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Chapter 1

Cold Case Reopened: Part 1

Night fell over Konoha City. In the inner busiest part of the city, the streets were full. Police roam the streets watching out for any type of illegal acts. Hoodlums did business behind tall buildings, looking out for said police cars. Prostitution works were held in the dark street corners, near bars and inns. It once was a city clean of wrong-doing; it was a city filled with prosperity, but later, torn by lust, greed, and rage. No one was safe anymore, but that was how Kakashi Hatake saw it.

"I think I'm calling it a day," Asuma stretched in his desk chair. "I'm going home, what about you," he asked his friend and partner who was looking over some files on his computer screen. They've been in their precinct doing desk work since this morning, it was now late in the evening and Asuma found that he could not do another report or he was sure he would just drool all over it from fallen asleep every now and then. They were the only ones left in the building of Konoha Police Department, except for the janitor who would idly come by to greet them; he was use to them being there after hours, especially his partner.

Asuma finished his long stretch and looked over at his colleague, who was still looking over some files. Sometimes his partner can be a workaholic.

"Yo, Kakashi, did you hear me," he asked making sure he said it louder this time. There was a raise of an eyebrow as an acknowledgment that his presence and words were accredited. Asuma sighed and shook his head. "Okay, don't stay up too late; we're on duty tomorrow morning." He assorted his stack of folders off his desk and headed towards the back room, where they kept all files of criminal cases from rape, kidnapping, murder, etc. They even had a section made for some of their cold cases, assorted by years and names.

"Some of the guys are going to hit the bar across town tomorrow night, you in," Asuma asked while walking out of the back room. He straightens up his tie and unsnapped his shirt's cufflinks to roll up his sleeves. Casually putting his hands in his pants pockets, he walked over to his friend. They've been friends since their academy years. They had their spontaneous moments, their fallen-out moments, and their serious moments, but right now he didn't know what moment they were in. It had been like this, back two years ago after that day when… he didn't like to think about it. Those days were the tough ones and he knew it hit his partner hard…it was close to home after all. It hit him hard too, but he learned to cope with it and that was the only reason why he let his friend's way of coping not ruined their friendship.

"Yeah, I'm in," Kakashi spoke turning away from his computer to look at his partner. He falsely smiled and placed his arms behind his head while he leaned back in his chair. "I mean who can refuse the offering of free beer."

"Who said they would be free?"

"I'm not paying," Kakashi said, leaning further in his chair to stare up at the ceiling. He lazily watched the fan above spin, giving a tranquil atmosphere of what he wanted to feel on the inside. He looked away and eyed his friend and put on a smile.

"Okay, I'll pay but next time you'll be the one paying," Asuma said giving in.

Kakashi only response was a shrug and a sigh.

This felt awkward, them pretending like this. He knows Kakashi was pretending to make him happy or to just end the conversation, he wasn't so sure, but it wasn't the same. Kakashi had change the past two years, he was broody most of the time, he was never in the mood to spend time with his friends like he use to, it was…different, everything was different about him.

Asuma walked back to his desk to pick up his brown jacket from the back of his chair. He once again took a glance at his friend. He knows his friend wasn't going to show to the bar with their friends. He had stopping showing up every since that…. He felt like he should say something, but saying them now after two years would be pointless for right now, wouldn't it? He should have said them before, now would just seem so…late.

"Kakashi…about…you know … (sigh)… I'm …sorry."

There was a silence, a long uncomfortable silence and then Asuma left.

Kakashi hadn't move since then, thirty minutes had pass and he still found himself looking up at the ceiling fan again. His brows were crunched in the middle and his jaw was clenching so tight that he could have sworn he heard something crack.

When his watch went off, it signaled that it was twelve thirty. It was time for his occasional routine. He leaned forward and manually shut off his computer. He rubbed his hands across his face and through his silvery white hair as he waited for the screen to go blank.

