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New Girl on Campus

Shikon High School was much bigger than Kagome Higurashi had expected. She looked around in a daze, trying to orient herself. There were too many people, too many auras for the young miko to handle. She could feel humans, mikos, houshis, youkai, and hanyou everywhere. It was overwhelming.

"Hey, girl, move!"

A hand reached out to push her, but Kagome deftly twisted away, spinning around to face her antagonizer. "Watch it, wolf!" she snapped. "I'll stand here however long I darn well please!"

Inwardly, Kagome winced. Hadn't her mother told her to stay out of fights? Before either she or the wolf youkai could make a move, there was a deep chuckle from behind them. They turned to see two boys, obviously brothers, both with silver hair and amber eyes. The youngest of the two had puppy ears on the top of his head.

"You heard the girl, Kouga." the oldest said. "Now leave her alone."

For a moment, Kouga looked like he wanted nothing more than to tear into the brothers. IN the end, though, he snarled and stormed off. Kagome breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. "Arigato, both of you."

"Don't mention it." The youngest bowed, a hint of laughter in his eyes. 'My name is Inuyasha Takahashi. This is my half-brother Sesshoumaru. Who're you?"

"Kagome Higurashi." She bowed back, her smile lighting her face. "Are you two youkai? There weren't very many in my old town."

"Welcome to Tokyo." Sesshoumaru said dryly. "We're everywhere." IN a more normal tone, he added, "I'm an inu-youkai. He's an inu-hanyou. Where did you get the guts to stand up to Kouga?"

Kagome snickered. "I have a rather abrasive personality."

"She'll fit in just fine with us." Inuyasha laughed. "Come on, Kagome. We'll show you around."

Kagome grinned and linked her arms with the brothers, standing between them. "I'd be delighted."


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