely come a long way.

"Millions of peaches, peaches for me. Millions of peaches, peaches for free."

Nataku gave a snort of amusement and boosted himself higher above the water. He paused for a moment and seemed to be studying Taikoubou then he turned back down stream, gave a burst of power to his Fuukarin, and was gone.

As Taikoubou waited for the frenzy of ripples caused by Nataku's sudden departure to settle down he quietly hummed the rest of his song and tilted his head back to watch several fluffy clouds float across the sky. Seconds later a pair of large black wings appeared and headed swiftly in the direction Nataku had gone. Taikoubou smiled again as Raishinshi disappeared from view and returned to his fishing. Hopefully the two of them won't cause too much of a ruckus.

"Look out."


I couldn't help it. I heard this song and immediately thought of Taikoubou. The story kinda wrote itself after that.