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Eva: Speak with dead

Caution! MPD Nun!

In a dark room, a television monitor flared up; it's snowstorm of static bathing the area in a frenzied, light glow before transforming into a much more chaotic scene. The event which played on the scene was of two dueling behemoths, one being a large, green creature with bony plates, two mask-like faces, and a large crimson orb while the other was clad in purple armor with two long towers extending out of its shoulders and a had a large horn jutting out from its forehead. The fight showed the green giant dominating, slamming a spike of energy against its foe's eye again and again, then smashing the violet behemoth into a skyscraper, only to suddenly stop and turn around, as though it had heard something. It continued to turn around in a circle, completely oblivious to the purple creature that was healing a broken left arm and rising up from the pile of rubble that it had been lying in. The purple behemoth then thrust its large hand into hand into the two-headed giant and got stuck, an unfortunate turn of events, as its foe wrapped itself around the horned monster and self-destructed, leaving a blazing green cross in its wake.

The video paused at this point, and one of its viewer clapped a steady cadence.

"Truly vonderful, vould'nt you say, Dok?" A delighted voice asked.

"Ja, Herr Major, un excellent display of zience at vork, und such unbridled force!" Another voice, Dok, commented.

"Ja, vat vonderwul craftsmanship! Are ze reports in from London?"

A rustling of papers could be heard in the background before the second voice replied, "Ja, ze subject vas killed by only ze draculina, ze boy vas novere to be found."

The first voice started to chuckle.

"Vat a strange vorld ve live in, eh Dok?"


"To zinc, ze same enemy who ve have spent most of ze century plotting against, is ze same zat vill provide us vith our ultimate wictory." The speaker then let out a maddening stream of laughter and resumed the video.


"Hello everyone, my name is Shinji Ikari. I've recently moved here from England as part of a…transfer program. It's a pleasure to meet you all." Shinji said, giving a deep bow to the students of class 2-A.

The teens that made up the class simply gawked at the boy and didn't make a sound. Though they had been discussing the other night and the destruction that had been wrecked upon the city from the dueling giants, they now had their attention completely on the young boy, who was dressed in his best outfit, complete with cufflinks and a pressed red tie. This of course quickly led to a frenzied typing of gossip on their red computer terminals:

Is this kid even in the right classroom? He looks like a shrimp.

Does he even go outside? He's kind of pale.

Why is he so dressed up? Did he not get his uniform?

Doesn't he know he's supposed to change his shoes?

Damn Gaijin!

Of all the days for Suzahara to miss, he would have gotten a real kick out of this.

However, the typing came to an end as a freckle-faced female student with brown pigtails and a green, apron-like, school-issued uniform. The girl walked up to Shinji and extended her hand saying, "Welcome to class 2-A, Shinji Ikari, my name is Hikari Horaki, and I'm the class represena-" Hikari suddenly froze and her eyes bulged out of their sockets as Shinji grasped her right hand with both of his hands and placed a soft kiss on it.

Shinji released Hikari's hand, and looked around the room at his classmates, who were all sitting with their eyes wide open and their jaws hanging down to the floor.

"Excuse me, but is something wrong?" He asked after a full minute of silence.


Integra paced the corridors of her mansion. She didn't know what to think. Freak attacks had been on the rise, and there was still no clue as to who had been producing the fake nosferatu. Not only that, but questions from NERV and even higher powers had surfaced regarding Shinji. In fact, that was one of the points that was going to be brought up at the Round table meeting, a gathering of the leaders of London's various military and defense branches, next month. As it stood, things were becoming quite stressful, and when Integra felt overwhelmed, she knew just what to do.

She lit up a cigar.

As she stood there inhaling the noxious fumes, she noticed that she was standing outside of a room that she had not entered in a long time: Shinji's old bedroom.

She took a step inside, remembering how seven years ago, a little after Shinji had arrived, she was pacing the same hallway and had stopped outside of the same room upon hearing the sound of soft crying. She had quietly opened the door only to see her young ward crying in his sleep. He was curled up in a ball, and tears streamed down his small face.

"Momma, why? Momma…" He had wailed.

Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing usually had control of her emotions, she was prone to burst out in anger ever so often, but otherwise her feelings were kept hidden behind the powerful persona she had developed over her lifetime. Still, this did not keep her from going over to the side of the bed looking down at the weeping lad. Seras had told her what little info she had gathered regarding Shinji's story, and it had not been a pleasant story.

Perhaps thinking on that, Integra removed her white gloves, bent over and stroked the hair of the young boy, feeling its smoothness. This physical contact had an unexpected effect however, as Shinji rolled over and reached out with his frail arms. Though surprised, Integra bent over far enough that the small arms could wrap around her waist. She then lightly patted Shinji on the back and held him in a tight embrace until he finished the dream he was having.

