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Chapter 17

The Pained and the Lonely: Part 1

How could he put this…?

The devil didn't make him do it.

There weren't any voices in his head telling him to murder people.

And it certainly wasn't his upbringing…how he was raised…that played a factor.

No, those were just inconsiderate implications many would want to blame on a serial killer.

Orochimaru was different, he was more rational and calculating.

If he was to describe his self, he would most likely say that he was charming, handsome, that's a plus, and intelligent.

But if one were to ask anyone who knew him…more like feared him…they would say that he was impulsive, manipulative, a liar, irresponsible, he lacks remorse, he was callous, and he had a grandiose sense of self-worth that many saw as annoying, but they wouldn't openly say that to Orochimaru's face. He would most likely do something horrific to them and not care.

He was typically feared that way.

But Orochimaru like playing roles. He like pretending being a charming man who dress to impress and being a polite gentleman. It was a game to him and his dull life was prone to boredom, so he mimic emotions to blend in, appear intelligent, glib, and socially skilled so no one would ever think that he…a well reserve man…could ever do such harmful things in the world.

If only they knew…

Don't get him wrong, he knew that many things that he has done, did, or was going to do were wrong, but did he care…no.

It wasn't his fault that he like the sadistic, more chilling things in life…once again, he was prone to boredom and many things get old real fast. Needing something to perk up his interest, he chose the best thing there was…killing.

And not necessarily killing, that wasn't the best choice of words, but a frustration release, a goal, a power…a dominance over the weak.

Man, did he hated weak people.

And the ones he saw as the weakest were the pained and the lonely.

He detest them with a passion.


Naruto Uzumaki

When he was young, he watched the paramedics carry his parents' bodies on stretchers one tragic night. He was crying; there had been a train accident and many had lose their lives…he was just one of the many who had survived.

No one knew how it happened, the train just lost control and it flipped off its rails, plunging down a slope hill and ending at the dip that finished the hill and began a scarce forest at the bottom.

Naruto was only eight when that happened, soon after, he was living in an orphanage.

It was hard and it took a while for him to come to terms with his parents' death, but he moved on…he thinks.

At the orphanage, he was labeled a nuisance, but he only acted out for attention. Being at the place for four years and has yet to be adopted was kind of sad, but what was even heartbreaking was having no friends at all.

He was lonely all the time. No one gave him the time of day and all he ever wanted was love…to gain that feeling back.

Was there any of that left for him…would he ever be loved by anyone?

Many nights he cried his self to sleep with the thought that no one cared.

He was to be lonely forever.

Kiba Inuzuka

He was once again in the principal's office for bullying another student. He didn't think it would be so bad, he was just playing around, but the kid had to go and cry to a teacher, that's what got him in trouble.

All the teachers knew him, either from his clowning around in the classrooms or his constant bullying of younger students, so he didn't cringe when the teacher glared and ordered him to go see the principal.

He was use to it.

There, he waited until his parents showed up and had a long talking to with the headmaster.

His parents defended him, told the principal of the school that he was just a little boy who knew no better. The conversation ended soon after when the principal insulted his parents' parenting skills. That day, he promised to never get into trouble again.

But breaking old habits were easier said than done. His disruption cost him a week suspension, one that got his parents doubting him when he made the promise again.

They looked at him with question, then doubt, and lastly, shame.

It was a rube awakening for Kiba . Since the week off from school and when he started back, he didn't fall back on his antics again.

But the damage was done and his parents never looked at him with trust and understanding anymore.

They might have but all Kiba saw was shame.

And it pained him to think that it was all his fault.

His burden that could never be undone.

And it hurts…it hurts real bad.

Sakura Haruno

Sakura has always been a good girl. She was polite to her elders and she was a daddy's girl.

She could admit that she was spoiled growing up, her parents gave her everything she ever wanted, but she grew out of it. Being smart also helped with wanting to be independent so she rarely dependent on them quite as often.

