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A healer is some one who has the power of the seventh fonon, which can mend small cuts and scrapes, to some of the nastiest wounds the world of Auldrant has seen.

It was quite strange though.

Healers could be considered one of the healthiest people alive – so you don't normally see them bedridden or sick.

But there she was, curled up under the warmth of her sleeping bag blanket with a cold cloth on her head. Her face was pale, but flushed, staining her cheeks a slight red. Strands of her strawberry blonde hair was stuck to the bottom of her chin, due to the sweat that was building there. Her eyes were shut, but her mind still in consciousness as she reminisced a few moments back.

It all started when the 'rag-tag' team that she called her friends and the people closest to her were stranded in a forest.


The trek through the forest wasn't bad, a couple of battles here and there, in which they were able to pull out of with only a few minor wounds. But Yulia bestowed a lot more then that on the group.

Luke's constant questions was driving them all up the wall, but when Anise decided to join in it was as if Yulia wanted revenge on the group.

It didn't help the pounding headache she had, and her clear, sharp vision was starting to blur. A cough had forcefully pushed its way out of her lips, which earned her a couple of worried glances, and the usual smirk of the Colonel. She staggered slightly, but felt the gentle hand of Tear firmly grab her arm before she could fall.

"Natalia, are you okay?"

Luke asked a relevant question that the group could actually approve of. Natalia coughed once more, as she pulled her arm out of Tear's grasp. She nodded, and ignored her headache once more as she started moving forward.

"Yes, I will be fine, the forest heat isn't as bad as a desert and the exit must not be to far from here…"
"Natalia… You're pushing yourself again…"

Guy added to the worry, as he noted that Natalia started to ramble off. Her face was starting to lose color, and she wasn't walking properly either. Luke grabbed her wrist as she went passed him.

"Natalia wait—"
"Look Luke, I'm fi—"

At that exact moment, she collapsed into a coughing heap, her hands covering her mouth, and her eyes squeezed tightly. Luke had kneeled down next to her quickly, a hand placed gently on her back, a worried look overlapping the curiosity he had earlier. Tear came to the Princess' aid as well, she gently brushed the blonde bangs as she felt her forehead.

"This is not good, her forehead is burning hot, and she's almost as pale as a ghost… We should rest here for tonight, to allow Natalia to gain her strength back."

Tear stated, giving a glance around the group – as to say, 'any objections?' Luke and Guy fully agreed with this, Anise was well… some what upset to the fact that they were staying in a forest that was full of creepy monsters and such, but she could put up with it – for a friend at least. But, that didn't stop her from hugging Jade, and happily saying 'You'll protect me right, Colonel?' Jade pushed his glasses up as he allowed himself to be hugged, saying along the lines of 'It can't be helped'.

"Good we can start things off with Jade and Anise going off to look for fire wood while the rest of us tend to Natalia and prepare camp."

Anise let out a soft whine, mumbling along the lines with, 'Why do the cute, pretty girls have to do the hard, excruciating work?' but reluctantly dragged Jade deeper into the forest with her.

The Locrian Sergeant sighed at the Puppeteer's words, but was relieved that she actually went instead of protesting. She turned to Luke and Guy, who were willing to help out with whatever they can.

"Let's get started with the preparations now…"


After every thing was set up, Tear insisted on Natalia to sleep, while she and Luke went out for water. The Princess was unwilling at first, but after they all insisted on her to get some rest, she finally agreed.

She wasn't sure how long she was asleep for, but she felt a little bit better after the rest. Her eyes opened, meeting with the ebony, night sky. She slid herself up in her sleeping bag, and sat up. She removed the towel that was on her forehead, and glanced around.

The camp site was abandoned. A small fire was started in the middle, but looks like it would need the support of more firewood. Her eyes met with azure that stared right back at her, as she realized she wasn't alone. It was silent, other than the howl of a lone wolf – which snapped the two out of their thoughts.

"O-Oh... G-Guy…"
"A-Are you feeling better… Natalia?"

He scratched the back of his neck, while she turned away from him. She took a sudden interest in the wet towel, while trying to come up with an answer to Guy's question while not making this moment any more… awkward than it already was.

"…Y-Yes I am… Thank you. Where… are the others?"

She asked and glanced up at the blonde swordsman. He shrugged and folded his arms while he leaned back on the trunk of a tree. His azure eyes gazed up at the starry sky and the moon.

"Luke and Tear are out gathering water, while Anise and Jade are still not back yet from earlier. I'm some what worried for them, but Anise and Jade probably make one of the best duos out there – so I guess there's nothing to worry about."

He slightly chuckled at his own statement. He had to admit, Jade and Anise had the weirdest relationship out of the group, but they were probably the best pair when it came to the battle field. It was a girl who could trample over enemies with a giant doll and a military man who could use some of the most complicated fonic artes. They were quite a force to be reconken with.

Natalia agreed with him entirely, there were times that she was scared that the giant doll (or Tokunaga, which Anise calls him) would squash her. She opened her mouth to continue the conversation, but the only thing she let out was a series of coughs.

A canteen gently pressed against her lips, as she parted them and allowed the liquid to slide down her throat. A gentle hand was placed on her back, and rubbed gently in a way to say she would be okay. The canteen lowered, as Natalia reclaimed her breath. She noticed that the hand was still on her back, rubbing back and forth – while she glanced up to see the blonde man by her side once more.

She wasn't sure if her cheeks were red due to her illness, or red due to the sudden contact of the archer and swordsman.

Guy blinked, as he pulled away his arms to his side once more, smiling in relief. It looked like Natalia would be okay, but her cheeks were stained with an unusual red…

"T-Thank you, Guy… That was… refreshing."
"Ah… No problem, Natalia. How about you get some rest? I'm sure the others will be back soon, and we wouldn't want you to be sick any more."

He suggested and covered the canteen once more. He stood up from his spot on the ground. Natalia yawned and nodded in agreement, as she snuggled back into her sheets once more. They may not be the ones she adored back at home, but they were just perfect to her at the moment.

"Yes… Goodnight, Guy."

She mumbled lightly, before she was swept away into the darkness. Guy smiled, and moved back over to his spot against the tree from earlier. He glanced up at the sky.

The Princess could sleep soundly tonight.

For her knight in shining armor was there to protect her.




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