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Summary: Slightly AUSakura has something to prove, a woman can do anything a man can do, but to get into Jiraiya's School for Shinobi she has to disguise herself as one of the boys. But in the process she falls in love with one of her sensei.

"Alright girls, now for today's lesson- Using chakra to heal the wounded. It may seem like an easy task but it takes time and patience to get the right amount of chakra flow to heal. Too much can do a lot of damage and too little won't get nothing done quicker. Your patient or team mate will die by the time you start to heal them. So I will begin with…"

A class room full of young women listened to their sensei as she explained one of the many ways of one's chakra. It was just another, normal class day for the young women of Tsunade's School for Kunoichis. Well maybe not another normal day today because the head mistress herself sat in the corner of the room, listening in on the lesson and watching Kurenai Yuhi every move. Anko Mitarashi, the other sensei, sat in a chair in front of the class listening and watching every one of the students with a hard stare to make sure they were paying attention. Tsunade got up from her chair and walked around the room watching the women take notes and looking at the display scroll in front of them. Her light amber eyes watched all the women equally as she passed them. Once she was satisfied with what was being taught she left the room to head for the next class for observation. Anko moved to the door and watched from the window of the departing back of Tsunade, while Kurenai went on.

"Very deep wound will take some time to heal and will take most of your chakra. I'd suggest…" Kurenai trailed off looking at her friend by the door, who raised her hand to signal for Kurenai to cease talking. When Anko's hand drop back to her side, that's when everything changed. The scroll about chakra disappeared and in its place, a scroll on different jutsus replaced it. Anko pulled all the blinders down to both doors to the room and went back to the front of the room with Kurenai. The young women put away their notes and turned their full attention on their teachers.

"Alright class, where did we left off from last week," Anko asked with her arm crossed in front of her.

A young woman with pink locks raised her hand in the air, eager to answer the question. Anko acknowledged her and the pink hair young lady spoke.

"We left off on the beginning of Ninjutsu, I believe."

"Very good Sakura, you were paying attention." Kurenai said with a smile on her face. "Ninjutsu is a basic technique using your chakra and hand seals to work out."

And paying attention was what Sakura Haruno was doing. She like this new lesson the senseis were secretly teaching them. The women of Konoha weren't allowed to study this due to the rules set up thirteen years ago. On a count of the council of Konoha figured it's best to have the women learn to be medic-nin and the men to be shinobis. They felt it was safe to do so. Now Konoha was equipped with two schools, one for girls and women in becoming medic-nins and boys and men in becoming shinobis. Never to learn the other field of work, but Kurenai and Anko felt the rule mostly sucked and taught secretly the ways of a shinobi. And that was what Sakura liked about it. No matter if it was breaking the law; it was also great to learn to fight like the men to prove that women can indeed be as strong and as capable as the men. At least, that's what Kurenai and Anko was teaching them and Sakura like their view. Women should have a choice to want to become a shinobi if they wanted to and not a medic-nin. Medic-nins were of importance to a shinobi but a shinobi was oh-so much better, and Sakura was thrilled to learn. On the other hand, women and girls her age weren't that much thrilled as she was.

A young woman in the back raised her hand to get Kurenai's attention as she finished the Ninjutsu to move to Genjutsu.

"Yes Lishi.'

"I just don't see why we're learning this; I mean this is a man's field not a woman's." The oblivious blonde said.

"You little maggot, have you not heard a single word we've been saying to you for the last five months." Anko answered. "Women should have the right to learn the shinobi's art as much as men. It use to be that way thirteen years ago until they changed it. It isn't fair or right for you, for us to just become medic-nins."

"Anko is right," Kurenai joined in. "Don't you want to learn how to defend yourself without relying on a man or be able to have more job potential other then a medic-nins?"

"I rather like becoming a medic-nin." Lishi answered back. Sakura, Anko, and Kurenai all let out a sigh of frustration.

"You just don't get it," Sakura said voicing her thoughts.

"Oh and you do?" Lishi said flipping her hair around to face Sakura who sat on the side of her.

"In a matter of fact I do. I think it'll be cool to become a shinobi."

"Yeah and I would like to become an ANBU black ops but you won't see that happening," said one of Lishi's friend, Hima. They laughed.

Sakura rolled her eyes at the same time Anko dismiss the class.

"Baka" Sakura whispered as she roused to leave the classroom.

"Sakura!" Kurenai yelled over the commotion of the leaving students.

"Yes Kurenai sensei."