Making his way to the back room, he hit the switch to turn on the ceiling lights. He made his way through the many walkways and to the further part of the room, labeled cold cases. He comes here almost every night to remember. It was his way of coping. To remember his failure of what he couldn't keep secured. He casually let his finger tips slide across the boxes of the forgotten cases, as he paced down the hallway with the letter "T" above it. He read the ones he knew from memory out loud until he came across the one he wanted…."Toreniki, Obito." He pulled the brown box from its shelf and carefully placed it on the floor. Pulling a stool from under the shelf, he always put there for this purpose, and sat down on it. With a sigh, he opened the box's cover and stared at its content. In it were files, pictures, reports, and names of suspects of the case of Obito's murder that he once was in charge of investigating. He let his emotions open; this was his way of coping. His failures of letting the ones close to him get killed and letting the murderer get away. He let memories rematerialize and rage surface. Rage of a certain killer, murderer who got away or by his standards, the one that played the law for a fool and got away. He promised too many people, that he cared about, that he would bring the murderer to justice and end their suffering, too bad it didn't turn out that way:

Two years ago…

"We let him go," his chief, Tsunade said.

"What do you mean you let him go?"

"We didn't have a whole lot of evidence on him and we could only keep him for so long, in holding, with the charges we indicted him with. It wasn't enough to hold him."

"So you're just going to let the murderer get away, is that what you are saying? He killed a child and you're just going to let that snake go free?"

"Kakashi this is the sole reason why I didn't want you involved. You're too close to this case."

That made him angry.

"He was the last person seen with Obito. We have witnesses who seen him with him and…"

"And where are those witnesses, Kakashi," she asked her voice rising a little. "Where are those persons, you claim have seen him with the child, with Obito?"

Kakashi didn't say anything. It was obvious he didn't have any witnesses and if he did, with the lack of evidence and proof that they had, it would just be hearsay and that would not hold up in court.

"We can't pin him to the murder, Kakashi. We only have your word and that's not enough, Orochimaru is going to walk, whether you like it or not."

"Yeah, well he's not going to walk for long when I'm through with him," Kakashi mumbled.

"What was that," Tsunade requested.

"Nothing," he whispered.

He really wasn't going to do anything; it was just the anger talking. But if only he didn't promise so many people that… maybe it wouldn't hurt so much… he let everyone down, especially Rin.

God, he let Obito's killer get away.

He picked up a photo of the dump sight, it was established during the case that Obito's body was dropped in the woods, he was not killed there. The area was damped and insects inhabited that Obito's body was covered with them. Kakashi didn't want to see his small body that way, cold, lifeless, pale… still. So many feelings were held in this one particular photo---sorrow, regret, anger…shame— it brought a swell to his chest and tears to his eyes. But he welcomed the feelings, he needed them and he wanted them to be his reason for living. They were his only reason for keeping Obito alive, at least until he catch his killer, and he will catch his killer.

He looked through the rest of the items in the box for another half an hour or so, until he was content with his self and then and only then would he close the box and his emotions. Picking up the box and placing it back to its original place, he turned around and walked out of the room…shutting off the lights and closing the door behind him.

He picked up his jacket and threw it over his shoulder, stuffing his hands in his pants pockets. On his way out of the precinct, he paused at the missing children billboard. This morning they found one of the missing children, his body was found in a wooded area some miles away from where he was last seen. He had been missing for a month and a half, there were no suspects. One of the detectives had to inform the parents of the tragedy, it was one of those days where one just didn't want to come to work and deal with people. Kakashi took the photo of the child off the wall and was about to throw it in the box, with the boy's name on it under the billboard when something in it caught his eye.

Woods…age: 13…ligature marks around the neck, same as Obito's, he thought.

It was a photo of the sight, the dump sight. Could he have started killing again? It was just like Obito's… woods, damped, and insects infested. Orochimaru.

He looked at the photos of some of the children who were recently missing. They…they all had about a couple of days apart from each other. It can't just be a coincident? The first one being missing a week before the boy they found this morning. He, being a twelve year old, blonde headed boy, name Naruto Uzumaki. Are they all connected?