They had a happy home, they were a happy family, but things change…people change and Sakura soon found herself in the middle of a bad divorce.

It was emotional, both her parents said a lot of things to each other that were both hurtful and inappropriate. Sakura didn't know how it all started, but the next thing she knew was that her parents were fighting a lot…some even about her.

You can't give her what she wants.

She don't love you like she loves me.

You can't have her…I'm taking her.

Over my dead body.

Sakura didn't understand why, but she blamed herself…not knowing the real factor behind the divorce, that maybe her parents just grew tired of each other.

It happens, but Sakura didn't see it that way.

Somehow, it was all her fault…

Maybe if she didn't ask for too much than maybe her parents wouldn't fight so much.

Maybe if she had spent more time with them than maybe her parents wouldn't be blaming who she loves the most.

Maybe…just maybe…if she wasn't so spoil than they would be much happier.

What was she to do, there was no love in this house anymore…only anger and regrets.

She wants a happy family again…not this one…

Not this one at all.

Hinata Hyuga

She watched as her father pack his suitcase for another business meeting across the continent. He often goes on these trips one after another one and this time, it was no different.

Packing the last item into a smaller bag, he slung that one onto his shoulder and rolled the larger one beside him.

Seeing this, Hinata quickly wrapped her small arms around his waist…not wanting him to go…not wanting him to leave her again.

He paused in his movement, Hinata hearing him sigh heavily before he placed a hand on top of her head and ruffled her hair. He slowly eased her off from around him and gave her a small smile to not to worry.

Hinata only cried as he walked out the door, got into his car, and pulled out of the drive way. Once again leaving her in a home so empty, it hurts.

Of course she had the maids and whatnot to watch over her, but it wasn't the same. If her mother was still alive than maybe it wouldn't be so bad, but she wasn't and Hinata continue to believe that it wouldn't get any better than this.

She was use to it, don't get her wrong, but she often find it hard to deal with it when her birthday was only a day away and her father wouldn't be there to celebrate it. Or when her school had a father and daughter dance and her father wasn't there to share the moment with her.

She often hated it when one of the butlers ask if she wanted him to be there for the dance or for whatever event there was that required a participating parent. She finds that it's not the same and it would feel so much worst than it would have with her real father.

But life went on like that for most of her life now.

She never really voiced it to her father, but deep down, she knew he knew what she was feeling, but he chose to ignore it or not dwell on it to much. From what she had heard growing up, he had change since her mother died giving birth to her. He was always distant and with her resembling so much of her mother, it was hard for him to stay home…because it hurts so much. At least that what one of the maids had told her, trying to cheer her up and to make her understand.

But all the same, she was lonely.

Hurting and lonely.

Rock Lee

He had woken up late one night to relieve himself of a heavy bladder. It was only across the hall from his bedroom and being half sleep, it wouldn't take him long, but he had heard something in the kitchen.

The sound of paper being shuffled and a man's heavily sighing.

He recognized it as his father, but he wasn't expecting him to be home until later on tonight. He had remembered his father's work schedule…so he wondered why he was home so earlier.

Forgetting about his bladder, Lee walked the short distance from his room to the kitchen. He stopped at the corner of the hallway and peeked around it to see his father sitting in one of the chairs at the table, going through some paperwork and bills.

His face appeared to be in despair and as Lee watch him write out a check for one of his bills, Lee figured out why.

As a single parent, Lee's father had a hard time supporting the both of them. Apparently, not too many workplaces hired high school drop-outs and if his father was hired, it was mainly small jobs that didn't pay enough, leaving them to struggle with overdue bills and looking for better jobs.

The only problem was that Lee father didn't believe his son should work while in school, not even to baby-sit their neighbor's kids or as a paperboy. After his mistake of dropping-out of school, he strongly believe that education should come first, and he wanted the best for Lee…he wanted him to have more opportunities than what he had bestowed upon himself. Even as they struggle, he refuse to have Lee work.

