AOE Saga

The Reluctant Dracopyre

Chapter 5: Essence is the matter

As soon as they heard that Echidra and the Doom Weapons have been defeated, the Dracons flew back to their city. Our heroes were showered with congratulations. Of course, some of the Dracons were a bit wary of Stephen. But that wasn't really surprising since Stephen was a Dracopyre and created by Echidra.

So eventually, the Walking Blades were called to help with the problem. As soon as they came, Stephen was looked over from head to tail. When they were finished, Matt asked, "Can you fix him?" Griffaxe looked sad and said, "I'm not sure if we can. The spells Echidra put on him have not only changed his appearance and powers, but his very essence as well. He's still himself, but there's so much more to him now. We might be able to splice away the essence that doesn't belong to him, but it's strengthened by the science and magic of several planets. Despite its unwanted origins, you have to admire craftsmanship like that. But there is a very good chance that he'll be like that for the rest of his life. And since he's a fusion of dragon, vampire, and werewolf, all of which are known for living very long lives; that could be a couple hundred years. But we've got longer than that and we'll work until we can find something."

Stephen took the news surprisingly well. "I always knew that I was fated for something big, but I didn't ever think of this. I didn't really mind being a Dracon so maybe a Dracopyre isn't all that bad. I don't need to worry about the cold anymore, I can do a little shapeshifting, and who knows what else? But I think I'll stay here on Mysthicos for a while. The Dracons might be able to help me and I really like it here. Besides, I stick out like an infected claw anywhere else." "By the way," said Chris, "how are we going to get off this planet?" "I can arrange that," said a Dracon Elder who was near by.

The Dracon Elder showed the crew of the Ohana a brand-new ship of obviously high tech. It had a cool purple paint job. "This is the Shadow hawk," said the Elder, "it has a similar design to your previous ship, but we've made a magical energy core to power it, in case you have a bad Nullspace connection. I sure you'll find it quite enjoyable as well as useful." While Matt was fawning over it, Morph and Rick both shouted, "Shotgun!" with Rick saying it quicker. "Oh," said Morph disappointedly.

Pretty soon the Shadowhawk was blasting back into space. Matt was at the controls, operating the ship as well as he had the Ohana. "I think I'm gonna like this ship," he said. Then he felt something in his pants. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the crystal he found. "I wonder what this thing does," he said to himself, "must be pretty valuable if the Doom Weapons had it." Suddenly he had an unwanted mental image of Massacrate. He shuddered and wondered if the crystal had anything to do with the curse.

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