I JUST HAD AN IDEA and I just had to do it.Oneshot- It took me 18 minutes to write so its not that good.

Summary-Logan Loves Dana. Dana Loves Logan but she had to leave PCA to go to France. Its Logans Birthday and he feels miserable than ever.What happens when a certain Dana Cruz just happens to come to California on a certain May 10 and what surprises are in store?

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MAY 10,2007

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOGAN!!" Zoey Brookes Shouted as she walked inside Logan chases and Michaels room.

"mmmm" Logan mumbled under the sheets.

Even if he was covered up with covers, she knew how he felt.Lonely Sad Confused without the one he loved. Everyone found out once they "accidently" read his online blog.What an idiot. His Love was In France hundreds of thousands of miles away. He was going to tell her.But she went away too fast. His life suddenly turned into a black hole, he was depressed miserable mopey not his obnoxious self. His Grades started going up..wow shocker. Zoey knew what could cheer him up. She had invited Dana to come by today and she brought back news that will change everyones lives there at PCA.

Logan Reese was never known to cry. Well he does he misses Dana but he cries to himself at night, the only way to fall asleep, he dreams about her. Everything, he loves to sleep knowing her gorgeous face is going to show up. A dream is a wish your heart makes.

He wishes she was there to annoy, to fight. To love.

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