He took the most recent ones from the board and headed back to his precinct to the back room to pull out Obito's box. He then carried it and the missing children ads to his desk, where he turned on his computer.

The janitor walked by and saw that Kakashi was still at his desk.

"Another late night, eh, Kakashi," the janitor asked.

"Yeah, but one well worth it," Kakashi whispered back, but more to himself than the janitor, his attention was more on his task at hand, he might just have found a connection to reopening Obito's case and bring down his killer.

Chapter 1

Next Victim: Part 2

Cross the town, in the more peaceful part of the city, where people slept happily in their comfortable, safe homes, there was a car that pulled up next to a corner. The music was blazing and there were laughter on the inside. The back door opened and a young teenaged boy stepped out. He wore his school uniform, casually. The white shirt was hanging over his pressed khaki pants, his tie untied around his neck, and the black jacket with the private school logo stitched on it was hanging loosely over his shoulder. His book bag hung off the same shoulder. The driver's side window rolled down and presented a hand. The young man took it and they did an intricate hand shake.

"See you tomorrow," the person asked. Some of the occupants were laughing in the inside of the car.

The young man shook his head. His dark bangs swaying with the movement and the wind that just picked up.

He had snuck out of school this morning to hang out with some friends. He needed the freedom, he couldn't stand the school. Something his father thought would look good on his application or some cramp like that, but what did he care.

"No, can't, my parents are coming home. We're having one of those family get-togethers with the media who wants to interview my dad about his life and his success."

"Ouch, sound like a long boring day for you," the driver asked, mostly joked but Sasuke wasn't really paying attention. He was tired, he just wanted to go home and sleep the night and day away.

"Yeah," he dryly stated.

"Okay, well, see you whenever."

The window was rolled up, music blazed louder, and the car pulled off into the darkness of the neighborhood.

Sasuke sigh and turned around to enter his pleasant vicinity. He walked some distance, before he came before a gate, labeled Uchiha Condos and a security booth. Upon passing the booth, he noted that the security guard on duty wasn't in the booth. The small television was still on and the coffee on the desk looked fresh. Usually, the guard would make sure he was in the perimeter and would visually greet him before going around the Uchiha compound to do security checks.

Sasuke shrugged his shoulders thinking that maybe he had forgotten or something. It's not the first time someone had forgotten about him. As he walked pass the booth, he didn't notice the blood stains that littered the floor and under the counter in the booth laid the security guard. His throat has been cut opened and the blood puddle around his body, eyes opened in terror.

Sasuke's father was a big time Realtor. He sold the most houses than anyone in Konoha City, more than his own father, Sasuke's grandfather. Yeah, Uchiha Real Estate was a family business, one that Sasuke didn't want to be part of but as fate has it, he would most likely be part of it. His brother would have been the next owner before him, but that also didn't go as planned, considered that his brother died and all. Sasuke didn't take it so well, there was therapy involved and transferring of public school to private school. His parents, well father, thought it would be for the best. Anyway, since the family business was doing so well, and his father became rich and everything, the news people thought a story about the infamous Fugaku Uchiha would make a great story, especially, a story about the whole family.

Sasuke walked down the sidewalk shaping the large compound until he turned a left and was met with a cul-de-sac. His house was the last one at the end, the big one with the balcony.

He opened the front door and was greeted with darkness. Taking off his shoes and dumping his stuff by the door, he made his way, through the dark, to the living room. He did this all the time so it was like second nature that he knew where the answer machine was and where the play button was. The usual beep came on and the voice activated:

"You have one new messenge"- his mother's voice came on. "Sasuke, something at work came up. I won't be home to make dinner, so…there are leftovers in the refrigerator if you want to heat that up…or you can call for pizza." There was a pause. "Okay…bye."

"End of new messenge," the answer machine stated and went off.

Sasuke sigh, well at least she called, he thought, and said more than six words… Love you too. He made his way to the kitchen and turned on the lights. He looked in the refrigerator and found the leftovers. He heated it up in the microwave and made his way upstairs to his room, passing the kitchen's window doors that lead out to the backyard. He didn't notice the shadows that passed seconds after he did.

