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Part 1: A Japanese boy with English toys


"Victoria, the Hellsing organization is not orphanage!" A voice bellowed from behind a desk in a dark room.

"Sir Integra," replied a woman in blue fatigues, "his guardians were turned into ghouls by the freak we were pursuing, I couldn't abandon him. We contacted his father and he has no interest in him. He has no other relatives. Besides, he saw the freak and his guardians turned to ghouls; aren't you the one who is always reminding us that we can't be known to the public?"

Integra chuckled as she light up another thin cigar. "Very well then Seras, you'll just have to silence him."

"What?! He's just a child!" The draculina exclaimed.

Integra laughed a bit louder and wiped her glasses on her business suit, Alucard was right, teasing the girl was a lot of fun. "I'm having a bit of fun. What do you think Alucard?"

"It might be interesting having a houseguest" came a deep voice from the shadows.

Seras jumped in surprise at hearing her master's voice come from behind her. "Master, how many times must I tell you not to do that?"

Ignoring his young servant, the no-life king continued.

"It would be good to have a fresh source of blood so police girl can finally know what it is to be a true nosferatu." Seeing Sera's horrified look, he flashed a toothy grin that could be seen even through the shadows.

Integra pondered for a few minutes, then said, "He can stay. However, he will be your responsibility Seras." She turned her chair to face the window behind her desk, "so where is he anyway?"


The little boy sat in the dim green sitting room, clutching his knees to his chest. Tonight had been a complete nightmare. He thought of how mere hours ago he had woken to screams coming from his uncle and aunt's room and how he had gone to their room, only to see a man in a black jogging suit hunched over his aunt, chomping down on her neck. He had then started to run, but the man had grabbed him and held him, making him watch as his relatives, who had died, clamber on to their feet, their skin gray, their eyes pure white. The man then tossed him at the shambling corpses who quickly started to tear at him and open their mouths to devour his young flesh. The boy closed his eyes and felt a warm liquid trickle down his leg. Suddenly, three gunshots sounded out, followed by the shattering of glass. The little boy then opened his eyes, to discover that the only thing that remained of his relatives and the man in the jogging suit were three piles of dust that had their clothes on top of them. He then had stood there with tears streaming down his eyes as a woman in blue fatigues came in carrying a rifle (regular sized) followed by a group of men in uniforms. He had then been led out of the house by the woman, Seras Victoria, and questioned. She had called his father, an act that opened an old wound on his heart, and hung up the phone, completely disgusted with the answers she had received, and informed the boy that he would be coming with her.

The next thing the boy knew, he was in London at a large estate. The whole household was quite dark inside, and seemed rather cold. The chair he sat in was cozy, but he didn't feel very comfortable. Other than Miss Victoria, nobody else he had run into could speak any Japanese, and she didn't speak it very well. Also, although she was very nice, her red eyes were a little unnerving. But, although he was concerned about his prospects, he didn't let it bother him that much. Since his father had left him, he hadn't been very emotional or open.

"Would you care for some refreshment?" asked a kind voice in Japanese.

The little boy looked up and saw an elderly man with black hair tied in a pony tail, a monocle, a white long-sleeved button down shirt, a faded blue vest with a red tie tucked in, yellow bands on his upper arms, blue pants, white gloves, and black shoes carrying a tea tray with two steaming cups of tea.

"You speak Japanese?" the boy asked.

"I picked it up quite some time ago, a little after the war if I remember correctly." The old man chuckled.

The boy also chuckled, though he wasn't sure why. He noticed that although the man had to be in his eighties, he generated a youthful energy. He took the tea, thanked the man, and drank a little.

"So how does it taste? I was going to make orange mandarin, but I've always found chai tea to be best for the middle of the night."

"It's good Mister…"

"Oh my, I can't believe I've forgotten my manners! Walter C. Dornez, at your service." The man said, extending his right hand.

The boy hesitated at first, but gradually stretched his right hand out and shook Walter's hand.

"And what is your name?" Walter asked, giving a kind smile.

"My name's Shinji Ikari."

"Well master Shinji, let me be the first to welcome you to the Hellsing organization."

2015 a few miles outside of TOKYO-3

The third angel, Sachiel, destroyed another chopper with its fists as it trudged onward towards its goal. Though millions of bullets had been fired at it, it was no worse the wear. Multiple missile turrets had emptied to no avail; nothing could stop the green behemoth. It took another few steps and crushed a group of tanks under its mighty sole. A giant missile came towards it and it merely struck out with its right arm and destroyed the weapon. It then resumed its march, trampling trees as if they were grass.

As the military looked in horror at the monster, a miraculous thing happened; the creature stopped. As everyone pondered as to the things intentions, the mask-headed beast turned its heads towards its right side as though something was wrong. Without warning, its right arm separated from its body at the shoulder. Blue blood started to pour from the wound. Sachiel did not outwardly show any type of pain, it turned around to see if it could find the cause of his wound.

On the ground, a young boy of fourteen with short brown hair, a long blue button down shirt, a black vest with a tucked in red tie, black pants, black shoes, red bands around his upper arms, black gloves, and black sunglasses stood smiling, waving long wires from his hand. Apparently, they had been the cause of the angel's injury.

"Now, what shall I take next?" The youth replied as he manipulated the wires towards the towering angel. He leapt back in surprise however, as the wires were launched back after hitting an orange force field.

"Well, this should make things a bit more interesting," he said as he opened the attaché case he had brought along. He stripped his gloves off and placed them gently inside, then reached in and started to pull out something, when all of a sudden, his cell phone went off. As if he had no concern for his giant green foe, he put the phone to his ear and answered it.


"Sir Integra?"

"Well, I still have time before she's scheduled to arrive."

"I'm very sorry."

"Yes. I will head back now. Tell everyone I said hello."

He quickly dodged as Sachiel put its foot down.

"Sorry old chap, but we'll have to pick this up later." The youth grabbed his attaché case and ran off at blinding speed towards the city.

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