"It's good that you want everyone to see it our way in becoming a shinobi, but not everyone, especially those who doesn't see the good in it, will want to."

"I know sensei but I just wished there was something we can do to change the rules that say women can't become a shinobi. Prove to the council that women are not weak or fragile to be a strong soldier. It's just isn't fair."

"Not everything is fair Sakura, but one day someone will show the world what a woman with an ambition can do and prove them wrong."

"I hope so." Sakura said sadly.

"Bye Sakura, see you next week."

"Bye Kurenai sensei."

Sakura left the room and headed out the school where her friends were waiting.


"Finally, school is over," Ino bellowed from in front of her line of friends behind her.

Hinata, TenTen, and Tamari stood side by side with Sakura a little in the back, walking from school to head home.

"And you know what that means?" Ino said turning, to face her friends while she walked backward.

"No what does that mean, Ino?" TenTen said sarcastically.

"That means we get to spend all weekend over my house for an all girls' sleepover."

"Ah, not this stupid sleepover thing again,' Tamari said with a roll of her eyes. "Ino we're eighteen don't you think we're too old for sleepovers. I mean it was fine when we were eight but…" She trailed off.

"But what, its fun and I know you like it more then you are letting on."

"Yeah, whoopee, I'm just thrilled for the sleepover." Tamari said swinging her arms in the air.

Ino shook her head in disappointment.

"I…I think a sleepover is a good idea." Hinata stuttered.

"Yeah, you see. Hinata don't think it's a bad idea. TenTen?"

"Hey I'm in."

"Good, Sakura? Sakura?"

The four friends stopped to turn around and look back at the down faced Sakura. Oblivious to the conversation they were in.

"Yo Sakura are you listening." Ino said snapping her fingers in front of Sakura face. Sakura snapped out of her trance and looked up at the eight eyes staring at her.

"Um what, I mean yeah, yeah I'm in."

"Yes to what Sakura?"

"To going to the movies"

The three friends laughed as Ino walked over to Sakura and wrapped her arm over her shoulder.

"What is bothering you Sakura, you've been in a daze since we left school."

"It's what Kurenai and Anko said, I've been thinking a lot about it and I think they are right."

"This again Sakura, I mean don't get me wrong, I hear what you are saying but are you?" Sakura looked up at Ino with a frown. "You say Kurenai and Anko sensei are right and women should be able to fight just like the men but who will listen. The council made the rules and they are the only ones who can change it, not Kurenai, Anko, or you. This is just the way it is, Sakura."

"I understand Ino." Sakura said with much carelessness she can muster, but being Ino she took it as it was, an answer.

"Good, now what do you say about the sleepover? Are you coming or do we have to drag your butt to come?"

"I…it'll be f…fun Sakura." Hinata voiced.

"Yeah I'm coming."

"Good because maybe our little girls' night can get you out of this funk you're in."

"Oh and don't forget we'll have popcorn, paint each others nails, and gossip about everything there is in Konoha." Tamari said with mockery.

Ino rolled her eyes and walked ahead of everyone again.

"Come on or we'll be late." Ino said picking up speed.

The four followed behind to catch up with Ino as she turned the corner. After turning the corner themselves they were met with a dazed Ino.

"Oh boy she's at it again." TenTen said with her hands on her hips.

"I'll tell ya, one day someone will put out an arrest for her for stalking." Sakura said mimicking TenTen stance.

The four friends walked up behind Ino and looked in the direction her eyes were looking. A couple of feet away from them stood a building with a gate surrounding it. In the front of the building was a yard separating the building and the gate from each other. The women looked on as young men started to play flag football. Tamari, TenTen, and Ino had huge smiles on their faces, Hinata blushed, and Sakura looked on with a frowned.

They are so lucky, she thought as they continued to watch the game. Ino, even though she hated herself for it, was the first to look away to look at the time.

"Oh boy, look at the time. I have to go or I'll be late for work. See you guys at my house at seven." She ran off.

"Bye" They all said, getting out of their trance.

"And don't worry this will be a night we all won't forget. It'll be fun." Ino yelled in the distance.


"This will be a night you won't forget, she said. It'll be fun, she said. Some how I must have missed that part." Tamari said complaining for the second time this night.

The five friends sat in Ino's room watching movies and eating popcorn. The night had just began and Tamari was already complaining. But who can blame her when before the movies, they painted their toes and fingers, ate some snacks, and danced to some music. Okay maybe the dancing was fine but Tamari just about had it with the cliché of it all.

"I want to do something else besides third grade stuff, Ino."

"Well do you have any better ideas?"

