Blood Bonds by Princessia

Disclaimer: Although I truly wish I could lay claim to these lovely characters… I am not Constance M. Burge. I do not claim any of these as my own except Ellie and Lilly. I tried to follow canon where possible but did take some artistic license. It's a mixture of season six cannon and possible nasty future… bare with me.

Summary: When Chris goes to the past, he leaves more that just Bianca behind. Set after Chris-Crossed. Eventually a revelation fic


Chapter Nine: Witchstock; Part Five

The sixties was like the worst fashion era. Hello! Bad clothing, bad hair, and extremely questionable personal hygiene.
Paige Matthews. Witchstock (Ep. 6.11), Charmed.


Author's Note; Please remember that Lilly is from around circa. 2027, and some of the words said during the '60's are strange to her. There is a 60 year gap between 1967, (when Allen dies,) to 2027, (the year Lilly left to join Chris in the past).



"…And so I call upon the crone, let evil roam inside this home," Robyn chants as Allen moves from behind a bookcase and Lilly climbs up to the open window.

"I thought you were acting strange," he says

"Allen, are you spying on me?" Robyn asks as

"How could you, Robyn? What about our dream?" asks Allen as Lilly manages to climb in the open window.

"My only dream is helping my warlock friend put all of you weak creatures out of misery tonight." Robyn says as she creates a fireball and Paige walks in.

"Robyn!" Paige yells. Robyn throws the fireball at Paige and Paige dives out of the way as Lilly spots a stave-like piece of wood amongst the junk around her.

"Violence isn't the answer, Robyn." Allen tries to talk to her, "Let love replace your fear. I know you felt our love."

"Yeah, and I still got the stink of it all over me," says Robyn as Lilly quietly steps behind her, her new stave in hand.

"Over here!" yells Paige, Robyn conjures a fireball as Paige knocks a can of marbles off a table and Lilly uses her stave to make Robyn step forward, towards the marbles, Robyn slips on them.

The fireball in Robyn's hand is thrown up into the air, as Piper and Phoebe walk in, the fireball lands on Robyn, vanquishing her with a scream.

Allen is knocked back from the blast. "Allen!" Paige yells.

"I'm alright," says Allen, as Lilly looks at the Charmed Ones with fear in her eyes, she's fading away, ceasing to exist.

"Uh-oh," says Phoebe, looking straight at Lilly, somehow feeling her pain, fear and confusion, even without her powers.

"What'd I just do?" says Paige.

"Oh, nothing much," says Piper, "Just changed our entire future."

"Or erased it," says Phoebe as Lilly slowly vanished from sight with an ironic smile on her face that reminded Phoebe of someone familiar, she just couldn't quite place who.



"What do you think, Penny?" Leo asks, turning to face Grams, who stands in the doorway wearing tie-dyed sixties clothes.

"I think love conquers all," Grams answers, "I think that we should take the demon into our arms and make it feel safe."

Leo and Chris look at each other. "One of them must have changed the past," says a concerned Chris, "because Penny clearly never meant to change from flower-child to demon hunter." he says, taking three steps before collapsing, clutching his chest. "Lilly," he whispers in fear, completely forgetting about the 'slime' and its ability to feed on magic as he clutched onto the fading bond he shared with his twin, sending her strength, comfort, support and some of his own power, swearing that he would not lose the other half of his soul. Not again.

Slowly Chris stands up as the slime demon oozes up into the back door, feeding on the power Chris expended.

"What happened? Are you ok?" asks a concerned Leo.

"I don't know." Chris answers, "But this thing is trying to back us into a corner. Take Wyatt and Joan Baez here into the conservatory. I'll get what we need to fight it off." he says, effectively directing the attention away from himself, not wanting to think about the fact that at any moment he could lose his twin, the other half of his soul. Chris grabbed a blender as he followed them into the other room.


Author's Note; Short chapter, I know. I'm still trying to juggle some of the next scenes. Thankyou to everyone who reviewed. I value your opinion on the story, it motivates me to write more. Please keep the reviews coming.

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