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Last Chapter: "The clothes are in there. I looked at the locker number." Danny then used his keen ear to listen for the right combination to open the locker. Dash quickly snatched the clothes and headed back to the locker. Danny faked a sad, guilty look.

"Mr. Fenton, to my office." Mr. Lancer said as he walked off


"So, what do you have to say for yourself?" Mr. Lancer began as he sat down behind his desk.

Danny sat opposite him and fiddled with his thumbs as he replied, "Not much I guess. I took his clothes because I thought it would be fun."

Mr. Lancer leaned against his desk with a thoughtful look on his face. "Daniel, what is going on with you lately? This is not how you usually behave."

"Well," Danny crossed and uncrossed his legs, uncomfortable with the current situation. "Honestly, I don't want to be class president anymore."

"Why is that?"

"I didn't want to get beat up anymore. I've felt afraid enough I thought I would need to change schools. But I knew my parents wouldn't just let me change, so I thought I would need to give them reason to change my schools. Like, if I got expelled," Danny mummbled the last part under his breath.

"Beat up? Expelled?" Mr. Lancer sputtered out, "Who would hurt you in such a way that you would resort to such measures?"

"Um," Danny slowly began, "it's Dash. He said he would beat me more since I beat him for class president."

The look of surprise on Mr. Lancer's face slowly faded as he said, "Did you even think about just not being class president?"

Danny's eyes grew wide as Mr. Lancer's words sunk in. "You can do that?"

Mr. Lancer laughed a little, "Yes of course."

"Well, then, I don't want to stay class president. I don't really know if Dash would make a good class president or not, but I really don't care at this point since he was already so upset about me winning."

"Well, don't you worry about this then. I'll take care of Mr. Baxter."

"Thank you Mr. Lancer," Danny said as he stood up to leave.

"Oh, one more thing," Mr. Lancer's words stopped Danny. "Your behavior will straighten out now won't it?"

"Yes Mr. Lancer," Danny said happily as he walked out of the office.


"So, you mean Mr. Lancer just let you off the hook?" Tucker still couldn't believe what he head heard.

"Yeah, bascially."

"And you're not going to be the class president anymore?" Sam pressed.

"No, he said he would take care of straightening that out."

"But wait, do I have to leave being vice president!?" Tucker almost yelled.

"Well, yeah unless you want to be Dash's vice president," Danny pointed out.

Tucker's face calmed almost right away, he turned his attention back to his lunch as he said, "Oh yeah, good point. I guess I do quit being vice president then."

Sam sighed, "Well there goes being first lady."

"You're always be the first lady in my heart Sam." Danny cooed with a kissy face to finish it off.

Sam blushed, "Really?"

Tucker quickly but in with, "Well would you look at that, it's time for my next class." Not wanting to be the third wheel in their talk, he promptly stood up and walked off.

Once he was out of sight, Danny said, "I'm sorry things have gone fast. I was just caught up in the attention. But, I was serious when I said you can be my first lady. I really do like you Sam, and, more than just a friend." Danny glanced down at his food with a blush.

Sam reached across the table to touch his hand, "I like you too Danny. Thank you for explaining it to me. I was happy, but surprised at what you said before. I still accept your offer to be first lady."

Danny held onto Sam's hand with a smile. Maybe things will end up alright after all, Danny thought.


The school had held another assembly to announce the change of class president. Mr. Lancer had stated that Dash would be the class president since he had been the runner up. Under Danny's request to not have the real reason known, Mr. Lancer said Danny was removed from office due to his innapropriate behavior as class president.

Dash's position as class president did not change the fact that he still beat Danny, but he too was so caught up in the attention at first that Danny had a few days of relief. Even though Danny said he'd keep his behavior in line, he still fell to the temptation of occasionally getting back at Dash. Though of course, he no longer readily admited to what he did.

Danny ran around the side of the school and turned ghost as he did. He then took off toward Nasty Burger where his best friend and girlfriend waited. He landed nearby and returned to being just Danny before walking inside. He spotted his friends and sat down next to them.

Danny put his arm around Sam as she said, "About time you got here. Did Dash give you trouble?"

"Oh not much, I got away okay."

"Well at least it is good to know things are back to normal now," Sam said as she sipped her drink.

"Well mostly normal," Tucker interjected, "You two weren't dating before."

"That's true," Danny began, "but we can still do practically the same things together."

"Yup!" Tucker half yelled, "This should be a great year." Danny and Sam enthusiastically agreed with him.


Author Notes: For those of you who may say that this ending seemed rush, I wanted to finish this story off so I could move on to stories that I have had more requests to update. I hope this story was still enjoyable. Thanks for reading.