OVERVIEW: This next story will involve Miley and Jake, but not in a completely romantic way, well a little romance, but its about them finding themselves and deciphering their pasts. They don't know this, but Miley's past in Tennessee and Jake's past correlate. Join them on a quest to find their true selves after the unsuspecting death of Miley's father and Jake's career blowout.

They will travel through their pasts, retracing their footprints through life before they met each other, and how they might be related in each other's lives. As they find themselves, will they grow together or apart? As they encounter some of their joys and hardships of their pasts, will they learn to live with themselves, or will they strive to be someone they're not.


CONTAINS: drama, angst, tragedy, abuse, minor romance non-graphic scenes, flashbacks


Miley: Tennesse is…

Jake: My beginning is…

(little boy getting pushed to the ground, girl sitting in a corner crying, a fountain, a little girl singing into a play microphone, a boy trying out for a commercial, a little brown haired boy riding a bike, ambulance, a brown horse, a smiling lady, a casket)

TO THE AUDIENCE: good? Bad?? Worth it?? Should I write this?? Ideas?? I don't know when I'd start but I want to know what you think…