After he finished his late night dinner, he turned on his TV and watched some cartoons. Not twenty minutes into the cartoon did he fall asleep. It was a tiring day and he was going to need the rest for the so called family get together thing.

Down stairs, the kitchen's window doors cracked open. Two intruders entered and looked around. They weren't looking for things to steal; they were looking for a certain someone.

"Look around and make it look like a break-in," one of the intruder ordered. He had on everything black, from the hooded mask, down to the boots, but peeking from under his hood were a patch of white hair.

"I know, you just get the kid and you make sure he doesn't get a scratch on him, O wouldn't like that," the second intruder stated also dressed in all black.

"You have your orders, I have mine," was the last remark, before the first intruder made his way upstairs.

The second intruder made it to the dinning room, and started dumping things on the floor. Plates and glasses broke on impact making a whole bunch of ruckus. He wasn't being quiet about it either; he knew what he was doing. It was merely a distraction to get the job down.

Sasuke woke to the sounds of noises coming from downstairs. It sounded like, glass breaking. He heard the noise again and sat up in bed. His TV had been turned off, due to the time set to a certain time to cut off. He jumped out of bed, and grabbed a bat from under his bed. It use to belong to his brother, but he didn't need it anymore. Sasuke made it to his door and turned the knob. The noise was still coming from downstairs so whoever it was hadn't made it upstairs yet.

He opened his door and peeked out the small crack. When he was sure that the close was clear, he exit his room and fixed his self against the hallway wall. The bat up and ready, he peered over the rails of the stair to glance downstairs. The noises were in the living room now, just when he was about to start down the stairs, a shadow jumped in front of him. It that instant, he swung the bat, missing by a hair, but he didn't stop swinging. The intruder would either block or jump out the way, but he didn't look deter. Sasuke didn't notice that the crashing noises had stopped and that the second intruder was making his way up the stairs.

"Gotcha," The second intruder grabbed Sasuke from behind, yanking the bat from his hand and putting Sasuke in a choke hold. "Hey, this one wants to play," The intruder joked.

Sasuke struggled with his attacker for a minute before he rammed his elbow into the intruder's stomach, causing his release. He ran downstairs, but a hand from behind pushed him. Losing his footing he stumbled down the stairs and on his way to the bottom; he hit his head on the floor, hard. It left him dazed and unable to move.

"He's feisty, no wonder O wants him," Sasuke heard one of them say as they made their way downstairs. The intruder that he was swinging at with the bat came up towards him and straddled his stomach. He then pulled out a syringe filled with clear liquid and tapped it a few times.

Even in his dazed state, Sasuke knew that whatever was in the intruder's hands was something he did not want to be injected with, so he began to struggle.

"Get off of me," Sasuke yelled, swinging a fist at the intruder who, once again dodged out of the way.

"Hold him," the intruder ordered the other one.

"Yeah, yeah," the other one said and he took Sasuke's arms and pin them above his head.

"Get off me," Sasuke yelled again.

"Shh, hush up now," the one with the syringe whispered to him. "I'm just going to make you very sleepy."

"Grrrr," Sasuke growled as he tried to break free from the holds on his arms.

The syringe was jammed into his neck and emptied. He struggled a little, but the effect of whatever was in it was working fast. His struggles became slowed and futile. He could feel his heartbeat slowing, his own muscles relaxing, and he could feel his self getting tired. The intruder above him released his arms as Sasuke closed his eyes and fell into a deep induced sleep.

"Took, you long enough, Kabuto. Makes me think that you like to watch them struggle," the one above Sasuke's head said.

There was a hidden smile from under the black hooded mask from the one on top of Sasuke's body. He stood up and dusted himself off of some invisible dust.

"You have no idea," Kabuto chuckled a little. "Now, let's bring Orochimaru his gift, shall we."

They placed the sleeping body in the truck of their car and drove out of the compound with no trouble at all. They finished their task, now it was Orochimaru who did all the work from now on.

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