A/N: So, part b of chapter 13. I couldn't stand that 13 was so short so I made this part of 13 shuffles guiltily. I'm just excited that I got something out. No ranting this time either : Anyhow, enjoy all!

Sirius Black wandered through the shadows of the school, his fur helping to conceal him from students and professors. He had to find Harry. Had to get him away from Snivellus, and he would do it. No matter the cost.

Harry woke up with chocolate being thrust in front of his face for the third time that week. They had only been back at school for two weeks and already Harry had feinted nine times, each time reliving a different nightmare.

"Harry, how are you feeling?" A kind voice asked.

Harry stared up into professor Lupin's face and took the offered chocolate. "I'm fine," he said sitting up. If there had been a crowd when he went down they were gone now leaving Harry alone in the hall with Lupin, the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor everyone - but Harry - was so fond of. Harry stood and leaned against the wall as he ate the chocolate. Harry didn't like the man but he trusted him.

"Harry, I would like to help you with your problems with the Dementors. Your feinting has become an issue and Merlin forbid the next time you fall, you get a concussion and aren't found until it's too late."

"How can you help me?" Harry would give almost anything to not relive those memories. He dreamed about them enough, to have to deal with them during waking hours was not an option.

"Meet me after your classes end in my office. Is that alright with you?"

Harry nodded then continued on his way into the castle.

"Uncle Severus?" Harry knocked on the door to Severus' study hesitantly.

"Come in."

Harry walked into the small room. "Uncle Severus, did Professor Lupin pick on you when you were younger too?"

Severus looked up from the stack of papers he was covering with red ink. "He neither participated nor disbanded the taunting. Why?"

"He wants to help me with the Dementors and I wasn't sure if he would try anything against you."

"He wants to teach you the Patronus Charm?"

Harry shrugged "He didn't say. Will you come with me?"

"I can discuss it with him during lunch. If he does not wish me to go I would ask that you not go. I could teach you, however, it would be more difficult. For now go to class, after I talk to Lupin I will send word to you. Alright?"

Harry nodded. "Thanks."

"Alright Harry, here is how this will work, as we cannot work with actual Dementors, I feel it would be beneficial that we use Occlumency. Do you know what Occlumency is Harry?"

Harry nodded slowly, "Professor Snape taught me."

Lupin looked over at Severus with a raised eyebrow. "Alright then you know the basics of the legillimens then?"

Harry nodded.

"Then what I intend on doing is using a modified version of the spell. I intend on finding the memory of the Dementor on the train. If it works as I hope, you will relive the feelings and it will give you a good sense on how it will be when fighting off an actual Dementor. Now, I'm not sure this will work but it is worth a shot."

Harry nodded. "How does it work?"

"Well, in order for the spell, the Patronus, to work, you need to have a very happy thought."

Harry snickered, "It's like Peter Pan."

"Yes Harry, very much so," Lupin said with a smile. "When you let that memory fill you up, you will say the words, Expecto Patronum. If your happy thought isn't strong enough, it won't work Harry so you must concentrate especially with the opposing memory. Are you ready?"

Harry closed his eyes and thought of the happiest thought he had. "It had to have been leaving the Dursley's. He couldn't remember anything that had amounted to the happiness he felt then. Harry nodded when he was ready.

"Firmus a memoria," Lupin's spell sent a jet of lavender light to Harry and Harry gasped.

Harry was sitting in the Hogwarts express again, the Dementors were opening the individual carts and Harry could hear the screaming again. He thought hard of his happy thought. As loud as he could Harry said the spell, "EXPECTO PATRONUM!"

Harry returned from the memory. Lupin staring - no, gawking - at Harry. "That's unbelievable," he said breathily. An impressive dragon was standing, facing Lupin. The dragon stood proud, it's shimmering wings partially extended as if ready for flight whenever ordered.

Severus too was surprised but he had grown accustomed to Harry being extraordinary in anything he was determined to accomplish.

"No one has ever been able to produce a full patronus at so young an age. This is incredible Harry, the amount of power needed-"

"That is why I must apologize Lupin," Severus said as he quickly cast a memory altering charm on Lupin. Dumbledore would know if Lupin knew and Dumbledore could not know.

"Very well, we shall try again next week Harry," Lupin said patting Harry's back after he was out of his daze, Harry's patronus vanished. "No one gets it one their first try. I will send a letter to you for our next meeting?"

Harry nodded, grinning, "Yeah, that would be great. Thanks professor."