"You know what Ino…"

Here we go again, Sakura thought. When these two get started they never stop. And it always seems like it's up to me and TenTen to break them up.

"Guys, come on, w…we can find so-something else to do." Hinata said but her small voice fell on deaf ears as Ino and Tamari continue to argue. TenTen was in-between them trying to calm them down.

I don't know why I even bothered to come here if every time we come to these sleepovers, Ino and Tamari always start arguing. I think it's because they are more alike then they think. Still I could be home right now studying the art of a medic-nin then watching a whole night of this.

"What did you call me?" Ino questioned Tamari.

"You heard me; you're a big fat pompous queen who thinks she can…."


Ino pushed TenTen out of the way and tackled Tamari to the ground. Hinata helped TenTen off the ground and they both tried to pull the two girls off each other. Sakura stood up from her position on the bed and got in-between the two to help push them apart.

You think with all this fight in these two they would consider being shinobis. If they were men then they would probably knock half of those guys at Jiraiya's School for Shinobis out with just a punch. In fact with the sex drive these two have for the opposite sex, they are men. Just throw some Nin uniform on them and a wig and they're men. No one would know they were girls until they started flirting with men. Which would be really funny, considering… oh my gosh.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh…" Sakura continued her chanting until it came out as a big squeal at the end.

The other four girls stopped with their fighting to look at the excited Sakura jumping up and down in the middle of the room.

"Sakura," Hinata said looking a little frighten.

"She finally lost it." Tamari said looking confused.

Sakura's squeals soon turn into laughter and she covered her mouth to keep them from getting any louder.

"Sakura, you okay?" TenTen asked walking over to Sakura.

"Um what? Oh yeah, ha ha. I just had a thought that might be able to prove that women can become shinobis."

"Sakura…" Ino bellowed.

"No hear me out first, Ino. I think it's a good, no a great plan, it might work too."

"Okay we're listening." Ino said as the other three stood by Sakura to hear what she had to say.

"Okay you guys may think it sound absurd at first but given the thought behind it, it might just work."

"It's weird, we get that, what is it?"

"I going to join Jiraiya's School for Shinobis disguised as a guy." The room filled with silence. "I know stupid right but this can help me out, help us out. I could train with them as a guy until I make shinobi and show to the whole town that women can be just like the men. It's brilliant right."

"It's stupid that what it is. Sakura do you hear yourself?" Ino asked.

"I hear myself perfectly fine Ino and I think it's a great idea. The disguise is only to get me through the door and through the training. I won't be able to train with them as a girl."

"You also won't be able to pull this off either. Sakura did you even think ahead about this plan of yours. What if you get caught in the process? You can get thrown into jail or worst killed for defying the council." TenTen spoke. "I know you want to prove something but…"

"Proof isn't the only thing here Ten. I want to become a shinobi, a soldier. I want men to stop thinking women are the weaker sex or beneath them and only fit as a medic-nin. This is a dream, my ambition in life. If this is the only way so be it. Even if it kills me or put me in jail, I want this so bad that I will give anything. And if you can't see that then I'll just do this by myself."

Sakura turned away from her friend to grab her stuff to leave. The room again fell in silent as Sakura continue her packing.

"Sakura wait," Hinata spoke. "I…I don't want you to go and do th…this by yourself. I'll help."

"Thank you Hinata but…"

"There's a lot you are going to need to know if you want to pull this off. I mean, you need to be precise at everything, to the smallest detail even. So you'll need my help too." TenTen put in.

"Mine too. I mean I think I have some old boy's clothes from my brothers you can borrow. I can also give you some tips on how boys act."

"You guys are the best." Sakura said with tears in her eyes. She looked at Ino who had her arm folded across her chest. Tamari pushed Ino and she lost her posture.

"Fine, you always want to show off in front of me, Sakura. But this is your dream and I guess I can help you out a little. Besides this would be a good way for you to do some research on the opposite sex. Say for instances, what they like, do they talk about me, or have they heard about me." Ino laughed.

Sakura smiled trembling as she walked over to her friends and pulled them all in, in a group hug.

"Let's just say it's a project, a project to make Sakura into a man." Tamari laughed stepping out of the hug.

"Thanks you guys, this mean so much to me."

"Don't thank us yet, first we have to figure out what to do to you first. You may have thought of the idea but making it happen will take some work." Ino said roughing up Sakura's pink hair.

They all laughed and sat down on the floor to start planning the project of Sakura-Gets-Macho. The name the girls thought would fit perfectly for the project.

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