"Are you feeling nostalgic, my master?" A haunting voice uttered, bringing Integra back to the present.

"You seem to be in good spirits, my servant." Integra said, completely unshaken by the intrusion.

"And why would I not be? The air is thick with conflict, and the coming battles are only going to be more chaotic and ripe with bloodshed. And no more so than on that island…I'm almost envious of Fish Boy."


To say the day had not improved for Shinji would be the understatement of the millennia. First, he quickly found out that he had overdressed for class and had not followed proper etiquette for footwear. Then, the only seats that were available were ones that were in direct sunlight, and despite multiple requests, no one would switch seats or allow the blinds to be lowered. This of course made the effects from not getting a "proper" sleep worse, causing him to fade in and out of consciousness, which in turn made him accountable for most of the academic questions that the elderly man who taught the class presented. It was also the reason he had to stand outside of the room holding two buckets full of water for half an hour, as he had received a grammar question and thought the sentence said something very different from its actual meaning. The only up shot was that it was now lunch, so at least the teenage vampire could relax for a bit. Upon hearing the bell, Shinji placed his attaché case on his desk and as soon as his classmate's eyes were off of him, he quickly extracted a small foil packet that was simply marked "J. H. Blender's famous tomato juice," and closed it back up. The boy then poked a blue plastic straw through it, and sucked the fluid down in one go. Still not feeling his best, Shinji emptied two more packets and placed the empty containers back in his case.

As he did so, his thoughts drifted until he found himself thinking about the strange girl, Rei, who he had met the day before. When he had seen her earlier that day, she had been wearing the same uniform that the girls in his class were wearing. While it was possible that it was mere coincidence, being that she could be a member of another class, Shinji walked over to Hikari, who was eating by herself in a corner of the room, and tapped her left shoulder asking, "Excuse me, Ms. Horaki? Could I speak with you for a moment?"

Hikari almost choked on the pork bun she was eating as she felt Shinji's cold fingers touch her shoulder. She slowly turned around, put a nervous smile on, and said, "Oh, Ikari. What would you like to talk about?"

Shinji sat himself across from Hikari, cleared his throat, and asked, "Well, when I arrived yesterday, I saw a strange girl who was dressed in the same style of uniform you're wearing, she had a very pale complexion, red eyes and…"

"Blue hair?" Hikari asked. Seeing a look of surprise on Shinji's face, she clarified, saying "Her name is Rei Ayanami, she just joined this class last year. She's not very social though."

"I see…" Shinji mused. That definitely put the freak theory out of question, as far as he knew, she could just be a normal girl…well, as normal as blue-haired albinos went.

"Where did you see her though? She hasn't been attending classes recently." Hikari inquired with a puzzled look on her.

If Shinji could have sweat, he most certainly would have, "Well, I saw her…that is…"

Luckily, the bell that marked the end of the lunch period sounded, and Shinji was able to escape the question.

After lunch, there were a few more lectures, and then the class broke off by sexes for Physical education. Unfortunately for our young midian, he had not received his gym clothes either, so he walked into the gymnasium in his full uniform. After a few minutes of warming up and stretching, the teacher decided to leave the class on their own to play a game of dodge ball. Being of a small stature, Shinji was picked last.

Having never played the game, Shinji stood in the back as he watched the two sides charge to the middle, retrieve bright, red, rubber balls, and start pummeling each other with them. Unfortunately, his team wasn't very skilled, and within minutes, everyone but Shinji was on the sidelines. To increase the direness of his situation, all of the balls were on the other team's side. To his teammate's horror, all the balls were thrown directly at Shinji all at once. However, they all slammed into the wall, all of them missing a certain dressed-up classmate who had seemingly teleported from one side of the gym to the other.

Shinji then calmly walked over to a ball, picked it up, and hurled it at the opposing side, smashing into the face of one of the taller players, sending him toppling over. He then picked up another ball and tossed it at the now quivering players…


Gendo looked down at Rei's sleeping form, which was attached to multiple monitors and tubes. The albino was breathing with only a small amount of difficulty, but she still looked completely exhausted. Gendo had finished talking to the Doctor a few minutes ago, and it had been revealed that Rei would be able to leave the hospital in about ten days; had she not been caught by Shinji, the time would have been much longer. Taking a last look at azure haired child, he started to walk out.

"Commander Ikari?" a weak voice called out.

A look of surprise came over the leader of NERV and he turned to face the halfway opened eye of Rei, which was gazing at him.

"Rei, you should be resting," Gendo said in a soft but firm tone.