And Lee was grateful, really, he was, but the looks on his father's face every time he saw how high the bills were or if he lost his job for unknown reasons after reasons…Guy wouldn't tell him…Lee couldn't help but feel he was a burden.

His father was tired all the time and all Lee could do was watch and blame no one but himself.

He knew his parents married young and, before then, he was born. His mother left no sooner than three months after the marriage, leaving a young, just turned eighteen, Guy to take care of their son…alone. He also knew that his grandparents must have disowned his father because they never talked about them…they never visit nor have they called…so they had no family support whatsoever.

And it kills him to see his father suffering and knowing that their was nothing he could do.


Sasuke Uchiha (The security guard's P.O.V)

Every night, the security guard watch the boy enter the compound with his head down, sometimes in anger, sometimes in sadness, but he would always greet the boy whether the boy responded back or not.

He was always watching the boy and he felt that he was becoming attach and that wasn't allowed…at least how Orochimaru had explained it.

Since the beginning, since he was pulled into Orochimaru's little group, into his manipulative enticing, he's been following the boy. And by now he knew everything about the boy and gave whatever he had learned about the boy back to Orochimaru who would then scheme up a plan for the boy's kidnapping.

It was terrible and it was wrong…

And he didn't like it.

It could either been because he knew what and why Orochimaru wanted these kids, and he couldn't fathom the reason why Orochimaru wanted to hurt them, or it could have been that guilt was taking its toll on him and he was ashamed of everything he had done for the evil man.

To try to right the wrong, and on many occasions, he tried deterring from Orochimaru's pull, he even tried contacting the police some years ago about Orochimaru's doing, but nothing fell through, Orochimaru made sure of it.

So he tried ignoring it. But as he kept watching the boy and feeling the pain of guilt build inside of him that became more pronounce and painful, he continued to defy from Orochimaru more and more until he couldn't take it anymore.

"I'm not doing it anymore," he told Orochimaru one day, scared and afraid as he kept his attention downcast and away from the man's calculating eyes.

"Oh," Orochimaru had questioned, sounding not surprised but bothered by the confession non the less.

"These kids…what you are doing…I-I can't go on. It's wrong and…a-and hadn't they suffered enough already."

Orochimaru didn't answer him, just silence did…just silence.

That happened three days before the boy was ordered to be kidnapped. He was murdered the same day, but he wasn't going to deny that he didn't see it coming. In fact, he was glad that it happened…because then he wouldn't have to see the boy's tormented face anymore, he wouldn't have to deal with the pain and suffering that he was going through, and mostly, he didn't have to face the guilt that he led Orochimaru to another person to their deathbed.

He was glad…the pain was gone and he was glad.


The pained and the lonely

Yes, Orochimaru hated them with a passion. How they carried themselves, how they acted, and certainly the whole reason why they felt the way they did.

He didn't understand it for one thing and quite frankly he didn't want to.

But all he knew was that they had to go

They were weak.

And when he had them in his clutches…god, did it felt good to torment them, to break them until they begged for mercy or better yet, when they ask him to just kill them.

And it was even more thrilling when he gets one that would try to fight him, try to last a little longer, but in the end, the outcome would always be the same.

Survival of the fittest was and has always been his motto and if he had to prove it by killing every weak person in this world ,he would…it was his nature, his common worth…his goal…his way of power and dominance.

His thrill in life.

Chapter 17

Trapped and then Escaped: Part 2

He was struggling, he knew, but being in the box and trying to calm himself down was proving to be complicated. The thin metal that he held tightly within his grasp, trembled with his hands as he searched through the darkness for the screw he felt earlier. He had already release one screw from the hinge that sealed the box shut and now he was working on the second one…there were three in total…but his panicking was making everything blurry and it made it difficult for him to concentrate.

