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Challenge prompt: N is for Nyx.


And this had to be the prodigal brother. She appreciated the view, and so did he. She greeted him, and found she liked his sense of humor. He felt younger than the other, his powers far less developed, more raw, but what was there was enticing.

Unlike the other, he was more in touch with his emotions and sexuality. She had hoped to win over the other with her body, this one would be harder to gain that way.

She must have frightened the other by making him lose control. This one wouldn't be frightened that way.

Once more she maneuvered the battle until she was able to kiss him. This one she would have to drain further before he would be out of it enough for sex. Once again, her hand trailed down to open his pants. "Sugar," she purred.

Then he became a devil, the shock wave forcing her back. He immediately turned into a human again, and laughed at her. "I'm not that easy. Come on!" And raised his sword again, inviting her to attack.

When she'd felt him, he had been hard. She teased him so that he would appreciate the victory more, made him work for it. This one she would show her power.

The taste of his blood… even though he was smart enough to always have enough power ready to transform, she managed to kiss him again. Mmm. Like the other's, Sparda's taste, but here it was mixed with alcohol. Intoxicating. This one was wild, as the other had tamed himself. His power… so vigorous.

Finally, he caught her. "My, you're sweet," she told him, then darted forward for another kiss to restore her strength, so the battle could continue.

"You'd think so, wouldn't you?" he answered after shooting her in the stomach, having predicted her move. Blowing at the tip of the gun, how suggestive.

"Mmm, your father was a handsome devil… But you're no slouch yourself." Her hand drifted down to the opening of his pants and cupped him. She watched his eyes for his reaction, giving him her best sexy half-smile.

He arched an eyebrow at her.

"Don't worry, sugar, that was my last try. You beat me. I serve you now." She arched herself invitingly, letting her hair fall away from her breasts.

He looked conflicted, looking at the door, then down at her, then the door, then her breasts… she made the decision easier for him by rubbing gently with practiced fingers.

"The hell with it." He shrugged. "Do you mind a quickie, though? I'm kind of in a hurry."

"Whatever you want, sugar." The bats flew away, exposing her body fully.

He laid her down, then shrugged off his coat. She helped him with his pants. He moved on top of her, fingers slipping inside her without any prompting. My, how sweet. She purred and moved her hips up to meet his fingers.

"Yeah…" he murmured, watching her undulating body and becoming even more stiff and needy.

"Let me, sugar." One of her hands reached out and grasped him, pumping him and playing with the tip, spreading the moisture all over him as her own body grew moist from his stimulation.

He was kneeling between her legs, and her legs wrapped around him and pushed him towards her, "Come on, sugar."

Like the gentleman he was, he slid inside slowly at first, but then his hips jerked and pushed him the rest of the way in. "Fuck…" he moaned.

"What is it, sugar?"

"So damn hot." She clenched around him. "Hell…" His hips started to work again, faster and faster.

"Oh, oh," she moaned at each thrust. "That's it…"

He quickly became wordless, kissing her hard, their tongues renewing the fight that had ended awhile ago, the conflict arousing them further.

Finally, they both came and he pulled out. "Damn…"

"I'm Nevan, sugar. What's your name?"

"Dante," he told her, fast breathing returning to normal. "Damn, woman, that was the best sex I've ever had."

"Of course, sugar. I am the best." She thrusted up against him.

"I'd love to, I'd really love to, but I've got my goddamn brother to beat up and my amulet to get back." He pushed away from her, sat up, and looked for his pants, which had been thrown off the stage.

"Oh?" She pouted. "Tell me you aren't going to kiss and run."

"I'd love to take you with me, but when you look like that," his gaze ran across her body again, "I'm not going to be able to get this over with."

"I'm the answer to all your dreams, sugar. I can be whatever you want." She stood up and stalked up to him, hips swaying from side to side.

"So, a devil arm, then?"

"Oooh, then I'll get to have your hands all over me," she purred with delight.

He shuddered a little, and she could see a bulge developing in his pants. Should she try to wear him down? No, she decided, if he saw her as a distraction he might leave her. Also, she wanted to help beat up the one who had the nerve to leave her.

She walked forward, within arms' reach as he put his coat back on. Let's see, what form would delight him most?

An instrument? How delightful! Her bats had listened to modern music before the humans above ground had fled. She transformed to one giving it her own… personal style.

Music, something in common besides sex and fighting! Excellent.

Later, he would call her his dark lady, his muse.

The children of the night, what wonderful music they make, in bed or on a stage.

She always remembered their first meeting, how he made her body sing all night.

So strong, so vibrant, so talented, such a sense of humor… he thought she was his secret sin, his guilty pleasure, that he should mate with a human.

She had fun wearing him down.