Ignoring him, Rei asked, "was that boy your son, Shinji?"

"Yes" Gendo replied.

"Are you…" Rei suddenly stopped as she fell back to sleep.

Gendo walked out of the room, considering the question he knew Rei had tried asking. "I-I…it does'nt matter." He thought.


The gym was in complete silence. All the players on the opposing team were on the ground, either knocked out or gripping their stomachs in pain.

"Oh dear," Shinji said, "I guess I should have controlled my strength better." He then turned towards his team mates who he expected to be in shock, and not wanting to come anywhere near him. So it was a huge surprise when he suddenly found himself surrounded by teammates who were screaming nothing but praise and admiration.

After P.E. ended, all that was left was a short lecture on physics, and a quick cleaning of the classroom. After Shinji finished sweeping, he put the broom up and headed out the door. Since the sun was beginning to set, he decided to walk to the base's entrance. He had to admit, the city was quite an intriguing place, the fact that the buildings could be tucked underground to protect the populace while at the same time offering more space for the evangelion unit he had piloted to move around in was quite a brilliant stratagem, though it did make the boy wonder, how did NERV know that they were going to be attacked? The city, in fact the entire country, wasn't a big producer or consumer, it didn't offer a strategic point for further conquest, and that machine he had piloted was kept completely secret, especially from invading aliens, or whatever they were. It was very convenient that the city that held a weapon that could beat back monsters that even N-2 mines couldn't touch. Still, maybe the boy was just thinking too much. Besides, he had reached the entrance, and getting to his training session was all that mattered at the moment.


After getting past a card reader and a ridiculously long escalator ride, Shinji found himself in the briefing room, which consisted of a large empty room and a multitude of monitors that made up the floor and provided the only source of light in the room. Right now the image was NERV's blood-red logo and its strange motto: "God's in heaven, all's right with the world." As the teen stood there, wandering the crimson design with his eyes, a familiar voice came from behind him.

"So, how did your first day go, Shinji?" Came the voice of Dr. Ritsuko Akagi.

Shinji turned around and noticed that the doctor was dressed a bit more professionally than yesterday.

"It was alright." The boy replied.

"That's good to hear," the doctor said dismissively, "Now today I'll be giving you a tour of the base and give you some information that you'll need to know for piloting an evangelion. Now, do you have any questions?"


"Good, let's begin." Ritsuko said, cutting Shinji off.

Over the course of the next two hours, Shinji followed the doctor throughout the dark, menacing base. As the two traversed corridor after corridor, the doctor told him about such topics as synch and harmonic tests, plug suits, battery life of the eva, and other such subjects. To make sure he would have all the information down pat, the faux-blonde woman handed him ton upon ton of paperwork, which the teen quickly placed in his metal attaché case. As they headed on, they also met with three of the techs that worked with Ritsuko in the control room: Maya, Hyuga, and Aoba. At one point the tour took them in front of the commander's office, and the doctor noticed that a gloomy look came over Shinji, so she comforted him by saying that it was doubtful he would ever have to go in there. The tour finally wrapped up inside of the medical ward of NERV, where Ritsuko gave Shinji quite the surprise.

"All right, Shinji, take off your clothes." The doctor said in a very casual tone.

Seeing Shinji's jaw smack the floor, the doctor elaborated, saying, "Since you're a new employee, I need to perform a physical."

Shinji, though quite embarrassed, nodded and complied. He then tapped the left side of his neck and sat on the examination table. Ritsuko then placed a stethoscope on his chest and listened as a steady beat pulsed out. She then listened to his breathing, which showed Shinji being able to take very deep breaths that he could hold for a long time. She then placed an electric thermometer inside his mouth and let it sit there for a few seconds. When she had done this, she thought she had heard some mumbling from the boy, but she merely ignored it.

As she waited for the beep to indicate the end of the measurement, a look of annoyance crossed Ritsuko's face. The machines inside the entry plug machines were state of the art, and were given hourly tests, but the numbers they had shown were very strange. As she thought this, a beep issued forth from the thermometer. She pulled it out, seeing it was only a little off average at 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

Shinji watched a frown come over Dr. Akagi's face and had to keep a chuckle from escaping his lips. Integra and Walter had thought of this possibility, and had one of Hellsing's surgeons place a pacemaker inside of him that could be flipped on or off by a simple pressing of the switch that lay under the flesh of his neck. Some controlled breathing and a simple illusion did the rest, so this physical was no problem at all.

"All right Shinji, we just need to do some blood work, and then you can head home." Ritsuko said, drawing a vial and a needle out.

"Blood work?" Shinji asked, his confidence gone.