He could hear the ticking and he could see the hole recoiling and it would set his escape attempt on hold for a while, until he got a hold of his self and focused his bearing. However, every time he was at his moment of relief, the attacks would start over again and sometimes with full intensity.

It was making him so frustrated.


"D-Damn it," he shakily whined. He has dropped the piece of metal again.

Believe it or not, it was his only grip to reality. Without it…without something to bear down on, to bring pain…he would've been losing it a lot sooner if not going crazy by now. He could focus his attention on the sharpness of the metal and be blinded, at least a little dull to everything else that surrounded him, including the noise and the smallness of the box. It was how he noticed the screws and realize that it was those that held the box close…it certainly was what held the bottom latch connected to the top one, both of which were held together by a lock.

If he got the bottom one to release, than all he had to do was push and the door would open.

But he needed to think on taking one step at a time, that's all he should think on or he could risk going crazy again.

"C-Come on, w-where is it."

His elbow hit the top of the box and then the back as he searched for the thin metal. After a while he was finally able to maneuver his arm to bring his hand to the bottom of the box and grasp the metal. And he held on tight as he brought it back to the loosening screw and began to twist it free.

Seconds later, the second screw dropped, hitting his right arm and rolling to the box's floor. The sound bounced off the small walls, making Sasuke cringe as the noise seem to sound like an explosion had gone off.

He paused for a moment to calm himself.

"Only one more…a-and then…" He stops to swallow. "…I'll b-be free," he assured himself before lift his hand and metal towards the last and final screw.

He don't know how long he's been in the box, all he knew was that he needed to hurry if what the man had told him was true.

What this could only mean if he doesn't make it in time.


Sasuke woke feeling immediately empty and scared. Even then…before he knew Naruto was missing, before he even opened his eyes…he knew that it was the empty space beside him that made him aware of the feeling.

He sat straight in his bed and looked around the room.

"Naruto," he called out, but no one answered.

He rubbed at his eyes, rubbing the sleep from them before he peered around the room again. There was no blonde in sight and as he saw that all the other beds were filled, all for the exception of one, he began to panic.

"Naruto," he called out again, jumping out of his bed and down on the floor to search under his bed. He don't know why but he was hoping that Naruto might have slept under there.

When he found that spot empty, he called out Naruto's name again, waking the other occupants while doing so.

"What's going on," Kiba groggily asked as he sat up in bed.

"Have you seen Naruto," Sasuke asked him, sounding anxious as he continued to search the room.

Kiba woke fully from that, he looked around and saw that, indeed, Naruto was not in the room. "Where is he," he asked, still a little sleepy.

"I don't know," Sasuke almost yelled, almost cried. He couldn't find him anywhere, and…and the thought of him not knowing where he was at was starting to make itself known. His heart was racing and he was beginning to shake with fear.

"Maybe he went through the hole again," Sakura suggested, mentioning about the loose padded square that gave way to the vents of the building.

Sasuke quickly ran over towards the loose wall and saw that the loose section hadn't been removed, it hadn't even been tampered with.

"No," Sasuke yelled.

"C-Calm down, Sasuke," Hinata jumped in, getting off her bed to walk over beside him. "Maybe he n-needed to use the bathroom and called for someone t-to take him. He just didn't want to wake you up."

He was only becoming more worried as he shook his head and turned to face the small girl that stood next to him. "No, they always take two at a time, and it's too early," he explained. "And usually if they take just one of us, it means that…" he stopped suddenly, his heart, at the same time, jumped and slammed powerfully in his chest.

He gasped and ran straight towards the locked door and pound on it.

"Open the door," he yelled. He kicked and pulled at the handle but nothing happened.

"Open the goddamn door," his voice screeched. "If you hurt him I swear I'll kill you…I'll kill you all."

"Sasuke," he heard Lee's voice but he continued with his violent actions towards and on the door as he pounded on it even harder.

