A/N: Yeah, it's been a while… I honestly didn't think I was ever going to write this. I probably wouldn't post it, but their never seemed to be quite enough closure and I found this version of an epilogue scrawled on a crumpled cue card in the bottom of my purse… when I read it, I realized that this was where I'd wanted the story to wind up all along. I know it has been way to long for anyone else to care, but this makes me feel better about the story! (The fact that I posted at all is due mainly to Kiera Black asking me a while back if I ever planned to finish… so either thank or blame her! :P)


"Harry!" shrieked the tiny redhead as though the world were at an end.

The boy in question came crashing into the room, looking about for some fearsome enemy or, at least, a rather large spider. "Babe?" he asked, reaching for his wand.

"Oh, Harry, darling, dear one!" she cried, hurling herself into his arms and seriously impeding his ability to protect her even from a gnat. "It's just terrible!"

"What ails thee, my lady?" he asked with a quizzically raised eyebrow. He now suspected that nothing particular was amiss. Never the less, he was willing to play along.

"Oh, it's most tragical!" she sighed dramatically before pouting petulantly. "They were trying to keep me away from you!" Ginny pointed accusingly at the clutch of redheads clustered nearby.

"Isn't that to be expected?" Harry asked as his other brow rose to join its mate.

"No! They told us they forgave us for lying, so I think its reasonable for us to expect them to let us be together!"

"Well, you're right, I suppose," Harry acknowledged, "But I more meant because of what day it is."

"Huh?" asked Ginny, batting her lashes with an artful innocence.

"There's this tradition some muggles have, whereby the bride and groom are kept apart until the moment of the actual wedding."

"Yes, she said something to that effect," Ginny admitted with a nod to Hermione. "But I don't buy it."

"Oh, you don't?" Harry asked, green eyes sparkling mischievously, "Then I shall have to buy it for you. What store would you suggest?"

"I know this lovely speciality shop in Paris," Ginny suggested, with a sly smile.

"Right-o," said Harry, "Away we go-" And he would have disappeared right then, had he not been snatched by several hands, and had Ginny wrenched from his arms by several others. "Er, something wrong?"

"This is why we didn't want the pair of you to be together today," Hermione scolded severely. "If we give you half a chance, you're gone and we simply cannot have you flitting off to Timbuktu or some mysterious tropical island today! There are a lot of people out there expecting to see the pair of you get married, and I will not be in charge of telling them that we've lost you. Again."

"Gee, Hermione, are you still sore about our engagement party?" asked Ginny.

"Or my birthday?" asked Harry.

"Or mine?" echoed his wife-to-be.

"No," she said succinctly, "But I still haven't forgiven you for the Orange bunny's anniversary party."

With that, Hermione swept regally from the room in a way that made Harry secretly proud of his bushy headed best buddy.

"Look what you've gone and done!" pouted Ginny, "You chased away my maid of honour!"

"Hey, my fickle-minded love, you were the one who insisted we commemorate the quarter anniversary of the first time the bunny mentioned the plaid grasshopper to you twelve times in a single conversation," Harry reminded her, "If we'd waited for the half birthday of the bunny and the grasshopper's pet potato bug, then Hermione might not be so angry at us."

"Well, not likely. I'm sure you would have drove her nuts preparing the event and lost interest ten minutes after the guests arrived, no matter what we were celebrating," Ron informed them with a sigh.

"But big brother, that is not a very nice thing to say," pouted Ginny.

"It is a very true thing, though," he insisted grimly, "The truth isn't always very nice."

"Well, the purple hippo would disagree with you there," Harry told him, as though that settled the matter.

"Purple hippo?" asked Ron, looking fearfully to his silent brothers for support, "Is that a new one?"

"Well, I've never heard of him before," Bill offered.

"I was afraid of that," Ron groaned "We need to separate these two, now!"

"Okay, Ginny, you and Fred go find Hermione, while we force Harry to talk sense at least long enough to keep from searing the guests away."

"Don't let them get to you, babe," Ginny said with a wicked grin, "Imagine all the fun we could have with the guests gone!"

Harry blushed fiercely, much to the unease of the Weasley brothers.

But in the end, Harry and Ginny did stay for the wedding and for most of the celebration afterwards as well. As much as they liked to be alone, they really did enjoy being with their friends and family, especially now that their secret was out.

And, besides, they had a whole lifetime ahead of them to be alone together.