"Yes, to check cholesterol, blood type, white blood cell count, etc. Now stick out your arm."

"You don't need to do that." Shinji said as he pulled his contacts out.

"Shinji, everyone has to have blood work done, now just…" the enraged woman stopped as she locked eyes with the boy.

"My physical is complete, I do not require further testing," The scarlet-eyed teen announced. "In fact, I won't require any more physicals for the remainder of my time on this base."

Ritsuko nodded, a small trail of drool flowing down the right side of her mouth, "Yes, there's no need for another physical."

The young vampire then dressed himself, putting his contacts back in their case and withdrawing a pair of sunglasses from his briefcase. "Now…could you tell me the room number of that girl who was wheeled in the other day, I believe her name was Rei?"

"Room 405, east wing of the hospital." Ritsuko said in a dazed voice.

Shinji then rolled her office chair behind her and pressed down on her shoulders till she sat down in it, and headed off to room 405 silently hoping that there was no permanent damage from tampering with Ritsuko that way.


Shinji looked down at Rei, who was still sleeping from after Gendo's visit. He had come with the intention of getting information regarding the strange sighting of her that he had had, and the image he had seen from licking up the small bit of blood that was on his hand, but seeing her like this put that idea out of his mind. Not knowing what else to do, he skimmed through the girl's medical chart for a minute or two, then placed it back on the bed. Shinji then sighed and headed for the door, but was stopped when he heard the very soft voice of the seemingly asleep girl say:

"You're the commander's son?"

Without turning around, Shinji replied, saying, "That's correct."

"Are you glad you saw him?"

"Not really, I mean…" Shinji looked back at Rei and noticed she was back asleep, "I'll come back tomorrow if you're feeling better," Shinji said, putting a small smile on.


Since Misato was going to be at NERV for a few more hours, Shinji decided to take the train back to the apartment. The Platform was only a few blocks away, so within a couple of minutes, the midian found himself standing at the side of the track, waiting for the giant steel caterpillar to arrive. As he stood there, he heard a loud crash come from the stairs that lead to the platform. Turning around, he saw a young, twenty-something woman, dressed in a nun's habit and wide-rimmed glasses, fallen on the floor, with a few brown paper bags lying on the ground around her. Though he had to think about it for a few seconds (he hadn't had very good experiences with Catholics), he headed over to the fallen woman and helped her up.

"Oh thank you," the sister said wearing a nervous smile on her face, "I guess I tried to carry too much."

Shinji just smiled and helped her gather up the fallen bags and grabbed two of them in his right arm. "My names Shinji, what's yours?"

The nun readjusted her glasses and smiled saying, "I'm sister Yumiko, and I just transferred here from the Vatican. I was just buying some groceries for the rectory at St. Aluicius."

As the train pulled up in front of them, Shinji said, "That's on the way to my stop, so I'd be happy to carry these there for you."

Yumiko's eyes and grin got even wider, "Oh thank you!"

Shinji merely smiled and sat down on the seat.


Yumiko opened the door of the parish and turned on the lights. The church had been built only a year after the creation of Tokyo-3, and was relatively small, consisting of eighteen pews whose numbers were split in half by a long red aisle that led up to a couple of steps that led up to a small marble altar that stood in front of an ornate, golden tabernacle.

"Thanks for your help!" The sister exclaimed, "If you could just put those bags up by the altar, that would be just great!"

Shinji nodded and headed towards the altar. However, the farther he walked, the weaker he felt. By the time he reached the altar, he was almost stumbling over his feet, and his vision was starting to get weak. As he laid the bags down, he heard the two Heavy oak entrance doors close and a large metal bolt locking them in place. Turning around, he saw the sister remove her glasses and take off the hood of her habit, letting raven black hair fall down below her shoulders. Her eyes narrowed, and she pulled out a long black sheath.

"What's going on, sister Yumiko?" Shinji asked, reaching for the attaché case in his left hand.

"Sorry, Yumiko's asleep right now, she must have noticed that unholy aura of yours and brought you here so I could deal with you." The menacing woman then withdrew a long, gleaming katana from the sheath she was holding, "My name is Yumi, prepare to die, vampire!"

Shinji reached for the locks on his case, but in that brief time, the murderous nun had already closed the gap between them, and was swinging her deadly blade. Shinji quickly stopped his attempt at retrieving his weapons, and instead blocked the blow with the case. Yumi must have planned on the young nosferatu making such a move, as she almost immediately ducked and delivered a sweep kick to the boy's legs, causing him to collapse and drop the case. Shinji quickly reached out for the metal box, but the overzealous sister crushed his wrists under her feet. Yumi then raised her prized sword with both hands and stabbed the blade directly at the heart of the small midian.

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