"Calm down," he was pulled from the door by both males in the room. They wrestled and pinned him to the floor, he struggled the whole time until it was his own crying that ceased all his movements.

"Something's wrong," he cried, turning his head so they wouldn't see how terrible he looked and felt.

And something was defiantly wrong because he could feel it, he knew that somewhere Naruto was hurting and he needed him. But he was inside here and crying, trapped and locked inside a room and probably far from where Naruto was now. And the only thing he could think about was how come he didn't feel or hear when Naruto was taken…he could have prevented it somehow…protected him.

And that's what made it so scary, he couldn't protect Naruto not knowing where or when he was taken, not having him in his arms to know that he was alright.

Suddenly their door was slammed open and a man stood before the group that was huddled on the floor.

It only took one look from the man and Sasuke was hysterical again.

"Where is he," he yelled.

The man smirked, "So it was you who was making all that ruckus."

Sasuke broke free from his friends' hold and ran blindly towards the man.

The man was expecting the action and before Sasuke knew what happened, he was doubling over with a fist striking him right in the middle of his stomach. He had fell over, hitting the floor hard and limply.

He was then pulled out of the doorway and into the hallway, hearing the door to his room being closed behind him.

The man picked him up by the shirt collar, practically strangling Sasuke while he dragged him out of the hallway and into another one that led upstairs.

When Sasuke foot hit the first step that's when he tried swinging at the man with his own fist.

He got the man in the jaw and was released. Sasuke ran up the stairs, through an open door, and into a chest that was waiting at the other side of the door. It knock Sasuke backwards and into another chest, into the one that took him out of the room and who he had hit earlier.

Apparently, they were expecting him to try and escape and they came prepared.

He was pushed to the floor on his hands and knees, where a knee came up and punched him in the face, he was then forced onto his back where the two men repeatedly kicked him in the sides until he was coughing up blood and was bleeding from the nose from where he was knee-punched.

They then dragged him by the legs and into another hallway filled with loose boards and fallen metal from old door hinges. The debris stabbed him in the back, digging scratches and tears into his skin and making old wounds reopen.

But the thing about this hallway was that it was familiar and Sasuke knew where it was leading to.

"No," he struggled by trying to kick his legs free. The men only laughed and held his legs tighter.

Sasuke started grabbing at anything he could get his hands on…boards, door edges, metal pieces.

But in the end, his struggling was futile.

They lifted and pushed him into the box, Sasuke struggling with them the whole time, but before the lid was close, one of the men had one thing to say:

"Say good-bye to your precious friend, because tomorrow night, he dies."

And the last thing Sasuke saw was darkness, but he held onto the metal piece he grabbed onto when he was being dragged. He squeezed on it tight, feeling it break skin and go in deeper.

"Please, don't let it be true…don't let it be true."



The last and final screw fell to the bottom and Sasuke let out an alleviating breath that he held the entire time since he started on the third screw.

Not wanting to last much longer in the box, he pushed on the top and watch with elation as the box came open and he was free.

He climbed heavily out of the box, his limbs stiff and aching with being restricted in such a small confinement. And when he made it on the floor, he just laid supine on his back for a moment to catch his breath.

The dread of being in the box was slowly leaving him and when he was whole again, the first thing he did was inspect the room, the door was left opened, that was the first thing he noticed…the second was that there was a small cylinder shape of metal in the corner of the room that he indicated that could come in handy. It was long, good enough for him to carry and lengthy enough from him to control and strike at a distant when he would swing it.

He could protect himself.

Checking his bruised hand, he notice that it was cut all over, and it stung almost insufferably, but he quickly ignored it and got up to pick up the stick-like metal.

Weighing it in his hand, he established that it was very useful.

Peering up at the open door, he took a deep breath before heading towards it.

"Don't worry Naruto, I'm coming for you," he stated resolutely.

And as he left out of the room with determination on his face…he knew that time was of the essence.

It was now or never, but either way, someone was going to pay…painfully.

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