Here is my newest story, Expel The President.

Summary: Danny has been elected class President. But within the first few weeks of being elected, he tries everything he can to be expelled. Sam and Tucker wonder why he's trying to get expelled. Danny wonders why he hasn't been expelled after everything he's done.

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Danny flipped around and gave his best celebrity pose with a peace sign thrown in. "I hope this doesn't go to his head." Sam mummbled to an inattentive Tucker as they walked behind him. Danny had just won the class Presidency and was now walking down the halls of Casper High taking in it all. He was getting attention. Not from everyone, but enough to make him soak in it. Danny strutted ahead of them down the halls. Tucker, watching all the girls attention. While Sam did her best to avoid it all without leaving behind her friends.

A reporter for the school newspaper came up and started questioning Danny. "Danny as school president what is the first thing you will do?"

"Work for a longer lunch period." A cheer went up from the small crowd around him. Most of the kids were around him, minus the A List and anyone that just didn't care. Danny did his new signature pose as cameras from the yearbook students flashed them at their new class president. Sam gave a sigh of defeat. Deciding now was the best time to avert his attention, she grabed hold of Danny's shoulders and led him out to the yard.

"Hey Sam what gives?" Sam didn't answer but continued to lead him until they reached the tree near where they sat.

"Danny I think you're letting his get to your head."

"I don't think so, do you Tuck?"

"Actually, I do." Tucker agreed with Sam on this. Danny tossed his head to the side.

"Well, I don't."

"Look, just calm down Danny."

"Fine, I suppose I could turn it down some." Sam and Tucker smiled as they walked back into the school. In there his group was waiting. It was like he suddenly became a super star just because he was now class president. Another bit smile crossed his lips. The school reporters swarmed him again, assulting him with question after question. It was like he really had become president, of the whole United States! Sam sighed, this would be a long day.


After school, after Danny had finally managed to escape the crowd, the trio was walking home. "Man, I thought I'd never escape that. I thought that was hard enough to keep up, I can't imagine the pressure of doing the presidential work. I almost regret running."

"Almost?" Sam questioned.

"Yeah, some side affects are nice. Like all the attention from the ladies." Danny stated with a high five to Tucker.

"You know it man, its great even for the Vice President."

"Vice President?"

"Yeah, he's my Vice President." Danny told Sam.

"Oh, and what does that make me, your secretary?"

"Nah, I thought you were better suited for first lady." Sam blushed. She didn't realize he thought of that.

"Ooo you offering to go out with her?" Tucker taunted.

"If she wants to."

"OF COUR...I mean, I'd love to." Danny laughed some then reached out to hold her hand. They continued their walk home.


Trapped. That's what Danny was right now. Dash had him pinned against his locker again. "Listen Fentina I don't care if you are class president I'm still wailing on you." Danny struggled against his strong hands, only making Dash push him harder. "Fight it all you want, I'm still getting you. Infact, you can replace all the others." Danny inwardly groaned. More beatings, that didn't sound good. And certainly wasn't what he banked on when he ran. Guess it comes with the territory of beating Dash in the run for President.

Dash finally dropped Danny. Danny let himself fall all the way to the floor, not bothering to pick himself back up until Dash was gone. Man, that stinks. But my parents won't let me change schools unless...wait, that's it. I get expelled, and they'll have to change schools for me. Danny smirked. An end to his torture. Being president wasn't worth it for that cause. Only trouble, his worst record was being tardy, he'd have to get down right bad to get expelled.


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