Yeah, I deleted Le Mascarade because I'm doing it a little differently, and I knew I was never going to finish it off, anyway. I couldn't help but create this, after watching 'Cinderella Story' and reading a fanfic about this. But, oh no, it's not about Alex Rider, it's about Alex Pettyfer! So, you know, when you think there's the obvious, it's not so simple when it's a simple girl competing against a celebrity. So, here it is!

It was all done; Stormbreaker, or any movie for that matter; for now. Alex Pettyfer was in his hotel room, sitting on a chair for nearly two hours now. Right in front of him was a computer, and he was tempted to use it. He told himself to just turn the damn thing on, but he knew what he was really going to do.

He was going to log in into the 'World Wide Chat', and he knew – he definitely knew – it wasn't right to do this. Alex had heard it in the news, the teachers, his mom, and his friends; but this time he couldn't handle it. What if you were actually meant to meet someone there? Could it be fate?

The clock had shown 3:00pm, and he had enough; Alex turned on the computer, clicked on the internet and logged into the website.

His user account was 'ASecretP', and the idea was given when he thought what NOT to do. It was lame, but that was all he had.


Jessica Arceé had waken up from bed and gone right to the computer. She had signed into World Wide Chat as 'Canada Girl'. She had lived in Vancouver, BC, and she had brunette hair and hazel eyes. She was 15, and a little tall for her age, but she still looked pretty normal. As she logged in, she noticed a new member in her chat room; ASecretP. Who was that? She started to type, trying to focus the conversation to him.

"Hey, guys, missed me?" Jessica typed, half talking to her friend, Elaine. There were 34 people in chat, so who was she 'referring' to?

"Hello," somebody typed. Jessica didn't pay any attention, until she was snapped out when a PM was sent to her by ASecretP.

ASecretP: Hi, do you run the room?

Canada Girl: Uh…yeah, I do. Are you a guy or girl?

ASecretP: A guy.

Jessica smiled as she knew she was talking to a guy. But how the hell did she know she wasn't talking to a 50 year old pervert?

ASecretP: Where from? I know, I know, don't tell me your address, I mean, I live in England.

Canada Girl: Well, my name kinda reveals my location.

ASecretP: You're from Canada? Oh, that's so far away.

Jessica though through this; she shouldn't be doing this anymore. Her brother, Matthew, was already worried about her. Jessica started to type.

Canada Girl: Why should I trust you?

ASecretP: Because you decide if you want to trust me or not. I'll understand if you won't, 'cause I can leave now, if you want.

Jessica frowned. Why should she trust him?

ASecretP: When summer's over, I'm soon going to be going to a school in Canada, in Killarny which is in Vancouver, BC.

Jessica gasped as the person typed this.

Canada Girl: I go to that school. No way, so, we're like friends!

ASecretP: Yeah, I guess. But I'm not telling who I am, just in case.

Canada Girl: There will be at least 90 students coming in that year, too. So we'll like, never meet.

ASecretP: That's the fun of it. Let's make a pact; whenever we go to school, we keep talking to each other by cellphone….if you have a cellphone…

Canada Girl: Yeah, I have a cellphone. Before we go, can I know your age?

ASecretP: Why?

Canada Girl: So I just have a guess on whom you are!

ASecretP: I'm sixteen. How about you?

Canada Girl: Fate must be at work because I'm sixteen, too!

Alex sighed as he saw her type this.



Three months later…

Alex Pettyfer had kept a low profile to get into Killarny, but almost every girl had acted weird around him. The only time he felt normal was when he took out his phone, and talked to 'Canada Girl'…whoever that was.

ASecretP: I missed talking to you. Why can't I meet you?

Canada Girl: Because we talked over this for a long time. Hey, did you notice Alex Pettyfer this morning?

Alex gulped as he read his name.

ASecretP: What about him?

Canada Girl: It looked a lot like he was trying to hide something.

ASecretP: Really? How so?

Canada Girl: C'mon, you didn't notice?

ASecretP: Nope. Hey, did you see him on Stormbreaker?

Canada Girl: Yeah…okay, I'll tell you what I've never told anyone before.

ASecretP: What?

Canada Girl: I've always thought he was cute…but I've never told anyone, so you swear you won't tell? If he actually finds out, well, I'd be embarrassed…

ASecretP: How come?

Canada Girl: Because everyone knows me as the 'rebellious girl'. I'm not the type to just all of a sudden like somebody!

ASecretP: So you're hiding yourself?

Canada Girl: Exactly.

ASecretP: I've got to go. I have French next.

Canada Girl: Good luck. Hey, are you sure you're from Killarny?

ASecretP: Yeah. Because the French teacher's a neat-freak and the two girls that are running for student body president are Jessica Arceé and Miranda Vandergeld.

Jessica smiled as she watched him type her name.

Canada Girl: In an average, do you think I'd be the kind of girl that would have a crush on you?

Alex chuckled as he read this.

ASecretP: Yes.

Canada Girl: Well, I have to go. Good bye and I'll miss you till then.

ASecretP: Forever and Ever.

Jessica stood up from the school fountain and left. She met up with her friends to go to class. Alex, who was on the other side of the fountain, closed his phone, sighing.

"Who are you?" He asked himself.

Well, yeah, this is chapter one and I'll update soon. Le Mascarade will appear again soon, it's just, something is wrong. Anyway, here's a thought for you Alex Pettyfer lovers there: imagine you were Jessica and you were talking to Alex Pettyfer but you didn't know that. Ooh, how cool would that be?